Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Constitution Survives Even Unnecessary, Drummed-up Crises!!! (Or maybe not?)

I still say ANY compromise is good for the President, and our Constitutional Union (that's ALL of us), because the opposition ends up "compromising" with a President they have been trying to make fail. Oh, and did they forget he's some kind of Communist/Nazi/Foreign/Muslim/Elitist/etc., or maybe, just maybe,they are beginning to acknowledge he's a real American like all the rest of us and actually our legitimate President????? That's good enough for me. Feel free to disagree within our Constitutional processes.

That's all I'm asking. Please feel free to disagree through our inspired Constitutional processes including all of the Amendments, our Court decisions, and 200+ years of Constitutional History (not to mention our heritage of the common law.) Our Constitution did not die with the Founding.

Here's AnonymousD with some more (and somewhat different) thoughts:
So congress appears to have a deal done.  It’s probably not a good deal, but it’s better than no deal.  Something that has been bothering me is the power that the ratings agencies, Moody’s, Standards and Poor, so forth, still seem to have.  The biggest threat in the default has been that the agencies would downgrade our fiscal securities rating from AAA to something lower, thus making money more difficult to get, raising interest rates, further stalling the economy.  It’s a real issue and not imaginary, confidence is the name of the game in economics.  The question is why we should have any confidence in the rating agencies.  These are the genius who gave a AAA rating to Enron, World Com, and who looked the other way and Goldman, Lehman Brothers, et al. who tanked the economy.  The lowering of confidence should go to those who set up, and allowed such a system.  Which is to say the Conservatives, Banking Class, so forth who allowed all of this craziness to happen.
It’s not that I believe the system to be broken, it’s just that I don’t think it’s fixable in the current climate. When you fight this strenuously about an issue so simple, are willing to risk everything to support an ideology straight from the pages of “Atlas Shrugged” it does make me a little nervous.  We play a really dangerous game when we put ideological victories, and frankly, weird paranoid ideological victories, above practical victories.
The only thing that is clear is that our national John Galt’s really do think that they are supporting the world and that all that needs to happen is to shrug off the responsibility and the world goes to hell.  The obvious reality is that John Galt, rather than being the savior of the American system, is really its tormentor, the ultimate parasite living off the labor of others rather than actually producing anything himself.
Well, agreed that there is currently a lot more work to do for We the People (not just the self-appointed Randians) to work on our economy, opportunity for all, investment in infrastructure, taxing those who have benefited the most, investing in education, cutting the military, etc., etc. Those are things I would do, anti-Randian that I am. Let's see what we can work out together.

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