Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Announcing the Perfect Union Party!

I finally came up with a good name for my new political philosophy. The Perfect Union Party, or PUP. Because everybody loves PUPpies!!

Chesapeake Bay Retriever pups, a true, American breed
And we'll take German Shepherds, Irish Setters, Chihuahuas,
Shih Tzu, and even French Poodle PUPs!
Do you know how hard it is to come up with an unused and decent acronym these days? This is perfect! (Well, of course, it's in the name). The idea is not that the Perfect Union is already here. Rather, that we are still forming that "More Perfect Union." And it comes from the preamble of the Constitution! How cool is that? (Of course, "welfare" is the preamble too and it doesn't always play so well among certain crowds). And "Union" invokes Lincoln, hopefully not just Labor Unions - although they are welcome too along with all Americans!

The old name I had, descriptive as it was, just didn't cut it. The words are too easily inflammatory "Democratic Regulatory Socialism." That all sounds bad. Well, especially the last one. And as I said before, I don't believe in government ownership of property. Individual property rights are important and even essential to a free people. Yet things like public utilities and even some transportation systems make sense to have in government public ownership.

The rest of it is simple and has to be. Every citizen has to understand it. I've been to law school and have some basic sense about me, but I can't understand a lot of academic, political philosophy. I want everybody on the street including the new immigrant, the blue-collar guy who didn't quite get that high school diploma, as well as the brilliant academic sitting in her ivory tower to understand this.

PUP promotes a democratically elected representative (republican) government of, by and for the People who participate in regulating free markets, and our complex interactions in areas where we come to common ground to provide opportunity for all, protect the weak, and all of us from bad air, bad food, bad financial schemes, etc. We need to work together on some limits on powerful, corporate interests or any other group who attempts to game the system through the power of money and wealth to oppress those with less power or opportunity. PUP promotes education and infrastructure that will raise us all to a more productive, competitive and successful People. We all have a stake, and we all have a say. Our say is with each other and our stake is in each other.

The beauty of PUP is its practicality. We can implement it now without changing a thing in the Constitution. That's one problem I have with so many political philosophies like Libertarianism or Tea Partyism. They would require hacking away at big parts of the Constitution. (Well, actually, that's part of their plan - they certainly don't like a lot of the Amendments from about Fourteen on.)

Actually, I may need some help. While the Hatch Act protects me in appropriate and out-of-the-federal workplace political expression, I don't think I can actually head-up a political party. I know I can't receive political donations, so you're all safe there. But if anyone wants do join the band wagon, feel free to jump in the driver's seat. I can ride "ideas man" shotgun. I'd love anyone and everyone to help us towards that more perfect union.

Everybody loves a PUP!


  1. (Anon/M) Not everybody. At least, these are True Americans...But a candidate that licks my face, romances my leg and piddles on the rug I don't buy. With four or even two legs. No, siree...

  2. Probably not the right place to post this...

    I wanted to let you know that last week I visited Gettysburg and toured the museum and battlefield. Sad to say I no longer have the Gettysburg Address memorized, but it still fills my heart. Lincoln is a somber reminder of how far our nation's politics have fallen.

  3. I knew it was only a matter of time before this excellent blog went to the dogs. ;-)

  4. (Anon/M) Yes, Insilvam, this blog has gone to the dogs...even, (shudder) to French Poodle PUP's. THE Surrender Poodles! What will PMM do next? Go to McD. and order "pommes frites"? O the shame.

  5. Well, at least I got y'all's attention!

    Yes, Anon/M, I thought you might pick up on my French poodle addition. And you have to expect a little piddling on the floor from politicians.

    MMM- This is the perfect place. I mean, obviously I'm being little "cute" with the PUPpies and all, but I'm very serious with the ideas. When I read your comment I got tears in my eyes and a little inspiration for today's blog . . . .


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