Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy Biden & Mormon Family History

Biden crossing the Delaware
The Atlantic has this great picture which is the sort of political humor I like. It's good-natured, and whatever your political leanings with regard to the Vice President, both right and left can, I think, find this funny. Most political "humor" these days is much more mean-spirited with clear political vendettas to grind - or whatever you're supposed to do with vendettas.

Joe Biden seems to be everybody's favorite crazy uncle - not the scary kind of crazy like the uncle who stalks the Thanksgiving Weekend gun sales at Cabela's and you worry about when he is going to burst and shoot up the neighborhood. Biden is the kind of crazy uncle who says outrageous things, many of which you may find embarrassing, but nobody takes him that seriously. I mean, nobody as far as I know has accused him of being a nazi-communist-Mau-Mau-European-foreign-born-Manchurian-socialist. Well, you get the point.

And then there's this very interesting article from the Washington Post about the administration's roll-out of Joe Biden for the re-election campaign. Apparently, Biden is relying on research performed by a Mormon genealogist from Utah to get in touch with his roots allowing him to connect to different ethnic groups as he campaigns.

Maybe that will work for the President as well. If only his genealogy didn't show he was a nazi-communist-socialist-Mau-Mau-European-foreign-born-Manchurian-socialist.

(Actually, I don't think the LDS Family History Library would evidence any of those things about the President.)

Oh, and Biden is NOT Mormon - he's mainstream Catholic.

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