Friday, April 15, 2011

Sutherland Institute Calls It Like It Is

This is an amazing piece that I highly recommend from the Sutherland Institute, a conservative think tank from right here in Utah. The part I like the best is how the extremists end up at odds with the LDS Church because of their nativist, anti-Hispanic positions on immigration.

This is the message (for the most part) that I have been trying to convey for some time here. It is so encouraging to see it come from a reputable conservative source. I'm almost convinced to be a rational conservative again.

And there are some who will say, "if you're such a moderate, where are your links to criticisms of the radical left by liberals?" My response is that while there are a few liberals, progressives and even radicals in Utah, they are so irrelevant with regard to any real political power (well, now that Rocky Anderson is no longer SLC Mayor) they might as well not exist at all. On the other hand, the extreme conservatives are very prominent in Utah to the point of dominance in the Utah State Legislature.

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