Saturday, March 16, 2013

Over the Top - California Here We Come!

Thought I'd give you something good for going over 100,000 page views. California!

Oddly, I've never been a huge fan. In fact, growing up in Washington State, I thought it was only people from other Western States that disliked California. When I went to Maryland for Law School, I discovered the the East Coast hates California even more. But now that my only granddaughter is living in the LA Area, and by oldest boy works for Disney, and we've just spent one of the coldest, snowiest winters in Utah, California here we come!

In spite of their troubles, smog, traffic, politics, economy, and otherwise, the sun still shines and the flowers bloom. And we've always loved Disneyland!

Excited to see our granddaughter (and California), I added to my California songs playlist on iTunes. I want to have some of the classics as we drive around Southern California (and likely get stuck in traffic if not lost on the wrong freeway). So I added "California, Here I Come." by Jolson, (not in black face), and "Hooray for Hollywood" by Doris Day:

Here's my playlist:
California Sun, The Rivieras
California Girls, The Beach Boys
California Soul, The 5th Dimension
Going To California, Led Zeppelin
It Never Rains In Southern California, Albert Hammond
Hollywood Swinging, Kool & The Gang
San Franciscan Nights, Eric Burdon & The Animals
We Built This City, Starship
Under the Bridge (City of Angels), Red Hot Chili Peppers
Exquisitely Bored, Pete Townshend
Do You Know the Way to San Jose?, Dionne Warwick
Surfin' U.S.A., The Beach Boys
Coming Into Los Angeles, Arlo Guthrie
Day after Day, Shango
San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair), Scott McKenzie
Surfin Safari, The Beach Boys
Gold, John Stewart (with Stevie Nicks) 
L.A. Woman, The Doors
Love L.A., Randy Newman
California Here I Come, Al Jolson
Hooray for Hollywood, Doris Day
Route 66, Nat King Cole
Beverly Hillbillies, Classic TV
Free Fallin', Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Hotel California, Eagles
Ventura Highway, America
Valley Girl, Frank and Moon Zappa
Mickey Mouse Club March, Disney
I'll spare you the videos of Randy Newman and the Doors as they may not quite live up to the standards of this blog. But we're loading up the truck to head for Beverly. Hills, that is.Swimming pools. Movie stars.

And to take us out, another California celebration for my son's new employer, the Big Mouse:


  1. After living down there I'm a believer. NOT Southern CA where you are heading, but I would live on either side or end of the Sierra's in a heartbeat. MUCH less crowded and nuts than Western WA has become, great weather, lots of history, wide open spaces, and 4 real seasons...

    1. Well, I understand your point. But still, DISNEYLAND!!!


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