Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sequester Day 5 - We the People's Government Still Works!

A daily-count rundown on the Sequester (aka "kidnapping") like the Iran Hostage Crisis is just too ambitious for me, but something rather positive happened today if only tangential.

On a conference call with an administrative judge (Executive Branch Art.II, not Art. III) and the appellant in a case I can't talk about at all, we were going back and forth to make this and that clarification on the settlement in principle that we had arranged. The sequester was referenced as it posed some limitations and risks. It was all very amiable and productive. As we wrapped up the judge gave a rather long expression of gratitude verging on the dramatic, almost tear-jerking emotional, as he complimented us government employees for working things out. He specifically referenced these "troubled times" and "the sequester" and said how encouraged it made him to see people cooperating so well.

We gave our "thanks" to him as best we could as those in the room I was in looked around at each other wide-eyed yet restrained enough not to go totally sentimental.

It was a nice touch even if only among us feds when we are generally so despised among the populace at large, sometimes even in our own extended families and cultural/religious groups. And all we are trying to do is make the government of, and by the People work for them. Mostly we do.

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