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Live-blogging LDS Conference April 3, 2011

This is a lot of fun! It helps me stay awake and pay attention to do a good job knowing my notes are going out to the whole world. I hope I'm being respectful enough to the speakers. This should be no substitute for going to the official transcriptions or the live and recorded broadcasts at But it also pleases me that this conference blogging has had more hits than anything else I've ever posted.

Daughter Anne is fixing breakfast burritos. Of course, I have already broken into the 72-hour snacks we eat every April Conference to rotate out the old stuff so when the earthquake strikes we're not eating stale goldfish crackers, etc. But it's nice to have Anne home from BYU for the weekend.

Listening to the Choir for now. Spoken Word Message: Success is measured by how we help others.
Nice to see one of my old Boy Scouts in the choir - and he's the father of a current Scout. (I guess I'm dated)
I don't think those flower pictures are from today. It snowed - at least in Centerville.
Sunday commercials are really loud and annoying on KSL.

Sunday Morning Session
There's the snow. Live video of Temple Square.
President Eyring conducting.
75th anniversary of Church Welfare Program - [big emphasis]

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The Road to Damascus - Story of Saul/Paul - light from heaven - trans-formative moment - changed the world
Similar occurrence happened to the boy Joseph Smith - the heavens are opened
Some are waiting for something dramatic event instead of taking small steps of faith.
They wait on the Road to Damascus
Story of woman who struggled after family tragedy - waiting for the heavens to open for her.
Others wait - hope to receive priesthood - enter Temple but don't finish those final acts required
Those who diligently seek to know him will eventually come to know him - most often comes in the form of a puzzle one piece at a time. - when we look back we can see it - we can see that the Savior did come quietly.
We must move forward with Faith and not wait on the Road to Damascus.
Seek his peace with a broken heart and a contrite spirit - turn down the volume of the worldly noise
If we block out the spirit it becomes less noticeable until we can't hear it at all
Pres. Monson is an example in this regard - listening to the spirit - story about Louisiana visit - Girl praying that Pres. Monson would visit - include her in the conf. prayers - the spirit whispered to Pres. Monson to suffer the little children - the name of the little girl would not leave his mind - he left the 99 to visit the one.
She was sightless - Pres. Monson whispered that he was there - she whispered back " Bro. Monson, I knew you would come."
As Paul - Lord, what will you have me do?
Lord expects to work it out and then pray for answers - may come through voice of those around us.
Promptings we receive are not just for us but for those around us [it's not about us]
vital that we serve each other. Serve as the Saviour did - uplift those around us
Answers sometimes don't come while we are on our knees but when on our feet
By becoming the answer to someone's prayer we often find the answer to our own.
Sometimes inspiration is just for us - sometimes to share with others.
Share gospel - some would rather pull a handcart across than speak to their friends and neighbors.
His family used to live among many non-members - when asked about their weekend they would skip sports, etc. and tries to work something in from church - not preachy or overbearing - uplifting or humorous
With media and gadgets at our disposal sharing gospel is easier than ever before -[here we are]
"he's  been speaking for ten minutes and still no aviation analogy"
Use your hands to blog to the world [heh!] but right time and right place [I'm not in the conf. center!]
Best way to preach is through example - if joyful and at peace people will want to know why
St. Francis - preach at all times and if necessary use words.
do not miss opportunities by waiting on road to Damascus.

Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy

many afflictions in life - part of mortal experience - one reason is for trial of our faith to see that we do all that the Lord commanded. Trials are important to put on divine nature - consecrated for our gain.
Through sorrow and suffering that we gain the education we came here for [Orson F. Whitney??]
personal growth means that trials are very personal to our particular needs or weaknesses
Furnace of affliction helps purify the best of Saints. We want to become like the Saviour - he learned through suffering.
Story of favorite hike - only way to see the view is to make the climb.
Great things come after times of greatest challenge.
Joseph in the Grove - investigators near baptism - labor proceeding birth
Grandmother story about difficult disease - while suffering, she investigated church and was converted.
Apostle Paul - our light affliction - leads to greater glory - in comparison to blessings and growth they are light
close of Saviour's ministry - greatest suffering of all time preceded the glorious resurrection.
We can't resent the very things that help us put on the divine nature - because we have access to help from the Lord we can do all things.
must be endured in the Lord's way - guardian angels will attend - Elder Hales - on occasion he was visited by heavenly hosts.
in all things we are conquerer through God who loves us - Paul

Bishop H. David Burton [my dad-in-law's cousin]

Pres. McKay mission story about poor woman receiving tract. "Will this buy me any bread?"
From that moment he had a deeper realization that the church is interested in the temporal salvation of man.
That woman was not ready to receive gospel because there was no help for her temporal needs.
Great Depression - Pres. Grant, Pres. Clark and Pres. McKay announce welfare program - Melvin Ballard and Harold B. Lee appointed to manage it.
Setting up of welfare machinery was by revelation to Pres. Grant - Pres. J Rueben Clark
Pres Grant said he would do it at what ever cost - close seminaries, temples etc. so people don't go hungry
Emphasis on personal responsibility and self-reliance - many well-meaning programs have a short-sighted objective to help people rather than to help them help themselves.
Families need to assume responsibility for temporal welfare.
Avoiding debt - principles of thrift - prepare for times of distress - follow living oracles - distinguish between  needs and wants and live accordingly. Principles extend far beyond mortality. We cannot inherit full measure of eternal life without being fully invested in caring for each other here.
King Benjamin - we impart to the poor so that we may retain a remission of our sins and walk guiltless before God.
We yearn for a peaceful world and kind societies - no matter how many temples our how large our membership - if we fail in this core commandment to succor the weak and lift up the hands, strengthen the knees then we are under condemnation and cannot please the Lord. 28,000 bishops search after the poor. RS presidents "fly to the relief of the stranger" - "oil and wine to the wounded heart"
Stake Pres. in S. America found plot of land and old horse that died - brothers of the priesthood strapped on the plow and literally took the yoke of their brothers and sisters upon them.
Robert Taylor Burton story - [my in-law ancestor] went out to rescue Martin Handcart Saints - Echo Canyon - several wagons pulled off for birth of baby - in spite of freezing temperatures he took off his shirt and they wrapped the baby named "Echo" - Robert T Burton later called as Presiding bishop. "Be kind to the poor" was his last words to his family.
Work of caring for one another is a sanctifying work commanded by the Father to exalt his children.
Good Samaritan - go and do thou likewise

Sylvia H. Allred - 1st Counselor in the Relief Society

We must love one another and serve one another - the essence of discipleship
Purposes of welfare - help others to become self reliant - physical, social, emotional, financial  well-being
RS has always been at the heart of welfare - Prophet Joseph organized them for this purpose
inspired home teachers bless lives. Same with RS Visiting Teachers.
Rejoice in opportunities to serve others.
Bishop's have the Lord's Storehouse available to care for the poor and build up the kingdom
Pay our fast offerings. As we increase our own level of self-reliance we are able to help others.
welfare is Pure Religion
Story about being Stake RS Pres. in Chile during terrible recession. Saw it in Argentina and many other areas now as she travels - RS Sisters continue to build faith, help families. Every member has same opportunity.
It is usually through another person that the Lord meets our needs.

Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve

Hymn coming up "have I done any good"  - "I get the hint"
Light coming on in a room immediate and intense light
Night into morning - slow and gradual intensity increase - subtle and gradual discernment of light
this is how revelation works - basic patterns
Revelation is communication from God to his children on earth through the Holy Ghost
Joseph Smith said the Holy Ghost is a revelator - available to every person who received baptism, gift of Holy Ghost and acting so as to be worthy of the Holy Ghost - every one who reaches age of accountability [8]
Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in translating the Book of Mormon learned that they could get answers to their questions if they asked in faith - this is the spirit of revelation.
Apply unto it - still small voice - perfect mildness - easy to understand why we should shun harmful impairment, pornography, harmful substances - consider seriously how we can reject the devil's enticements
Dreams, visions, conversations with heavenly visitors, and inspiration - many forms of revelation.
Light in dark room - like receiving message completely quickly and all at once. happens sometimes according to God's will and timing - examples in scriptures, church history and our lives - but it is more rare than common
Gradual increase of light radiating  in small increments over time is more usual - gradually and gently distills upon our souls - more common than rare - example of Nephi trying several different ways to get plates.
Nephi showed time from time how to build ship
Fundamental truths not revealed to Prophet Joseph all at once.
Lord doesn't always have to send an angel but he can do it by the still small voice. No amount of marvelous manifestations will ever accomplish this [quote but missed who]
Very simpleness of the way may cause us to look beyond the mark.
He's counseled many who feel they are weak because they have not had miraculous experiences.- but this is quite normal - just keep pressing forward and you cannot go amiss.
It's not by astounding miracles that we will be solid in the truth.
line upon line - overcast days - precise moment when sun rises is impossible but we can still recognize when it is day. - we can receive revelation without knowing how or when
Oliver Cowdery inspired to be Joseph's scribe - vital to coming forth of Book of Mormon - later Lord revealed that often you have been inspired or you wouldn't be where you are now - you have been enlightened by the spirit of truth. Oliver had not recognized it. he had a revelation to explain he had been walking in the light.
Act and not be acted upon. Do our best. Frequently press forward but without absolute assurance but as we honor our covenants and keep our commandments we can walk with confidence that God will watch our steps and inspire our utterances - then shall thy confidence wax strong in the presence of God D&C 121
Oftentimes subtle and gradually, regardless the light will illuminate and enlarge your soul and direct and protect you and your family
Apostolic witness that Father and Son live and revelation is real.

President Thomas S. Monson

Sends love and greetings to each of us.
Comments on fine messages today and 75th anniversary of Welfare Program
Bishop of the ward is to care for those in need - such was his privilege as a young bishop in Salt Lake City
84 widows - How grateful for the welfare program of the church - declares it inspired of God

This conference marks three years as president of the church. Countless blessings - dedicating temples among the most enjoyable - concerning the Temple is what he intends to speak of
Joseph F. Smith said we hoped to have Temples in many parts of the world 1902
1830-1980 21 Temples were built
since 1980 115 Temples built and
26 under construction or pre-construction - numbers will grow - want to make Temple as accessible
Manaus Temple - earlier members travelled 2500 miles to São Paulo Temple 3 days on boat, 3 days on bus 7 days and nights. Return journey just as difficult they had received ordinances and filled with spirit of temple.
They are rejoicing as their own temple goes up on the banks of the Rio Negro
Renewed sense of Temples
Family joined church in 1960s on island 100 miles south of Tahiti - had desire for eternal temple sealing - closes was New Zealand Temple 2500 miles accessible only by plane - meager plantation - no money for airfare. Father and son made difficult decision to join another son to go work in nickel mines 3,000 miles to the west - transportation to the job but not back home. they worked 4 years in the mines. Brother Muuton [?] returned home once a year they saved money and went to the Temple all but one daughter.
Father went back to mines for two more years to pay for married daughter and husband and child.
Later, he served in the Tahiti Temple -
Temples more than stone and mortar
1st Temple in this dispensation was in Kirtland Ohio - Lord commanded so they built it.
After completing it, they had to leave Ohio and their Temple
Next Temple was Nauvoo on banks of Mississippi - with Temple barely completed driven from their homes again they had to go to a desert place and built a new Temple - 40 years for Salt Lake Temple just south of us.
Much sacrifice to build Temples and receive blessings. - Eternal Blessings. no sacrifice too great in order to receive those blessings - never too many miles to travel
saving ordinances that permit us to someday return to our heavenly Father in an eternal family relationship and to be endowed with power from on high - worth any sacrifice
85% live within 200 miles of Temple.
Sacrifice is then only to set aside the time. Many wait beyond the veil and we will know they they appreciate what they can't do for themselves.
They will hear in the Spirit World of what you do for them here. The work is ours to do.
In his own family some of the most sacred ordinances have been for deceased ancestors in the Temple
Be worthy to go to the Temple - your sacrifice may be to bring your life into compliance
conquer habits - pay tithing
Secure temple recommend and guard it as precious
Young friends in teenage years - have the Temple in your sights. Commends those who go regularly to do Baptisms for the Dead. Early in the morning before school begins.
Parents of young children - Pres. Kimball said to have a picture of the Temple in every room of the house so the children look at it every day so they have the Temple in their lives.
Primary Children sing "I love to see the Temple" Teach your children of Temple's importance
Often surrounded by that which drags us down - as we go to the Temple we will be more able to bear trials
We will find peace, be renewed and fortified.
One more
One will rise in a city
Temple being built in Rome Italy uniquely being built in one of the most historic locations in the world where Peter and Paul preached the gospel and were martyred
[boy, I was afraid he was announcing Jackson County or Jerusalem, Israel!!]
Recollects groundbreaking at Rome in a day soon in the eternal city people will be able to receive eternal blessings.
Each of our Temples is an expression of our testimony that life continues beyond death.
Keep spirit of Temple in hearts and homes.
Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice that we might have eternal life and exaltation in the Father's Kingdom

Male Soloist starts "Spirit of God" - [chills]
Now duet - now trio
Now all the male voices on second verse
Third verse whole choir.
"Amen and Amen!"

Sunday Afternoon Session
Which we will switch to soon as "How to Train a Dragon" is finishing up. We went to my daughter and son-in-law's house and my grandsons are wrapping up a movie. My daughter just sent them off to find the treats so we're on.

President Eyring conducting:

Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve

Trying to be like Jesus - choir song describes what we are trying to do.
Speaks of his Temple marriage to his wife, Jeanine, who has passed away as well as two children but they will receive all blessings received in the Temple
Marriage and Family are two parts of the Lord's plan - satan's plan is to attack this and prevent Temple sealings.
He traveled in his profession, he arrived home one Saturday and had to go to another meeting in 4 hours. She was washing by hand. He started to fix machine. Jeanine, "what are you doing? Please go play with the children." Later, he went to the meeting. The lesson she wanted me to learn. the next morning early I had two arms around my neck and words "Dad, I love you. You're my best friend"
Young men should get married. Don't just coast through life. Highest priority after mission is to find eternal companion. Show her that you are an exceptional person that is worth getting to know better. You need to have her see you as a wonderful man and prospective husband.
Stay loyal to your spouse mentally. Are you kind to your children? Does your wife fill in your gap of attention in the home? Do you tell her how much you love her? You need to tell her. Express love and gratitude often.
It works a lot better if you're holding her close while you tell her.
Early in his marriage when he opened his scriptures he would open them and find a loving note from his wife. So he started doing the same thing to her. One year, he painted a water color on the fridge only it was enamel not water color. She wouldn't let him try to take it off.
When she passed away he found that she'd kept love notes to her. "Jeanine, it's time to tell you I love you" is in the kitchen clock and stays there.
As husband and wife share your pure love. righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage
As a mother, you have divine instincts to determine your children's needs.
So rewarding to be married. You begin to think alike. You have times extremely happy - times of trial
Son Richard had a heart problem and was crying at night. His heart would pound, he would throw up. He tried to calm him. He changed his clothes and bedsheets. just a few months later he passed away. He will always remember holding him that night. When he passed away, I held Jeanine in my arms but we understood we had him sealed to us because of the Temple.
Marriage helps us overcome being selfish. One reason why we should marry early to not develop traits that are hard to change.
Some may feel lonely and unappreciated and can't see how to have these blessings. All things are possible to the Lord. Have faith in the promises so the Lord in his time can make them come true.
We were an eternal family. She was always giving service to others. She was an instrument of our Lord.
I am confident I will see her beyond the veil and we will love each other even more for this time being separated.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve

God has high expectations of us. To be perfect like Him. He provides us commandments and covenants and the Atonement to make our transformation possible. The final judgment is not what we have done but what we have become - quoting Elder Oaks.
Sadly modern Christianity doesn't see God as expecting much but as a butler or therapist. He asked not just for commitment but our very lives.
One particular attitude we need - Willingly to accept Correction. It is vital to conform our lives to a perfect man under the standards of Christ. Whom the Lord loveth, he chastens.
three purposes
1, persuade to repent
2. sanctify
3. redirect our course
My people must be chastened to learn by the things they suffer.
some stood condemned for not adequately teaching their children. Brother of Jared chastened for not calling on the name of the Lord.
Fruit of God's chastening is to lead us to repentance.
He that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom.
We should take care not to resent the very things that help us put on the divine nature -Elder Johnson from this morning.
Put your trust in him and be lifted up at the last day.
Future we cannot envision but the Lord knows what awaits us.
Elder Hugh B. Brown clearing a currant bush and seemed to hear it speak. to complain about being trimmed down. but as the gardener replied he was the gardener and wanted him to be the best currant bush. Elder Brown was turned down for a promotion . He was very upset "how could you do this to me, God" Heard a voice - "I am the gardener here. I know what I want you to do." Thank you Mr. Gardener for cutting me down for redirecting my course.
If we desire to measure up to high expectations of our heavenly Father. He will see that we get what we need.
Corrections may come through others. Perhaps things said in this conference which if heeded will lift you to a higher place. We can help each other. Even when we get mean-spirited criticism. We should way it and change what we can.
Elder Richard G. Scott was counseled by wife to look directly at people. He took it to heart and it made it his  style. I was a missionary when he was mission president. That look is powerful when you need correction.
Reproof should be timely with sharpness when moved upon by the Holy Ghost then increase of Love D&C 121.
"My spirit will not always strive with men."
Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin became a disciple by analyzing his life and applying each lesson learned. All of us can meet God's expectations. Love God with all your might, mind and strength by his grace ye can be perfect in Christ [sripture from Book of Mormon]
Let us pray for his love inspired correction.

Carl B. Pratt of the Seventy
[sorry, I was distracted and missed much of his story but it's about Tithing]
Story about Colonia Juarez and John & Ida Whetten [?] Family. 100 pesos left over was the exact same amount paid in tithing the week before.
when we obey commandments we are blessed.
1. payment of tithing was not related to amount of income. They felt indebted to the Lord for their blessings.
Malachi 3. will a man rob God? All he asks is 10%
2. Grandparents paid tithing regardless of tight family finances. Not from our abundance, but from the firstlings of our income, scarce or abounding. Pay it as soon as you receive any income.
Tithing is not a matter of money but of Faith. Teach children to pay tithing and take them to tithing settlement.
Possibility of misunderstanding from story. We are not always blessed with money. He fulfills his promises. If we pay, we will not lack but he does not promise  wealth - wisdom to live with 90% of income better than with 100%. Greatest blessings are spiritual. Pres. Faust said Tithing is good insurance against divorce - helps marriages
Regular tithe payers are blessed with strong testimonies.

Lynn G. Robbins of the Seventy

"To Be or not to Be" - good question
The Lord's phrasing - "What manner of men ought ye to be"
Those who did without being were hypocrites. To be without to do is void - works without faith
["do be do be do"-no way to follow this. bouncing between do - be you can't hold on to a thought to type it]
To do or to be list - to be never done.
D&C 121 principles. Christlike "Be's"
which child will test and refine you more. Our children are God's children.

Benjamin D. Hoyos of the Seventy

Those members today as in the meridian of time are called Saints. Some come from several generations in the church some are recent converts. No more strangers or foreigner - Christ chief cornerstone
On Radio show in Mexico - Two elders from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - why name is so long? Not chosen by men. chosen by a prophet. Program director repeated it with great pleasure. It references the members as "Latter-day Saints." They were first called "Christians" in Antioch but they called each other "Saints"
Daily prayer, scripture, Temple families become Saints.
Charity, pure love of Christ. He had to suffer all things. He will take upon him death - the infirmities Alma 7:12
Has seen many who suffer
Jacob come unto Christ - keeper of the Gate is the Holy One of Israel. The Lord God is his name.
Circumstances don't matter - understanding Doctrine of Christ and his Atonement will bring us peace
Peace I leave with you
Have witnessed members overcoming afflictions with bravery & great enthusiasm - narrow path of sanctification.
If we place our confidence in the Lord we will be sustained.
How blessed to be in the fellowship of the Latter-day Saints.

Elder C. Scott Grow of the Seventy

His younger brother just died. He gave in to a weakness - hedonistic lifestyle - but the Saviour had not forgotten nor abandoned him. Worked on his soul and he came back like the prodigal son and back to parents who never gave up on him. Married and had children with ongoing health problems from his previous life-styles. Died on March 7. Grateful for miracle of atonement in the life of his brother.
The Messiah came to redeem man from the fall. Plan of salvation required Atonement. Appeased the demands of Justice. Had to be carried out by the sinless Son of God. Had to be infinite and eternal. He atoned for the sins of all men. It began in Gethsemane continued on the cross and culminated with the resurrection. The will of the Son swallowed up in the will of the Father.
Not only did he pay the price of sins but also the pains and sicknesses of his people Alma 7:12.
He has born our griefs and carried our sorrows. He heals the innocent who suffers.
Each of us suffer from guilt which He removes with our repentance.
Because of His infinite love He invites us to repent so we don't have to suffer fully for our sins.

[interruption - my wife called from Hawaii where she's on a sisters' and mom vacation]

immerse yourself in prayer and scripture study. Sanctify yourselves so he can make us clean. He becomes our advocate with the Father. "Spare these my Brethren who have come unto Me."
His bother exercised agency to go astray and then to come back. Healing and redemptive power of atonement is available to all of us.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve

Moved by this conference
Before leaving Nauvoo, Brigham Young had a vision of an Angel from a hill side prominaece pointing to a valley. When he got hear he recognized the peak, Ensign Peak. The mountain of the Lord's House will be established in the tops of the Mountains. He lead brethren up Ensign Peak and waved Heber C. Kimballs yellow bandana and waved it as they declared this the prophesied place from where the gospel would go in the latter days.
Testifies that the proceedings of the last todays -"Lo, Zion's standard in unfurled" - dual meaning is intended
Asks us to reflect not only on messages but also on the unique phenomenon that general conference is.
We testify to every nation, kindred, tongue and people that God not only lives but that he speaks.
The counsel we have heard is under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The voice and word of the Lord.
With rare exception no man or woman who speaks is assigned a topic. They have to be confident their's is the topic the Lord wishes them to present. Every speaker has tried to be true to that prompting. Each has sought the Lord. Just as Brigham saw angels standing over this place, I see them here. Mortal messengers with messages from God. With faith they have consecrated their lives to preach God's word. Consider variety of the messages you hear. not coordinated except by Heaven. Most of our congregation is members of the church but a growing number are not members yet - so we have to speak to all and to all ages - families and parents and children at home and those without marriage and children. We always stress eternal Faith, Hope Charity and Christ crucified - and specifically on moral issues of the day. speak nothings but repentance at the same time we preach the good news. - the considerable riches of Christ. Something for everyone. Harold B. Lee - "apparently the gospel is to comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable"
Discipline always inherent in the Lord's messages - the Beatitudes. How edifying and soothing. He went on to show how increasingly straight the way needed to be. Whoso is angry with his brother - no adultery - but I say whosoever looketh to lust hath committed adultery. As the path of discipleship ascends the trail gets ever more narrow - until the pinnacle of being perfect as the Father -
Anyone who thought Jesus taught no-fault theology did not read the fine print
It's not fast food - we can't always have it our way.
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess - salvation can only come His way.
Be reassured that when we speak on difficult subjects not everyone is doing the bad things. Most are not guilty of such things but we are under solemn charge to issue warning to those who are
So if you're trying to have Home Evening in a home of little bedlamites that's good.
If we teach by the spirit and you listen by the spirit some one of us will touch on your circumstance sending a perfect little epistle just to you.
We offer our testimonies in conjunction of other testimonies that will come - God will have His voice heard.
"And after your testimony comes the testimony of earthquakes, thunderings and waves of the sea heaving beyond its bounds and angels will sound the trumptof God." D&C 45 [I think] these mortal angels have done this.
Nature will also testify with love and a warning in the last days.
Pres. Monson will come and close this conference
Something personal - the senior apostle - obvious that the lives of prophets are not easy - Pres. Monson's life is not easy - he referred to that last night [cancellation of marriage sealings] He and his family have served for more than 50 years as a General Authority. He has remarkable faith and unusual stamina. Pres. Monson. We love you. Legions love you. You're one of those angelic messengers to wave the ensign of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

President Thomas S. Monson
Heart is full - felt the spirit of the Lord in rich abundance - May we long remember the messages we have heard - as we receive the Ensign and Liahona may we read and study them - gratitude for those willing to share talents [music] and to those sustained to new callings - love and appreciation for his counselors. They are men of wisdom and understanding - same for Quorum of Twelve, and Seventy and Presiding Bishopric.
Our Heavenly Father is mindful of us. He loves each of us. We are a global church. May we be good citizens of the nations where we live - examples of honesty and integrity. Thank you for your prayers and on behalf of all the general authorities - grateful for you. love for the Saviour and his great atoning Sacrifice - in 3 weeks the entire Christian world will be celebrating Easter. grateful every day for his atoning sacrifice. At the last moment he could have but did not turn back - He gave us life - redeemed us from the fall taught us how to live and how to die.
Words of Emily Harris - Poem
Linen lies there - stone rolled away - linen can't hold him - stone cannot - he is not here. Hallelujah!

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