Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Republican Debate November 9, 2011 LIVE (until I have to leave)

I do have to go bowling with the Scouts a little later. I will attempt to get this started, and it will be a great relief from the painful boredom to go bowl a line or two.

Is it really true that the newt is on the rise now that the Cain bubble is deflating? Ya gotta be kidding me!

Well, Mitt, Herman and Dr. Paul are still getting the cheers. I'm not sure I can stand listening to Jim Cramer and that Santelli guy.

Cain starts out on platitudes and cabooses in response to European debt. Mitt says Europe is Europe's problem. No TARP in US for Italian debt! (Reminds me of staying out of Wiemar Reparations). I kind of like Cramer yelling at these guys. Then Paul says we liquidate Europe? (I think he means their debt). Huntsman says Europe is our future (using big words) Huntsman wants smaller banks (so join a credit union!) Mitt still wants to have seen auto industry bankruptcy and people in Detroit actually applaud. Mitt gets a flip-flopper question and he says he's steady and constant but nearly forgets his anniversary and that he's been in the same church for all his life (that's an odd basis for consistency. What's he getting at here?) and he won't "apologize" for America. Perry says America will be America again. Consumers not DC pick winners and losers whether it's Wall Street or Italy. The newt on tax reform question responds by firing Bernancke. And he's waxing nostalgic on "Contract with America" as he declares class warfare on Saul Alinsky. Bachman whining on taxes. She says we're stuck in 1986 (well, somebody is). Santorum wants to compete on taxes.

"Mr. Cain we want leadership and character "- eh? And she gets booed. Cain says the American people deserve better than unfounded accusations (to thunderous applause). He says for every person with a false accusation there are thousands who say that's not Herman Cain (He's going Bob Dole third person again). Picking on Romney about whether he'd hire Cain - big boos for the question. Romney punts and heckler jumps in with something to applause.

Huntsman on income inequality. He wants to be president of the 99% and the 1%. We are problem solvers. This country will not bail out corporations. We have blown trillions with nothing but debt to show. We have banks too big to fail and we have to address that - setting ourselves up for failure. Huntsman says auto bailout was not a good use of taxpayer money - (so he's agreeing with buddy Mitt?) Cramer asks whether corporations exist to create jobs or profits? Romney says both. VERY excited about profit issues. Perry goes to flat tax. Big flag that says "Open for business." The newt waxes philosophical and historical [well, in a fantasy sort of way] and preaches entrepreneurism. The woman reporter goes after him on his attack on the media. And he gets insulting. Santorum can drill oil without gov help.

Woman reporter goes on Cain on 9-9-9. He solves all the problems by throwing out the tax code. Simple, transparent, fair - everybody treated the same, (then he forgets 4 and 5 on his promised list). "Tax codes do not raise taxes, politicians do." Romney on the flat tax. He wants it flatter and blames everything on the President. He's for the middle class. Bachman blames "Obaaahmah." Ron Paul wants fed agencies to go into the private sector (like the National Park Service). Cut, cut, cut. Get rid of price fixing. Market not the fed to determine interest rates - helps seniors on their CDs. The market should determine it.

Mitt agrees with the newt and blames housing crisis on Frank and Dodd. Government blows up markets. Perry says regulations (i.e. government) is killing America. The newt does no lobbying.

[sorry, but I really have to go bowling. I'll try to summarize what I can gather up later. Thanks!]

Well, bowling was fun even if I didn't score any higher than Italy's credit rating.

From the news summaries on the debate, I guess Perry wins the prize for blowing it worse than he has yet by forgetting the agencies he was going to do away with. "Oh yeah, and Energy!" Heaven forbid he gets in and forgets the list again and accidently abolishes the Department of Defense or something.

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