Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ride Bull At Six

Yes, I am a bit enigmatic and philosophical today. A matching clue is in the title of a Cat Stevens Album cover I used to stare at as I tried to figure out what it meant. That was in caveman days before the internet.

We went with some friends to see the Scottish play last night. The Cedar City Shakespeare Festival had its school-touring group at the Cultural Center in West Valley with an abbreviated version of Macbeth. They didn't seem to have cut out any of the murders or blood. It was a bit odd with an abbreviated cast with some playing several different roles. "Is that Banquo's ghost again? No, he's just a door guard."

Lady Macbeth was played well but by a short, light-haired woman. No one will ever match the one and only Lady Macbeth, my 11th-grade English teacher. Tall, dark, beautiful, and scary. That's the play we studied with her as my friends and I memorized all the lines with swear words in them. "Lay on, MacDuff! And DAMNED be him who first cries, "Hold, enough!"

It is a Tragedy as the Macbeths drown in blood. And I contrasted that with my status in life riding the bull home. I haven't killed anybody and I have a belief system that frees me from the blood and sin of a wicked world as long as I cling to the pure love of Christ and keep doing what good I can.

Oh yeah, I fall off the bull now and then and have to wrestle it a bit to get back on. I guess I'm stage 5.5 as I'm yearning for 6.5 seeing home not that far off.
You know you're not alone
It's only that you're not at home
That you feel so . . . out . . . of . . . place.
That's the Majikat too.

Oh, I'm not so out of place. I know where I'm going.

Ride Bull at Six.

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