Sunday, March 25, 2012

Eyes on the Temple, from Prison

Coming across this in the transcription of 2nd Great Grandpa George C. Wood's prison journal this morning, I just had to share:
[February] 14, [1887] I dreamed I was on the cars going some where don’t know where, I thought it was very foggy as I was coming near the land Bountiful. Every little while the fog would break away and I could see a large building that looked like a temple
I wonder if he saw in his cold February dream something like this:

Bountiful, Utah Temple
On another occasion, he wrote:
April 9, [1887] Received a card from home stating that my daughter Addie May [my Great Grandmother, 1880-1909] was coughing much. I ask God to banish every evil from my family that they may be happy. While writing to my wives and children I was called to the gate to settle milk account. I colected $65.35 for Milk. I walked upstairs to the book keepers room and stepd to the window. I saw the fruit trees were in bloom and everything looked lovely. I could see almost home. I saw our beautiful temple standing high with its walls towering toward heaven.
While seeing "almost home" was a bit of a stretch around the hills to South Bountiful (now North Salt Lake) from his view in the Penitentiary at Sugar House, he would have clearly seen the Salt Lake City Temple from a little distance at about this stage of construction:

Salt Lake Temple in the 1880s
I only wish I could find a picture with the view from the prison! That would be something to see. 

I am grateful to have the Temple before my eyes in dreams and often when I'm awake. Thank you, Grandpa Wood, for your vision and sacrifice.

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