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Late-Blogging Priesthood Session April 2012

I really did try to log on to the wireless in the chapel but it didn't seem to be working. Maybe that was intentional. I don't know, but a lot of people seemed to be tweeting or playing Angry Birds or something.

I was wrong because there wasn't any mention of Scouting at all. The anniversary is actually 2013, so I hope the BSA visitors found it interesting. Elder Bednar's talk about his Catholic dad must have been kind of interesting for our Catholic friend in attendance, but I'd probably better get to the notes in context.

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles
He remembers the answer from President David O. McKay's question what the most distinguishing feature of our church is and he said it was the divine authority of the priesthood.
It came from heavenly messengers by the laying on of hands to the Prophet Joseph Smith.
The authority of God delegated to man on earth to save souls.
Worthiness and willingness - not expertise or learning.
Priesthood is used to help others
We are agents to act and not objects to be acted upon.
To breach covenant one need only to do nothing -President Spencer W. Kimball
D&C 121 principles.
Need both authority and power
He tells the story about his Catholic dad who went to church with his LDS wife and family and how David always asked him when he would be baptized. His dad said it wouldn't be for his mother or for David but when he (his dad) knew it was right. When David was a teen his dad asked why if the priesthood was so important that the leaders were always begging the priesthood men to do their home teaching. David decided he would be a good boy to be a good example. His dad was eventually baptized.
We all need to be good boys.

Bishop Richard C. Edgley, just released from Presiding Bishopric
Rescue those who have been baptized but less active
Story about young woman called to be a Stake missionary how hard it is to come back and be active
Alma the younger and his reactivation team to the Zoramites
Remember the worth of souls. D&C 18:10

Adrián Ochoa 2nd Counselor in the Young Men Presidency
Story about visiting inactive family with young man in Africa
No greater power to acquire on earth than the priesthood of God

[a blue mylar balloon in the shape of a star was floating around inside the cultural hall where of course we were sitting because we didn't go early. For some reason, some kids went and grabbed the balloon and took it into the foyer. Maybe he thought it was too distracting for all the "good boys."]

Back to President Ochoa - he told stories of youth with testimonies that you can get on the church website.
"just google it" he said, "be careful."

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the First Presidency
We share sacred responsibility
2 significant callings he received
1st was as a Deacon - to serve as Deacon's Quorum President
He thinks there were 2 Deacons - but what was important is that his Branch President treated it with importance - taught him the what and the why
"why" is the inspiration of the soul - transforming
2nd calling was as Stake President
received training from great leaders of the church
Focus on:
Invigorating marriages
Strengthening families
Building the Kingdom of God on the earth
Our lives need regular pruning
decide for ourselves what to do but study scriptures and follow prophet
Application of doctrine - not just preaching
a talk has to lead to action

President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency
President Monson is the one man alive with keys to seal families to eternal life
"and that same sociality that exists among us here will exist among us there" D&C 130:2
Endowments first came in Kirtland - "Power from on high" D&C 38:38
Apr. 3, 1836 - Elijah sealing power - same keys given to Peter D&C 110
Elder Harold B. Lee- Melchizedek priesthood held by Elijah - without the sealing power we could do nothing - the higher ordinances can only be obtained in certain places - relatively few men hold the sealing power 
hearts were to be turned
Holy Spirit of Promise must seal our temple covenants
Four things for fathers in the priesthood:
1. Grow and keep a sure witness of keys of priesthood with us
2. Love your wife.
3. Enlist the entire family to love each other - salvation is a family affair - brothers and sisters should love each other
4. Lead family in Lord's way when discipline is needed. D&C 121 principles

President Thomas S. Monson
remembers past leaders who have spoken on the priesthood
Joseph Smith - Priesthood is an everlasting principle
Wilford Woodruff - channel through which God communicates
Joseph F. Smith - Power of God delegated to man
John Taylor - Priesthood is the government of God
He had been going to priesthood meetings for 72 years
Duty is joy - pleasure is good work
Story about news report of Marines in WWII one wounded rescues another and gives him blessing on beach to stay alive until medical help
Young bishop in 1950, 1000+ ward members - had to write a personal letter monthly to all sevicemen - 23. - story of one who became active
Do your duty that is best but leave to the Lord all the rest
The world is in need of our help
If you do not magnify your calling, the Lord will hold you responsible for those you might have saved -John Taylor
James- Be doers of the word and not hearers only James 1:22

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