Friday, November 4, 2011

Who's Your Senator? Nevada Edition

The Honorable Gentleman A
The less than "Gentleman" B 

The Honorable Gentlewoman C
The Honorable Gentleman  D

Answer Key:

A: Yes, your Senator, Republican Dean Heller. He's the appointed replacement for one of the others and is up for re-election in 2012. He may have the inside track as the short-term incumbent. But, we'll see. Nevada is a battleground state this next year. Yep, Heller's a Mormon (according to Wikipedia) so Nevada is a Doublemint state (two, two, two mints or Mormons in one). And hopefully for his chances, he's squeaky clean unlike . . .

B. Former Senator John Ensign (not Mormon) who resigned in the midst of a double scandal involving both inappropriate intimate conduct and paying off staffers to keep it quiet. I'll leave the details for your googling, but I only note that the problem with guys like this is that everybody makes mistakes, but they get a lot worse when you set yourself up as a paragon of the party of family values.

C. Representative Shelley Berkley Democrat of Nevada (doesn't appear to be Mormon). And not Sharon "Tea Party" Angle, either (she lost). Rep. Berkley is running for the Democratic nomination for Senate and has the inside track on that. The polling shows her neck and neck with Senator Heller for the general. This will be a fun one to watch.

D. Senate Majority Leader and Mormon Harry Reid. He pulled off that anti-tea party election last year. But that was more the fault of the Republican Party that nominated Angle. Harry Reid is a good man. I have a friend who knows him pretty well.

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