Thursday, November 10, 2011

Republicans Piddle while Rome Burns

Last night at the Republican debate, besides Perry losing his marbles, the crowd booing a female reporter just for raising a question about sexual harassment, and the newt pontificating his general idiocy, I was most astounded that they pretty much brushed off the issue of Italy going bankrupt. "Europe is Europe's problem," said Mitt. Cain acted like he had never even heard of Italy or even the question mentioning "cabooses" for some reason (probably not the best choice of words under the circumstances). Ron Paul said that we should stand back and let Italy liquidate its debts - maybe selling off Michelangelo's David in the free market of art masterpieces?

One slightly used Civilization and Nation State
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I'm not saying I know the solution to Europe's debt problem or even the specifics of Italy's crisis now rising along with the Greek debt. But it would be nice if people would at least try. While not a big fan of Jim Cramer on CNBC, I was pleased to see him so agitated and frustrated with the failure of the Republicans to engage in any serious way when the stock market had just tanked on the worries over Italian default.

I'm not saying Italy is "our" problem either, but it could certainly have its effect on us maybe leading to a second great recession. And I don't have any solution - but then I'm not running for President either. There are ideas out there. All it takes is a simple "google" or general read of the current articles on the web. The candidates don't even have to read them themselves. They could have aides read them and prepare lists of two or three things to remember in debates. (Oops.)

The idea that we can fall back on platitudes (Cain, Perry) or demonize those with whom we disagree (Gingrich, Bachmann, Romney) or just spout theoretical nonsense (Paul) may play well to the fan base, but gives us no solutions and no help.

It makes me hope there are people somewhere staying up late at least trying to address our problems. Some of them, I think, work late at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In fact, a bunch of those people were just in Europe encouraging solutions.

The latest polling now has the President just slightly ahead of  even the "generic Republican." He does better the more you mention their names. The reasons seem obvious.

"Not all regulation's bad and the government's not a bunch of stupid idiots" -Jim Cramer. Maybe I can start liking that guy a little.

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