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Live-blogging LDS Conference April 2, 2011

We'll give this a try. I think the way to do it is to type and post then edit the same posting. This may even help me stay awake as I take notes for the world. Of course, there may be a few private inspirational things that I will not launch out into the cyber-ether.

So the big news from the Saturday Morning Session, besides the new Temples, one in Meridian, Idaho closer to my parents and sister's family than Boise, was Elder Cook's talk that we should respect women who choose to be in the workplace outside the home and President Eyring's talk that we should be doing more to live up to our covenants in the nature of the Law of Consecration to serve the poor in the Church Welfare Program.

Saturday Afternoon was about Charity, Testimony, Families, Faith, Desires, and Miscellanea from President Packer.

Errors in reporting are mine and not from the speakers or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Saturday Morning Session
President Uchtdorf conducting

President Monson:
Conference Center humor! never thought they'd fill it.
Rededicated the Hawaii Laie Temple. [So it is open. Maybe Linda and sisters & Mom will get to visit. It would be interesting to see how it changed. It was a very tight-little Temple and was still a moving from room to room but with film]

New Temples:
Ft Collins, CO, Meridian, Idaho Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada!!!

Humanitarian aid to Japan - 70 tons of supplies. I bet some of that came from our C-3 Ward.

52,000 plus missionaries.
Contribute to General Missionary Fund
Be inspired as we listen and learn.

Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorom of the 12:
Testifies of our Living Prophet, Thomas S. Monson
New Testament Gospel Doctrine in Sun. School this year - our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ - All important account - New Test. - Savior should be center of our life

4th Chap of Timothy - Be example of the Believers . . . (Mutual theme last year)
Sabbath Day - God blessed and sanctified - Keep it Holy - worship - Adam & Eve commanded to worship and sacrifice in similitude of the sacrifice of the Only Begotten of the Father. One day the Lamb of God would sacrifice his own life for us.
He instituted the Sacrament the night before. - Blood of the New Testament shed for many for the remission of sins - the Great and Last Sacrifice - Appeared in the New World and instituted the Sacrament. "Always remember me" to have His Spirit.
Tradition continued but restored by authority of Peter James & John to Joseph Smith Priesthood authority continues on the earth today [but Aaronic Priesthood through John?]
Sacrament is the center of our Sabbath worship

1. Keep unspotted from the world
2. Go to the Lord's house and offer up our Sacraments
3. Rest

Avoid businesses & recreation on the Sabbath. Wear Sunday best. But children don't have to wear Sunday dress all day. [adults?]
Precious opportunity to offer up our Sacraments to the Lord. confessing thy sins unto thy brother and to the Lord
Elder Melvin J. Ballard - come to the sacrament table as a place of self -reflection - bring yourself in harmony with the church and our brothers & sisters.
Quotes prayer - renewal of Baptism covenants.
Trifle not with sacred things.

Parents teach children to be example of the believers and attend church. Family filled with love all day long and throughout the week. Arise and shine as a standard to the nations.
Remembers little glass cups when he was a Deacon.
Green footlocker in Marine Corps with sacrament necessities. Grateful that the Saviour of the world drank from the bitter cup for my benefit. Remember blessings and opportunities. Witness of joy in following Savior

Jean A Stevens 1st Counselor Primary General Presidency

We can learn from children. Story about primary willing to pay tithing setting example for adults.
Jesus taught us to look to children as example.
Children first to love and first to forgive.
Child in Armenia church went to help elderly sister. The greatest in the kingdom serve others.

close relative 6 year old Liam battling brain cancer. He had to be alone and lie still. Determined that if he could just hear his dad's voice he could lie still without sedative. "Liam, although you can't see me I am right here" [that is very moving as an example how we can trust in our Heavenly Father]
We can listen to our Heavenly Father's voice.

Saviour's ministry to the Nephites blessing the children and wept "Behold your little ones!" don't just casually look or glance but behold them with our hearts [GA quote]
Primary song: God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be

If you have had trouble in life - look at the children and follow their examples.
Follow Christ's example to become as a little child.

Walter F. Gonzalez - 70 [quorum? but I think he's the one from Uruguay]
Members desire to follow Christ - non-Members do too
visited Ghana and Nigeria and impressed with people - not members - willing to follow Christ. Never seen so many Christian churches. Our responsibility is to invite all to come and add to what they have. Testify of Prophet Joseph Smith, Priesthood, Book of Mormon. Enoch righteousness from heaven and truth from the earth.
Followers of Christ
1. Loving people
2. make and keep covenants
As Christ followed the Father under any circumstance we should follow Him
We may have to forsake many things as Ruth the Moabite did.
May have to withstand abuse [?] and temptation
Joseph in Egypt resisted temptation because of his love for God.
Elder from Ecuador risked losing his family - but they received so many blessings mom asked him to stay in the field.
Lord asked Peter three times if he loved Him. Follow Me.
Love for Saviour is to keep his commandments. The way we treat others reflect how we love the Lord.
As Christ did - Moroni said the shedding of Christ's blood is part of the covenant
Covenants were made in heaven.
Savior was baptized to fulfill all righteousness - obedient to Father.
Making Covenants is an expression of love - "Yes, I will follow Thee"
Must be made and kept to receive their promises. - Sacrament is a way to remember them. Another is to attend the Temple often.
Troubled couple received counsel from Priesthood Leader to attend Temple and it saved their marriage.

Kent F. Richards of the Seventy
As a surgeon, he has dealt with pain and he has pondered on it.
Some turn away from God in anger and some come closer to God
Pain is a gauge of the healing process.
Elder Hales: "Pain brings you to humility" which allows you to ponder.
Suffering is not necessarily our fault. We may suffer because of the actions of others. Nephi did.
Opposition is part of the plan of Happiness. It brings us to an understanding of the Saviour's love.
He suffers the pains of all men. come to the throne of grace to find mercy and relief.
the "Balm of Gilead" There is a physician. The Atonement covers all these conditions of mortality.
some pain comes from our sin - relief comes from the Father through the Son if we repent. He can heal us.
Quoted 3 Nephi 27 about Saviour lifted up on the cross and drawing all men unto Him.
Much of his mortal ministry was to heal.
Alma 7 [I think or 12] taking on the pains and sufferings of all people to know how to succor [help] them.
[They're not giving scriptural references or showing them on the broadcast like they used to]
The Saviour knows from experience how to help and heal us. Elder Richards has been through suffering to learn this.
In Him we can find rest to our souls.
He has noted that children often suffer pain very patiently and spiritually. He tells of a child who described visitors in hospital of deceased family visitors. She said all the children in the intensive care have angels watching over them.
As Job after being refined we can come forth as gold. Testimony of coming unto Christ.

Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Wallace Stegner. Wrote about Mormon History never joined the church but respected the women of the Mormon Pioneers for their strength.
Our doctrine is clear. Women are daughters of our Heavenly Father. Marriage is a full partnership side by side.
Many challenges for women. Women by divine nature have  a willingness to care for family. Sacrifice of Pioneer women.
One wrote how her suffering would sanctify her.
Women of church today are every bit as strong and faithful. Priesthood acknowledges service and sacrifice of women.
 Assigned to conference in mission viejo Cal. [and I lost it all because Aaron called because the Toyota is almost out of gas and I had to tell him where to find a gas station heading home from downtown SLC - 3rd West and about 6th North.]
[OK back to Elder Cook]
He talked to a reporter about role of women in church. All service is uncompensated just like the important service of fathers and mothers.
Book indicated that LDS women are unique in being satisfied in role in church leadership and service.
LDS women remain strong in service. Even when they serve they are thinking "if only I could do more" Faith in the Lord permeates their lives.
Church leaders carefully considered womens' role as they revised new church handbooks. Counsel Bishops to delegate to women. Bishop is to spend more time with youth, single adults and his own family.
Role of women in home is respected. If a sister has an important calling, the husband should be given lesser assignments to help.
Sister spoke in stake counsel that large numbers of young men in a state that had not served missions, they felt second class, she said all blessings were still available to them. Assignments for rescue were delegated to sisters and brethren to relieve duties on bishops and it had a big effect.
Marriage and family are losing status in society. Women need to carefully consider choices.
two principles:
1. Women should never feel they are less for choosing family.
2. We should never be judgmental if women choose to work outside the home.
LDS should be more accepting and accommodating to women in the work place. [wow!]
We love and admire the women in our lives.

President Henry B. Eyring

Purpose of message is to honor and celebrate what the Lord has done to serve the poor and needy.
Our Heavenly Father hears the prayers of those around the earth pleading for help.
We hear of those needs from those around us and across the earth.
We feel it when we see and hear of it. Because the Lord hears their cries and feels our compassion he has provided ways for us to help consecrate our times, our needs and ourselves to serve others - the Law of Consecration, United Order - in our day it is the Lord's Welfare Program [sounds like should be doing more]
We have a covenant to do that at baptism and in the Temple we affirm this in the sacrament.
Hymn we sing - "Have I done any good in the world today" etc. "Anyone's burden been lifted today?" "Wake up and do something more"
The Lord regularly sends wake-up calls when we see a child fall or hear a child in the night.
All of have been touched with feelings for those we don't even know in the waves across the Pacific. News of those in Queensland, Australia - 1500 or more church volunteers.
Seen blessings that come to person in need and the person who seizes the opportunity to give it.
Recently a neighbor sent their children with food to participate in the giving when the Eyrings needed service.
He remembers pulling weeds for a neighbor when his father invited him to do so.
He saw a small child hand the bishop the families donation envelope. The father included his child in the needs and giving. Instead of hunger pains on that fast Sunday, the boy will remember the purpose.

saw that same happiness in the people who helped in the flooding after the Teton Dam collapse in 19[7]6
Many willing to help.  One family came home from vacation to help without checking on their own home which when they eventually went to look had been destroyed and they asked the bishop where they could continue to help.
Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Church welfare program this year. Principles are for all time. they are spiritual and eternal so we need to put them in our hearts.

Here are some principles:
1. Everyone is happier when they can provide for themselves and their family then reach out to others. He has learned the way to have a surplus is to spend less than earned. Learned it is better to give than receive. A person cannot give a crust without receiving a loaf in return.

2. Power and blessing in unity as we give and the Lord unites our hearts. increased feeling of brotherhood is true for the receiver as well as the giver.

3. Draw your family into the work with you to serve others in need.

4. As a bishop he learned to seek out the poor. Duty of the bishop. Spirit helps but so does the RS President who can get revelation before you do.

Three suggestions for upcoming service day.
1. prepare yourself and those you need spiritually
2. choose recipients in our outside the church whose needs will touch the hearts of those giving the service.
3. plan to draw on power of bonds of families, quorums and communities.

Expresses thanks for our service. And testimony.

Saturday Afternoon Session
[I'm a little sleepier and snoozed just a little between sessions. We'll see how this goes]

President Uchtdorf conducting again

BYU Idaho choir sings "How Firm a Foundation" [what do you bet they sing the 7th verse? I hope so]

Auditors' Report:
Statistical Report:
134 Temples

President Packer, Quorum of the Twelve
sitting at the stand
Tyndale's Bible - the boy that drives the plow will know more that the doctors of religion of his day.
Scriptures: Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price.
We are called Mormons which is OK but not really accurate.
Because we should be known by the name of Christ
We cal ourselves the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - others can call us Mormons but we should use the full name. Members are Latter-day Saints.
The world shall refer as they will but we are of the Church of Jesus Christ.
Apostles in Christ's day had authority. Then they were gone as was their authority requiring a restoration.
1829 John the Baptist and Peter James and John restored the Priesthood
Church is run by ordinary men and women by prophecy, revelation and the gift of the Holy Ghost
Word of Wisdom revealed long before the world knew of the health risks.
promise is Health in the navel and run and not be weary and great treasures of knowledge
Sacred powers to beget life are sacred and should only be employed between husband and wife
Violations are serious only behind denying the Holy Ghost and Murder. We must resist temptation of any kind. That is the purpose of life [pretty close to last fall]
Husbands revere womanhood. women support their husbands
Story about childbirth when doc infected mother with infection from last patient and died. Father was told to leave it alone. He finally determined to follow counsel. When old, man finally understood that he would have ruined his life.
Some members become offended - suffer their whole lives for the mistakes of others. If offended, forget, forgive it, and leave it alone.
[Andrew just brought pizza home from his U of U activity. So we're distracted]
Regardless of wars, rumors of wars, no power can stop this work. As well might man try to stop the Miss with his puny arm. [sec. 122?]

Elder Russell M. Nelson, Quorum of the Twelve

Thank you for your prayers, we pray for you.
Kid held up to TV picture of conference for kisses. It's Elder Nelson's grandson looking at him.
Death is part of life. We live to die and die to live again. the only premature death is one who is not prepared to meet God.
Our Faith now, becomes part of our descendants' Faith later.
Satan tries to make us miserable as he is.
We live in a time of turmoil, earthquakes and tsunamis, governments collapse, etc. But we do not need to let our fears displace our faith. Start with your children. Parents have responsibility to strengthen their faith.
Teach Faith with deep conviction
Each is born with challenges to be overcome. Teach that this is a period of probation to see if we will be obedient.
Warn them that they will encounter people who pick what to practice - cafeteria obedience. Keep all the commandments.
Obedience allows God's blessings to flow without restraint.
Word of Wisdom brings blessings.
Teach that Faith to obedience to commandments will provide protection. Angels on guard to protect us.
When we are faithful, He and His angels will protect us.
Lord changed Prophet's perspective in Liberty Jail.
Sec. 98 D&C prayers entered into ears of the Lord he promises that his covenants will be fulfilled.
Seal, Testament, sworn, decree - strongest words - believe Him
Blessings for tithing
We need Faith because difficult days are ahead - it won't be popular to be a faithful Latter-day Saint.
Persecution can crush us or motivate us. How we deal with trials is the development of our Faith.
We have been reserved in heaven for place to be born. We should continue in His goodness and be a saviour to others.
Blessings of Melchizidek Pthd. Holds the keys to all spiritual blessings of the Church - the greatest bestowed in the Holy Temples.
Many blessings are for us in this life and our children and grand-children.
The future is as bright as our Faith - Pres. Monson.

Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Seventy

Fundamental to plan is that we have a heavenly family as well as an earthly. Heavenly Father is father of our spirits - Apostle Paul
"I am a Child of God" lyrics. Heavenly Family helps us understand form of our earthly family. Understanding earthly family helps with heavenly. Adversary attacks institution of the family - selfishness, greed, and pornography. Adversary tries to destroy our opportunities to be in an eternal family.
Proclamation on the Family - Happiness found in home with family.
Establish a Christ-centered home. Children may not remember what we said in FHE or read in the scriptures but they will remember that we did it. - Culture where spirit can dwell.
Poem "Echo" by CC Miller. sheep not a lamb that strayed from 99. Sheep lead lambs astray.
D&C 64 [? 63?] parents with children in Zion.

Elder Cecil O, Samuelson, Jr. of  Seventy (and President of BYU)

Privileged to work with youth of the church
Testimonies - our sure witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ obtained by revelation through the Spirit.
Test of the Book of Mormon to pray and ask sincerely it it's true.
Testimony is an ongoing process [he's numbering these but I'm missing it from distractions here]
10 observations:
1. Everyone has worth because we are children of God.
2. We believe in mighty change of heart but it may occur gradually
3. Remember that fundamental purpose of life is to be tested.
4. Trust things we believe in or know
5. Progression of hoping believing, etc.
6. Teaching another strengthens our testimony
7. Little necessary things daily scriptures, prayers, church, assignments.
8. No higher standards for others than we do for ourselves.
9. something about mistakes
10. Atonement of Christ is always fully available when we take advantage of it.

He doesn't know everything but he has a testimony.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve

What are our most important desires because they shape our actions, etc.
common desires -basic physical needs -sometimes we override them
1. food - basic need for food can be overiden by fasting
2. shelter - boy scouts sleep primitively
3. sleep
Story about Korean War - this officer was interrupted in his sleep by the guys with frequent reports. Because he didn't want to fail them and meet their parents.
Book of Mormon teachings on desire - Enos sins forgiven and he felt a desire for the welfare of his brethren
1. desire
2. labor
3. faith
Alma 32 desire to believe. Aaron teaching King Lamoni - repent and bow down before God though shalt receive the hope - King prayed to give away all his sins to know the Lord - prayer answered miraculously
Alma 29 great desire to preach unto all men
Lord will judge according to works according to the desire of their hearts.
D&C 88:63 Draw near unto me
Property, prominence, pride and power - should not be our highest desires
Aaron Rawlston having his arm trapped in a canyon - he had a vision of a little boy - understanding this as vision of future son, he took drastic action to break bones and cut off the arm. then hiked 5 miles to help.
Cut us from rocks of addiction, etc.
Eternal life requires more - Eternal beings forgive ALL who have wronged
Book of Mormon Moroni 7:48 pray with all desires of heart to be filled with love of Christ - Charity
Secure marriage for eternity.
Resist falsehoods that discredit marriage and children.
Both men and women need righteous desires to lead to eternal life.
Become like him to return to his presence.

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ - Spring reminds us of this
There is a world of complexity and confusion - can wear us down.
Story about gold nuggets and young guy. Old prospector noted pile of rocks. Young guy said no gold there. Prospector said there's gold, you just have to know where to find it. He cracked two together and revealed flecks. Boy wanted nuggets. So busy looking for large nuggets missed the flecks of gold.
Gospel is simple no matter how much we try to complicate it
Focus on what matters most - flecks of gold - ultimate treasure is eternal life
one sublime principle - What is the great commandment? Love the Lord thy God - the first and great commandment - the Second - Love thy neighbor as thyself - it is only as we love the Lord that we are able to love our neighbor - the pure love of Christ or Charity - we think, feel and act more like the Saviour would
Love one another as I have loved you
An active love not through great deeds
1. Charity begins at home - golden rule - do unto others. Imagine how you would feel on the receiving end of criticism - our wards and branches should be a practice ground - no place for gossip and unkind words.
Meaningful service. - seeking out the less active
Helping Hands t-shirts - young in Sendai Stake searched for survivors.
Elder Wirthlin talked about kindness being essence of greatness.
Missionary Service - full time and with friends and neighbors
Need to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Simple encouragement or help with mundane tasks can be helpful - Pres Kimball [?]
Lose ourselves in service to others.
Most important attribute of the Father and the Son is the gift of Charity
Moroni 7:48 again


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