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Politics are hardly fun anymore - especially when one is sequestered. At least I don't have to vote for a new Pope. Ryan's budget is out and it's the same old reverse Robin Hood, taking from the poor to give to the rich. But there is this interesting tidbit. His last proposal would take forty years to balance the budget. This new plan supposedly takes only ten. The difference? The fiscal cliff deal and the increased revenue from not continuing all the Bush tax cuts. Seems to me if we increased revenues just a tiny bit more, we could balance the budget tomorrow. But we'd still have to deal with the Hood-Robin business.

Anyway, I thought it might be entertaining to show you some other rejects - the comments I have sent to the spam folder. A friend of mine, another moderate Mormon (not sure how much "passion" but he did serve a mission under President Wayne Owens - U.S. Congressman - D. Utah), asked me if I got a lot of nasty comments. Surprisingly, relatively few. I'll organize them by my rejection criteria down at the comment box.

Please, please understand that I do not subscribe to any of the statements below! (Tempted to use caps there, but I restrained myself.)

Offensive Language-

I honestly haven't had any bad words (well, except on rare occasion from Anonymous D when he gets a little heated. But it's cool.) I did get this rather insulting (and demonstrably false) comment on my most popular post to date, my defense of George Washington and alleged statements he didn't make. See if you can spot the irony in this one:
Actually both quotes say the same thing, just the first is made to be more modern. So you are complaining that someone dumbed down the quot so that people such as yourself can understand what is says. on George Washington said . . . . [!?*]
Too Many Caps-

This sort of goes along with conspiracy theories. But here's a nice little sample from some "Anonymous" whom I told was walking the edge, and then they went over:
Yes the truth hurts...Your so called church is now SPAM So how long have you worked for the Cocaine Import Agency??????? on Anarchists Occupy and Ron Paul Supporters Come Full Circle
Conspiracy Theories-

See, that last one sort of fits as conspiracy and "gratuitous Mormon bashing" as well. Even if it is kinda funny. Here's one that has "too many caps" and is clearly a conspiracy theory, but who knows? The Truth is out there. . . .
BARRICK GOLD OF ELKO, NEVADA IS AIDING AND ABETTING TERRORISM. Why has Elko, Nevada completely dumped its loyalty to America? In patronizing Barrick Gold you’re enriching Adnan Khashoggi who was involved in the Iran/Contra affair and who is a major supporter of Al Qaida?* Elko rednecks scream the loudest about avenging 9/11 yet prostrate yourselves to its main financier. Do you feel no shame? I’m calling for you all to be rounded up under the Detainee Security Act (that Dean Heller voted for) for aiding and abetting terrorism. At the very least, why hasn't Barrick been confiscated by the U.S. government for complicity in terrorism? [url deleted] * Oh, G Wimp Bush, by the way, is on the board of Barrick. Do you see how inbred both the "left" and the "right" are? How much they actually have in common. on Who's Your Senator? Nevada Edition
Gratuitous Mormon Bashing-

This category sorta morphed into "gratuitous Romney bashing" during the last election season. Here are a couple of examples:
Reid is Right.
Release your Returns Romney
...or go back to playing dressage!
We all have a RIGHT to see a Presidential Candidates tax returns!
Unless... you’re hiding something, Mr. Mitt?
AND how did you stuff all those millions into your tax-loophole IRA
while the rest of us poor smucks have limits?
You want MORE tax cuts for the rich, Mitt?
Mitt baby- if you want to run for dog-catcher then
keep your returns,  and clean off your car roof.
Otherwise, put up, or shut up and go away ....
BEFORE the convention.
The super-rich think that they have the God-given right
to do anything they want in this great country-
while the REST of us get screwed!
ENOUGH! on A Low Blow to the Glass Chin
Mitt is a lifetime Mormon cult servant, Sunday teacher , priest. Mitt can never separate religion form politics. religions was business life for Mitt. President Mitt the priest is middle east age like...just many more crusades... Mitt doesn''t fitt on Sick to my Stomach [a post having nothing to do with politics or this comment.]
And then there was this really odd "Mormon"-bashing appearing on a post about Romney. I can't make heads or tails of it:
This has been going on too long, it’s a good start but our law enforcement has a long way to go. When someone hides behind religion to do or say something that is wrong we should stand up and point it out (right the wrong). When I was a kid I lived in Utah, and the Boy Scouts was taken over by Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS Church). This, so called religion, practices underage polygamy, they send the boy s off on missions to divide the underage sisters among the dirty old men of the clan. Now when these underage girls get pregnant, these same dirty old men, send them to the state to get their welfare checks. You should see some of the palace homes that are paid with welfare checks. By the way this is the newest religion that was created right here in United States of America. on Romney Disrespects (rather than Renounces) His Mormon Heritage
Commercial Solicitations-

I've had a couple of these that I don't really want to promote. And there was this one that I'm not sure how to categorize. It is the most entertaining and just came recently, probably the inspiration for this post as I wanted to share it. I hope no one gets taken in or catches any virus or such at the linked site. I did go there and back safely with my virus protections. I've heard weird psuedo-scientific-bio-religio theories before, but this is one of the best and just a little icky:
To really know what the prophet Monson and apostles are saying about Isaiah 1:18 you may visit our website: http://www.mikkoskopia.com/bible/sin-meter-and-isaiah-118/ on Live-Blogging LDS General Conference - Saturday AM - AND Press Conference on Change to Missionary Age
So, there you have it. Work has been busy these days as we go on doing what we can do before they stop us from doing. It's just good to confirm sometime that you are not the craziest person in the world. And I don't think it's Paul Ryan either, but it's a close call.

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