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Live-Blogging April 2012 LDS Conference - Saturday Afternoon

Here we go again! I had some lunch - crackers and tuna and did my Saturday cleaning. My wife went shopping again and cleaned up on chocolate chips. My BYU daughter woke up from her nap in my big chair, so I got it back. We have limited seating space in the family room as my 15-year-old boy is lying, stretched-out on the couch and we really can't complain because he went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia! He has his germ mask so we can hope it doesn't spread.

Keep clicking for my updates, but you don't have to rely on me, conference is better direct at this link.
MTC Choir! cool! (Skyhooks?)

President Uchtdorf presents sustainings. (best just to check the D-news on-line because I can't keep up with new names). Wow! Except they just released the entire Presiding Bishopric and made them Emeritus. Of course I missed the new one.

And the Relief Society Presidency is out too.

Larry Echo Hawk!!! First Quorum of the 70!! He's currently Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior! That's my work!

Linda Burton is new RS President. (Well, she should be a cousin in my wife's family somewhere.)

136 Temples in operation.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of 12 Apostles
Appreciation for those released and sustained.
Speaking of the Savior's parable of hiring laborers (Matt 20:1-16) early then at 9, then noon, 3 and at the eleventh hour. They all received the same wage. Immediately those hired first were angry. Everybody got their contract price. The steward returned the fifth time and those accepted worth without even knowing the wage. They are stunned to receive the same as all the others. How awestruck and grateful they must have been. My friends, I'm not being unfair to you, you agreed to the wage for the day. You're paid in full take it and enjoy the blessing. With the others, I'm free to do what I like with my own money. Why should you be jealous because I choose to be kind.
There will be times when someone gets an unexpected blessing or special recognition. Don't be envious when good fortune comes to another. We are not diminished when someone else is added upon. We are not in a race. The race we are in is a race against sin and envy is one of the most universal of those. Envy is a gift that just keeps on giving. It requires us to suffer all good fortune that comes to anyone else. Pickle juice for everyone else's happy moment.
The Savior promises all that he hath for those who stand with him. Coveting, pouting, tearing others down does not elevate your standing. Be kind and be grateful that God is kind - a happy way to live.
2nd point-
Sorrowful mistake to forego wages at the end of the day because they were concerned about happenings earlier in the day. What happens at 9 or noon or 3 doesn't matter at the end of the day. Let it all fade away in the final glory of the day. Don't dwell on grievances in life or in the church.
Don't hyperventilate about what happened at 9 a.m. when the Lord is rewarding you at the end of the day.
Words or actions of a spouse from 20-years ago. An incident in church history that mortals will always struggle to live up to hopes. Even if it didn't originate with you it can end with you.
This parable is not really about laborers and wages - it is about God's goodness. His patience and foregiveness - generosity and compassion - Grace. The thing God enjoys the most about being God is the thrill of being merciful especially to those who don't expect it.
Message of forgiveness in this parable - You have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible to sink lower than the light of Christ's Atonement shines.
Come boldly to the throne of Grace and fall at the feet of the Lord of Israel.
Especially to husbands and fathers to awake and arise from the dust and be men.
Women and children frequently seem more willing. Men do it for their sake and for the sake of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Those blessed for many years, those come by stages later, and those still hanging back - His concern is for the faith in which you finally arrive, not the time you came. Come and repent. It's never too late so long as the Master of the Vineyard says there is time.

[That's a very interesting take on that parable and the connection to the troubling aspects of Mormon  History.]

Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of 12 Apostles
[It appears he has oxygen coming down his nose and in from his glasses. That must be the hissing sound]
Parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). He came to himself and remembered who he was and sought for the blessings in his father's house.
We need to let these desires work in us and others to return to our Heavenly Father.
Sacrament - spiritually cleansing if we prepare ourselves coming to Sacrament meeting leaving aside our work and pleasure and make room for the Holy Ghost - to ponder on the Atonement. Through that sacrifice - we seek forgiveness for our sins and make commitments for the new week.
Sacrament gives us an opportunity to come to ourselves and remember who we are to keep commandments, obtain the Holy Ghost that will lead us back to our Heavenly Father.
And obtain a Temple recommend. Obey the commandments.
Who will ascend to the hill of the Lord? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart. Psalms 24:3-4
Strive for testimony. Just be a faithful Latter-day Saint. Faithfully live the gospel.
By following these patterns we receive power from on high - through Temple ordinances.
When though art converted, strengthen thy brethren. Luke 22:32.
Youth need to understand how present actions will prepare or disqualify them from future opportunities.
Self reliance - spiritual and temporal.
Of all sad words of tongue or pen/ the saddest of these - it might have been.
Testimony that He gave us His only begotten son to atone for us.

David S. Baxter, Seventy
[Is he a Scot with that accent? Yep. Talks about his strong Scot mother.]
To the single members, particularly single parents, mothers.
In the kingdom of God there are no second class citizens.
Mother who prayed to escape and come to God, answer: "No, you cannot come to me now but I can come to you." You are not alone.

Ulisses S. Soares, Seventy
Faith works like Liahona.
Apostle Paul sew in the spirit not in the flesh. Not be weary in well doing.
Flesh is the carnal or natural man. Have to continually sew in the spirit. Be not weary in well doing out of small things proceeds that which is great.
Pres. George Albert Smith - clear line between the Lord and the devil's side - don't cross over one inch because you will lose the Spirit of the Lord - do my actions place me in the Lord's or Satan's territory.
Talks about Saints in Africa.
D&C 20:37 Humble ourselves before God - broken hearts and contrite spirits - received by baptism.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of 12 Apostles
Latter-day Saints as a force for good.
Public affairs issues. Many are civil, some are not in tune to sacred things.
An aggressive scientific atheism tone-deaf to the sacred music of faith.
Lehi and Nephi's vision of the Tree of Life and Great and Spacious Building. I Nephi 8.
Gratitude to those who serve in the church (even Scoutmasters and Nursery Leaders)
God loves all his children. He desires all to come to Him.
It is not up to us to judge, have the courage to refrain -Pres. Monson
Those who have fallen away and those that have not yet found it.
Lehi's dream - eternal significance of the family - desirous that his family partake of it also.
Don't be overly judgmental about things that are not so serious.
Example is particularly important.
Story about his mother's brother killed on battleship near end of WWII. He found her kneeling in prayer. Praying with children may be more important than any other example.
2 Nephi 25:26 Talk, speak, prophesy of Christ
Some have had fun with Book of Mormon - Mark Twain - take out "And it came to pass" and it becomes a pamphlet - later a professor concluded that phrase was evidence that it was an ancient book. But a testimony must be based on faith rather than just external or scientific.
The How of the virgin birth or how Joseph translated not that important.
Active study of the scriptures is the sacred music of faith.
Persistence in reading the scriptures in family.
Not always perfect but do not become discouraged.
We are to be positive - emphasize faith and not fears.
"Fear departs where faith endures"

Elder Richard G. Scott, Quorum of 12 Apostles
Feels support from his deceased spouse from beyond the veil and thanks her personally.
Revelation on the Priesthood.
Joseph F. Smith - we move with heavenly beings around us.
They can see us better than they can see us. They are solicitous for our welfare. Their love for us must be greater than that which we feel for ourselves.
Relationships can be strengthened through the veil with those we love by being righteous, recognizing separation is temporary, covenants are eternal.
We need to ask of the Lord. That is how revelations is received.
Study the scriptures by pondering.
Sense of humor OK but not loud laughter.
Exaggeration is not helpful.
Good sleep, eating helps us receive revelation.
Revelation can also be given in a dream. Strive to capture and record great detail. Inspired revelation is accompanied by a warm, spiritual spirit.
The Lord sends messengers of those we love and trust.
Recording is important and should be protected by loss or intrusion by others.
You are to be taught from on high, sanctify yourself. D&C 43:16.
replace "sanctify yourself" with "keep my commandments" Pres. Lee taught him.
One who is obedient to the commandments is trusted of the Lord.
Haughtiness, pride are stony ground. Humility is fertile soil for inspiration.
Motivation of praise or recognition, arrogance or emotions will not be powerfully led by the Spirit.
It's better when we are acting to help others, not ourselves - but the Lord will "piggyback" things for our own benefit.
Oliver Cowdery did not recognize answers already given. "as often as thou hast required thou hast received instruction of my Spirit." D&C 6:14
Promptings from God produces peace in your heart.
You will be prompted to know what to do if you meet the conditions
Avoidance of anything contrary to commandments and God's plan of happiness.
Faith, obedience and the proper use of agency lead to personal inspiration.

[I strongly agree with these things Elder Scott is saying about revelation from beyond the veil but it seems to me it is a rather unusual conference talk. Or is it just me?]

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  1. Anonymous/M Larry Echohawk as a new seventy! That one got me screaming out loud!!! My daughter is going to go wild...when she comes back from work, that is and I'll tell her. She couldn't listen to the conference.


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