Wood Family History: Daniel (1801-1892), Peninah (1827-1879), George C. (1854-1923), Addie May (1880-1909)

Here are all the links to my blog pieces on the Wood Family for easier access:

Daniel Wood:
Site of Daniel Wood home in Missouri, 1838
Site of Daniel Wood Farm in Ohio, 1834
Woods Cross Today (March 9, 2013)
Daniel Wood and the Handcart Rescue 1856

Peninah Shropshire Cotten Wood:
Native American Ancestry through Peninah Shropshire Cotten Wood
Lucy, Mary and Thomas: Daniel and Peninah's Adopted Indian Children

George C. Wood:
In Prison for Polygamy
Views of the Temple
Court Testimony on Polygamy and Escape from the Marshal
Polygamy in Context
Execution of a Murderer
Territorial Pen - Families Meet
A Letter to His Brother, 1886 (from Keepapitchinin)
Mormon Polygamy
End of Polygamy

Addie May Wood:
Addie May and the Salt Lake Academy (from Keepapitchinin)
The Courtship of Addie May Wood, 1901 (from Keepapitchinin)
Davis County East Winds

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