Friday, April 1, 2011

Possible Political Changes

Anything can happen. It is April First, after all.
I've decided that I will become a Republican (again) the day they nominate Jon Huntsman to be their Presidential Candidate. Vice President isn't good enough because sometimes you just need a moderate for supposed balance, like Nixon needed Agnew. It's still amazing to me that Huntsman was ever Governor of Utah. But then he didn't let his moderation slip until he was safely into his second term and then Obama whisked him off to China.
And, I’ll become a Libertarian the day I actually see them using their hoarded gold to “help the poor come out of poverty” and join the “unfettered market.”
And now, for something completely different (and even half serious):

am developing a new political/economic philosophy. I am calling it Democratic Regulatory Socialism (Demregsocism). I don’t believe at all that the state should control the means of production - no state ownership, except maybe utilities and commuter transportation systems. But I sure think the people should control the markets through elected representatives to give everyone a fair opportunity to produce and compete under the same rules for public safety, health, and without manipulation of markets by the powerful against the weak. The people should be responsible for themselves and accountable to each other. It’s a modified version of what our current system is attempting, albeit with lots of work to do. But it’s a heck of a lot more realistic than a Capitalist Libertarian Utopia which has never existed and is as likely to exist in the future as workable Marxism. I’ll keep working on the theory and post it here on my blog eventually. Any constructive criticisms are welcome.
Cue Skousenites . . . .

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