Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequester Day 4

Not all is as gloomy as this recent photo of Speaker Boehner would lead one to believe:

Speaker of the House John ("Mr. Happy") Boehner 
Both the Congress and the President are indicating that they want no government shutdown come the end of March when the current Continuing Resolution (CR) funding the government, now with sequestration, expires. They are working on a CR with a little more flexibility for Defense and Veterans Programs, and maybe other discretionary spending. Whatever. I'm still willing to sacrifice a few days of furlough to see the country get its act together and the Congress pass a budget (where the Constitutional duty lies - not with the President!).

Meanwhile, the President is calling up Republican Senators (who will answer the phone - and a few do), like one of the last remaining moderates, Susan Collins of Maine. The President is sharing his ideas on entitlements - Medicare and other reforms such as means testing for the wealthy and an adjustment to the CPI (Consumer Price Index) - Both ideas that have had some support in both parties and I don't have any problem with them. It also calls the Republican right-wing hot-doggers' bluff that they President isn't doing anything and doesn't have a plan even though it has been right on the front of the White House web page (click on "see the plan") for some time now (argue with the plan all you want, but your pants are on fire if you say he hasn't proposed one - probably the reason for Boehner's face - sniffing something burning?)

And, get this, a bipartisan group in the Senate has proposed some gun safety law about dummy purchasers! Yeah, that is reasonable regulation of what should clearly be criminal behavior. Of course, as my friend at the Liberty Tree says, if President Obama cured cancer, the House would still be opposed. But maybe, just maybe, if we can stop playing constant brinkmanship trying to trip up or blame one side or the other, Congress might start doing We the People's business again.

Oh. And today is my 29th Service Computation Date. And our boss told us he's retiring and going to join a fancy-pants law firm in DC. As long as were sequestered, that's cool. They aren't likely to replace the boss. Our supervisory attorney who will be in charge is a good guy. I helped hire him years ago. Good Karma comes back.

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