Friday, March 6, 2015

Daniel Wood in Ohio: Found!

It wasn't even that hard. Good to know a thing or two about the U.S. Department of the Interior.


This is my 3rd-Great-Grandfather Daniel Wood's patent for about 40 acres of land some miles south of Kirtland, and pretty close to Hiram, Ohio, and the John Johnson Farm just a little to the southwest.

Here's a modified map from BLM's geo-locator to show the location of my family's land:

The yellow square is the approximate 40 acres of the land patented to Daniel Wood in 1834
And we can zoom out to show it in location to a broader view of Northeast Ohio (a good part of the Cleveland, Ohio Mission):
Red arrow pointing to Daniel Wood's land above Hiram, Ohio.
Kirtland (which didn't show up on the BLM map) is the blue star.
Interestingly, the public land surveying system started out a little differently in its first use in the Western Reserve [of Connecticut] (i.e., Northeast Ohio). The sections are numbered in different sequence and the Townships are 5x5 instead of 6x6. I still think Thomas Jefferson did a pretty good job setting up this system.

Yes, I highly recommend using Bureau of Land Management land patent searches. And I think I'll be slipping in a few little maps of my own making into my boy's bags when he leaves for Ohio.

Addendum March 7, 2015:
It appears that the Township identified was named "Welshfield" as was the custom in those days beyond the numbering system of the U.S. Surveys and the Government Land Office, forerunner to the BLM.

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