Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Exceptions Make Bad Law, Except . . .

Respect the Rule of Law, please, people. The appearance of injustice has clearly occurred in the apparent abuse of the UK Courts and International Law when the Lockerbie bombing terrorist was released to Libya on the belief he was dying. Now, self-appointed masters of the universe are calling for a new, barely organized government of a nearly liberated Libya to turn over the terrorist to return him to prison. By what authority? I dunno. I guess it's the authority of political pandering. Big, big mistake, people. We might as well just occupy Libya and dictate democracy or whatever.

There are a lot of wrongs to be righted. A lot of rights go wrong. We just have to keep trying.

It's only in matter of degree, but a lot of the same attitudes call for the deportation or imprisonment of every single illegal alien within the United States. Sure, rule of law and all that (cast all practicalities and expense aside). I will agree with that course as long as every person who has ever violated any law, civil, criminal, or traffic violation (driving over the speed limit included) is equally rounded up and locked away or exiled from the state or nation whose laws they violated because what they did made them illegals forever and ever. Same logic. But please get a check on reality - and humanity.

Thank you.

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