Friday, March 30, 2012

Merry Conference Eve!

Tomorrow is a Saturday to sit back, listen, take notes, and amazingly share them with the world. The church is even encouraging this. So, here we are. [You can always find conference at this link.]

My live-blogging is pretty much the same as my note-taking throughout my life. The main purpose is for me to try and stay awake as I tend to learn and retain more if I am taking notes. Even if I don't refer back to my notes that much, it helps me remember what is of most importance to me to look for once the published version of talks comes out in the Ensign, and in more recent years, more quickly in on-line text. The beauty of cyber-world is that my notes are out there to share with others, and more importantly, preserved in the digital ether for me to access more easily than the various scraps of notebooks around the house - most of which are lost anyway. It makes me wonder if possibly the internet is part of the Book of Life. At least new.familysearch is out there as well as every time a computer scan has beeped on my Temple recommend or family names.

We did a little personal conference outreach tonight. The Church is celebrating 100 years of Boy Scouting [next year] and through Mormon Relations in BSA, they have invited a group of professional Scouters from around the country. My wife took me with her to meet up with one of her friends from Philmont faculty to deliver a couple of bags of her famous cookies. He is a professional Scouter who is Catholic and part of the group that visited BYU, the MTC, Welfare Square, the Humanitarian Center, and Temple Square today. They ate at the Lion House (unfortunately, there was no fish option for the Catholics honoring Lent - a few things still to work on). Tomorrow, they are going to the Morning Session of Conference and the Priesthood Session as well where I'm sure there will be a big emphasis on Scouting.

Beyond Scouting emphasis tomorrow night, I hesitate to predict any particular noteworthy conference event beforehand, but I can give you a couple of guarantees. They will preach of Christ. There will be talks on Faith, Repentance, Gospel Covenants, the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. There will be powerful testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I love April Conference best when it falls on Easter Sunday. Even if that is not the case this year, there will still be testimony of the Resurrection of Jesus and that promise for all of us because of Him. Oh, and they will talk about Temple - maybe we'll even get a couple more announced. That's what this is all about - not the salacious, often misrepresented and less important stuff that gets a lot of attention in our current "Mormon Moment."

Keep your moments. I'm in it for the eternities.

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