Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Live-Blogging Election Night 2012

Well, I was running around to Utah County and back for my kids. Oddly, I was in Utah County for election day four years ago with my oldest boy and his now wife. I was in McD's briefly in American Fork checking Twitter and CNN and now I'm back at home with CNN and MSNBC on TV. I guess I could check how they're doing on FOX. Maybe we'll wait a while.

We'll try to keep up with some updates. I have an interruption coming with our Scout Commissioner to work on registration renewal. But we'll try to keep up. Nobody is calling Florida, Virginia or Ohio, but Florida is looking surprisingly well for the Prez on CNN analysis.

I wore a blue shirt to day for symbolic purpose because you can't actively campaign in the federal building. Of course, I wear a blue shirt almost every day. I did pull out my picture of the President and dust it off yesterday. I put it back on the wall today as I left and shut the door as I didn't want to violate the "command" that we remove all pictures of the President when he declared himself a candidate - that had never happened before in my 29 years with the feds. He will not be a candidate tomorrow morning but will be our President whatever happens tonight.

Swing State Exit Polls Show Party ID Edge for Democrats

CNN says Repubs keep the House. (Senate's going well for the Dems)

Polls officially closed in Ohio, Florida but people still standing in line to vote! (They get to as long as they were in line before it closed.)

Gergen calls the Senate for the Dems. It's going to be tough to govern. (Gergen also assuming Obama win).

CNN still excitable about Florida and NC. Romney has strong lead in VA. OH looking really good for the Prez. CNN says Prez holding on strong to Boulder Co. in CO.

PA called for the Prez. Romney's "Hail Mary" fails. Salon calls Mass Senate for Elizabeth Warren.

Growth in Non-Cuban Hispanics Helps Obama in Florida

Paul Ryan did not bring in Wisconsin. Florida with 636 vote lead for Romney w/81% of vote in. I think we're back to checking the chads. They need to "entrance poll" the people still in line. Nate Silver still up on FL for the Prez. Sherrod Brown wins reelection to Senate in OH. Good sign.

My "gut" is telling me that this will be a good night for the Prez and the Dems except for the House - Repubs might actually gain in the House. We need a strong bi-partisan effort of the moderates in the Senate to save us from the fiscal cliff and everything else.

Donnelly (Dem) beats Mourdock (Rape pregnancy "God's will" Repub). This is Lugar's old seat and a loss for the tea party - or rather for the Repubs caused by the tea party. Chuck Todd says it's looking like Dems keep the Senate.

Obama Running Well in South-Central Ohio 

OK, I was called away for a while for Troop rechartering. Let me catch up by checking twitter.

A FL-OH-VA update: models in FL and VA indicate less than 1% variance either way folks... As for OH, it's a question about absentees

RT : . on  says a Top Republican says "Young people voted. Hispanics killed us."

Heh, heh, heh. Five of my six kids voted. Two in Utah County to skew them off just a bit. [one corrects that he actually voted absentee for Davis Co.]

Tim Kaine brings the pain to George Allen in VA senate race

Women and Children swung this one.

Now CNN is looking at Florida going Obama - Gergen says this is about over. We may not be up late. And Gergen notes Romney's popular vote and that we clearly have a very divided country. Once again, I say our solution is to find some Statesmen-and-women in the Senate. There is no easy answer. There is only process and communication to the common ground. Fortunately, we have a President who believes that even if he has found it more difficult than he ever imagined. He is still capable of it, though. He's still reading Lincoln.

Pretty sure Baldwin win puts us at most women ever to serve in US Senate. Good time to acknowledge landscape-changing 

Can the women senators be the Statesmen we need? We do miss Olympia Snow.

Looks like Heather Wilson going down in her Senate bid in New Mexico. That gives me some personal satisfaction.

Another Tea Party hero goes down: Tammy Duckworth beats IL Rep. Joe Walsh 

RT & lol: " "Wait, Mitt Romney isn't going to win?" - Everyone In Utah Besides Me.

Not sure there is a major swing county in a battleground state that Obama isn't carrying: Hillsborough (FL), Loudoun (VA), Hamilton (OH)

Smart consultant/baseball fan just emailed me: "Obama ran a Moneyball campaign"

CNN obsessing on FL again. Still looking good for the President. The urban counties come in slow and that's where the Obama vote is.

Here comes the West Coast: California - 55 EVs and Hawaii and the Evergreen State (Washington). Oregon slow but it will go for the Prez.

Democrat Tammy Duckworth has won the House race in Illinois’s 8th Congressional District, defeating Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), AP reports.

Another defeat for the tea party types.

If you still need a life-link to magical polls, check it out here.

Very possibly RT : Food for thought: If the Republicans had nominated Jon Huntsman, they might be having a very different night.

And if they had nominated Gingrich, Caine, Bachman, Trump or even Santorum, the Prez would be ahead in a landslide.

CNN calls Iowa for the Prez. It's going his way. I'm calling it for the Prez at 9:10 p.m.. My stress level way down. I will not need Lambie tonight.

It took Barack Obama exactly 12 minutes longer to win a second term this year. We called it at 11pm in 2008. And at 11:12pm in 2012

I beat Chuck Todd by two minutes.

And Blitzer just calls it for the Prez by winning Ohio. I beat Wolf by 20 minutes.

He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!

Somebody (the donald) hasn't read the Constitution (nor are all the votes in). I know the rule is "no gloating" but people like Trump almost push me over that edge.

CNN showing people in Kenya celebrating.

Carville says it's not a mandate, but the Prez doesn't have to give up 80% to get anything at all.

So, I finally switch to FOX and they are wandering the halls of their studio for some reason. This is hilarious. Oh, they think the call for Ohio is wrong. Apparently Rove doesn't believe it. But in their expert room they are all sad and very unbounced Tiggers. If only the Republican House could get some of that. . . .

Karl Rove is very confused so FOX goes to a break.

I'm waiting for the speeches. It's not even that late. The Romney campaign has yet to concede. They must be watching Karl Rove be confused on FOX.

[Update: I found a video link to some of the FOX/Karl Rove debacle on the Ohio vote numbers here. I saw the second video live. Apparently, Rove (AKA "Bush's Brain" & "Turdblossom") went on for 40 minutes disputing the reality of Math and Statistical Analysis. I think he just cured me of my Math-phobias.]

While some folks get worked up over OH, realize that POTUS leads in CO, NV, FL and VA

Even if Romney wins popular vote, which isn't for sure yet, it only makes up for 2000. And the Dems didn't even need the Supremes this time.

Joanna Brooks [from FB]
Thank you President Obama for bringing this Mormon moment to an end. See you in 2016 for huntsman and the jack Mormon moment.

Watching Karl Rove trying to explain himself again. But FOX is conceding. Romney up next.

Carville says tea party cost Repubs 5 Senate seats. That's 2010 and 2012.

Math Favors Obama in Popular Vote 

Romney could look like a poor sport if he delays concession much longer.

The revolution will be un-tweeted:  has deleted his "treason tweets", but you can still see them here

And on my blog if you look above. (I must be a good blogger).

I just wish Romney would give his concession speech so CNN would stop talking about each county and village in Ohio. Although MSNBC just switched to Chuck Todd scratching his behind before moving on to discuss Ohio.

Clearly. RT : This election obviously oversampled Democrats

POTUS has pulled into the lead in the popular vote now that California's totals start rolling in

AP just called VA for the Prez. Thanks, son and daughter-in-law!

Can I help out Romney a little if I link to my post of a couple of days ago?

Colorado says yes, but Oregon says NO to legal marijuana. "Hail to thee, land of Freedom, my Oregon!"

As my Statistician son points out, tonight is a big win for Statisticians like Nate Silver, Sam Wang, him, and all bow-tie wearers everywhere! (except Tucker Carlson).

Candy Crowley says the phone call has been made. Romney on his way to make his speech.

Gov. Romney doing well to be gracious. A lot of sincerity and the real Romney in this speech. He doesn't have to pose or please anymore. "Put the people before the politics." The nation chose another leader he and Ann will pray for him and calls on all to do the same. That's all pretty good. And sad.

Initial returns favor McAdams in county mayor race 

Go, Ben!

MSNBC project Allen West loss in Florida... is Bachmann next? 

Maybe they'll call Mitt on a mission.

The President's crowd looks so much like America! Know what I mean? A happy crowd of all kinds of different types of people, mixing, talking to each other, happy. People. Americans. We the People.

We're waiting for the President because he had to call Bill Clinton. He owes him big time.

Watching the split screen on FOX with sad, whiny punditry contrasted with that crowd of America waiting for the President to speak. FOX (Rich Lowry) saying that the Republicans failed to convince that broad middle of America that their policies were good for them. I think that crowd on the other side of the screen figured it out. They certainly don't look like a lot of victims, totally dependent on the government without taking any responsibility for themselves. More like "Happy, shiny people." (I'm up way past my bedtime.)

Back to CNN and the President and his sweet family come out. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered." The girls look tired..The President applauds them as they depart the stage.

And the President goes "Lincoln" right out of the box. The country goes forward because of You (We the People) We are an American family and rise and fall together as one nation and one people. You, the American People. The best is yet to come. Thanks every American who participated in this election. Whether you held an Obama sign or a Romney sign. Now - good words for the Romneys, even George and Lenore and public service. Will sit down with the Gov to work together to move country forward. [wow, gracious to the max!] Thanks the "Happy Warrior" Joe Biden. And Michelle. Never loved her more and watching America fall in love with her too. Sasha & Malia growing up strong, smart, beautiful just like Mom. One dog's probably enough. [no new dog.] Best campaign team in the history of politics. Thank you for believing all the way - every hill every valley - you lifted me up the whole way. Cynics say contest of egos. But folks at rallies, etc. - determination in the people to provide opportunity. Patriotism of military spouse. That's what politics can be why elections matter. It's not small it's big. Democracy can be noisy and messy and complicated. We have our own opinions and deeply held beliefs. It stirs up passions. But that's a mark of our liberty. People in distant nations are fighting for a chance to argue just like we did today. Despite all our differences most share similar hopes. Best schools and teachers. Global leader in Technology & jobs. Not burdened by debt or weakened by inequality or threatened by warming planet. We want country admired with strong military and best troops. But with confidence to shape peace with freedom and dignity. A Generous America - compassionate - tolerant. An Immigrant's dream. To the young boy in South Side of Chicago. We will disagree. Progress comes in fits and starts. Common hopes and dreams won't end all the gridlock and build consensus  But common bond is where we must begin. Economy is recovering, war is ending, long campaign now over. Whether I earned your vote or not I have learned and listened and I am a better President. More determined and more inspired. Action, not politics as usual. Looking forward to working with leaders of both parties. Reduce deficit, reform taxes, immigration, energy. We've got more work to do. Your work is not done. Role of citizen does not end with vote. What can be done by us not for us. Self-government - that's the principle we were founded on. Wealth is not what makes us rich - not our military makes us strong. What makes us exceptional is what holds us together - the most diverse country on earth. Comes with responsibilities, love, charity, duty, patriotism. That's what makes America great. Seen the spirit of work in America. Those who would sacrifice for others. Rebuilding after terrible storm. Story of family in Ohio - health care reform saved them. The country he is so proud to lead as our President. Never been more hopeful for our future. Sustain that hope. Not wishful idealism. Hope is that stubborn thing inside us that something better awaits if we keep working reaching fighting. Build on progress. New jobs. Keep promise of founding. Work hard. It doesn't matter who you are you can make it here in America if you're willing to try. I believe we can seize this future together. We are not as divided as our politics suggest. Not red states or blue states the UNITED STATES of America. God bless these United States!

We have our President back.

At least we have the 2004 Convention Speech back.

And there's good 'ol Uncle Joe.

Sheesh! where was that speech all this campaign?

And Dave, it looks like they've called Alaska for Romney. Florida's still out there, though.

Survivor… RT : Mia Love loses to Jim Matheson.

Well, then. A good night all around. Utah still has a national Dem.

The (Tea) Party is over: Michele Bachmann is losing right now

And icing on the cake?!? [She eventually squeaked out a win. Sigh.]


  1. Fine when it's called and our polls don't even close for another hour. Not that it matters...

    1. I read somewhere that Obama's share of the vote in Alaska increased over 2008. So you guys are on the right track!

  2. I had you by half an hour. But since I only have a text to my husband as proof, we will just say that his winning is great no matter what the call.

  3. So, how will the lack of a miracle impact your son's friend at school?

    1. Sorry I missed these comments the other night. I will be posting something along these lines from Anonymous D tonight!


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