Poetry of Henry Vaughan

There needs to be a unique page to link to the poetry I have blogged from my distant cousin, Henry Vaughan, The Silurist (1621-1695).

The Grave of Henry Vaughan at St. Bride's, Llansantffraed, Wales, above the Usk River in Brecon Beacons National Park

The Shepherds

Christ's Nativity
The True Christmas
They have all gone into the World of Light
Easter Hymn
The Retreat
The Charnel House
To Christian Religion
An Excerpt from the Bee
The World ("I Saw Eternity")
The Palm-Tree
The Day Spring
The Water-fall

There's a lot more good stuff:
The Project Gutenberg eBook of Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist

And then there's Scintilla, the scholarly publication of the Vaughan Association:

My review of a fictional biography of Henry Vaughan
In which I learned that "Amoret" refers to his first wife, Catherine, and "Etesia" refers to his second wife, Elizabeth, sister to Catherine whom he married after Catherine's death.

And here's a great article from BYU Studies:
Pre-Visions of the Restoration: The Poetry of Henry Vaughan

And apparently, Apostle John A. Widtsoe was a fan of Henry Vaughan.

Welsh Tribes as identified by the Romans
The Silures were in the South and the Black Mountains
I need to add a plug for his twin brother, Thomas, the Alchemist, and sister-in-law, Rebecca Archer. I've been reading more of Thomas's writings recently and it is just as fascinating as Henry's poetry!

Rebecca Archer, wife and eternal full partner of Thomas Vaughan

This blogger's homage to his cousins, the Vaughans, at Llansantffraed

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