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Stay Tuned: LIVE Republican Blogging Tonight! 11-12-11 Spanish Inquisition Edition

The last one proved so entertaining and popular, even if I did miss the best part live (you get three guesses- well at least two). We're looking forward to 8 p.m. Eastern tonight for the next Republican Presidential Debate. I finally found a schedule of all the debates. Of course they could let me down by ending up boring again. Yet with the newt now climbing in the polls and attention focused on him, besides all the fall-out from last Wednesday, it really can't help but be entertaining.

So, I'll try to be here live-blogging. Tune in elsewhere to watch or on the internet link above. And keep clicking here for live commentary updates later tonight. (I'll try to get my work done in time - both the laundry and case preparation).
Here we go . . .

This is on broadcast CBS, but then it is Saturday and football is still on so I'm not sure they'll get much more of a crowd.

Paul starts off the crowd applause. Cain gets first question on Iran nukes -  and wants to assist opposition movement - and energy independence platitudes. "Nuclar" No military, but deploy warships. Romney blames it on Obama. Romney fights the rules and wins. Obama should have threatened military against Iran. Guarantees if he is elected Iran will not have a weapon but yes, if Obama re-elected. Romney is a neo-con. The newt cheer-leads and promotes covert operations (and he "knows" we aren't already?). Pope John Paul II warred against USSR? Paul says no war propaganda like Iraq - go to Congress.

Perry on Afghanistan and goes back to previous question. Perry says US can sanction Iran's economy central bank right now and on to Afghanistan to finish mission without time-table. Hasn't forgotten anything yet. Santorum on Taliban-  needs to not be a security threat. Work with Israel to take out nuclear capability. Bachmann on Afghanistan- Obama dithered, we were 10K short on troops. It's all Obama's fault. She wants to stay in Afghanistan.

(this is a silly format that they keep getting cut off on such brief chances to remark. We don't need the newt's Lincoln/Douglas, but this is not helpful)

Huntsman says it's time to come home from Afghanistan. Just a little applause. Education and Economics are important for our nation-building. Romney- we don't negotiate with terrorists. Secure victories. Commanders on the field - (W Bush and neo-cons) and Obama is all politics. Gingrich doesn't  negotiate with Taliban and doesn't think we will have peace - problem is Pakistan. Needs to be a more global, complex solution. Cain on the wall - doesn't know if Pakistan is our friend or foe. And he boot-straps on the newt. (He's trying to be serious but his basic grammar and syntax are appalling). Perry boot-straps on the newt. Bachmann it's all about Israel. The newt wants to have every country justify their foreign aid. The theme seems to be cut off all aid - and the Arab Spring is actually an anti-Christian Spring promoting Islam. Santorum seems to be the only to admit that Pakistan must be our friend.

Newt doesn't take the bait on Romney criticism from last night. "Every single one of us is better than Barack Obama." Just invited newt outside the box - and he's back on Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope taking down the USSR. Cain asked when he would overrule the generals - because he would surround himself with the right people. He will have a "multiple group of people." (the guy is less articulate than W). Santorum concedes (or hopes) the US is acting covertly in Iran.

Perry very deftly self-deprecates on congratulating the questioner on remembering the abolishment of the Dept. of Energy. Cain gets Vet question on torture. Follow procedures established with military. Trusts the judgment of our military leaders as to what is or what is not torture. Is water boarding? Cain wants to water board. Bachmann wants to water board. Wants CIA prisons. Paul allowed to jump in and state that water boarding is torture. (yay, Paul). Bachmann wants to torture (and interrupt). Huntsman has Navy Vet sons. Huntsman also opposed to torture. Water boarding is torture. (yay, Huntsman) Romney on President ordering American citizen's death - "Absolutely" (so, he agrees with the President on something?) Romney wants an American Century. And on to his "apology" crap. America will be strong (because the neo-cons are coming back).

Gingrich says enemy combatants have no human rights - an act of war (I guess that logic would have applied to the Southern Confederacy). Perry jingoistic (or xenophobic?) about China. He's all about virtue. Romney on cold war with China - they have to play by the rules. Obama is letting China run over us. He wants currency war with China and fight their cyber war. Romney says were actually at trade war with China. Huntsman against trade war with China. Reach out to the younger generation in China.

(CBS cut it off so I had to find that web-link above).

Bachmann says we can make some savings in defense. We need to change models on Medicare and Medicare. "No one wants to be in Obamacare" (what a  liar) and as "Commander in Chief" she will repeal Obamacare (military dictatorship w/no Congress?)

Cain says "this President" has blown the whole Arab Spring - he's been on the wrong side on every situation in the Arab world. (yeah, right). The newt blaming the President for Syria and dumping Mubarak. And they've been coddling Assad in Syria. Paul says none of it's our problem. Romney on Syria - stand up and help opposition.

Senator Lindsey Graham asking questions and it goes to Cain - keep Gitmo open and keep using enhanced interrogation because "they're terrorists." Santorum's for enhanced interrogation. Paul's not for any of this. Perry jumps on Paul (and calls him "Senator") in favor of enhanced interrogation. "This is war!" Bachmann on Paul too - acknowledges the President made decision to kill Bin Laden - she thinks that's a good idea. And Malawki. Paul - voted for authority to go after Bin Laden upset that it took 10 years. That's a lot different than going after US citizens.

Senator Jim DeMint. Debt is our largest national security problem. Just adjusting budgets won't do it. What will you abolish. Romney caps 25% to 20%. Get rid of Obamacare. Get rid of PBS and NEA. Medicaid should go to the states. We'll save 100 billion a year. And reduce fed employees by 10% and link pay to private sector. Huntsman on debt too. He's for the Ryan plan (sheesh!) The newt is worried about supercommittee. Make unemployed benefits linked to training. Fundamentally reform the government. Bachmann would cut debt. Wants to dismantle Great Society. China doesn't have food stamps. They don't have the modern welfare state and they're growing. Cain defers decisions on Pakistan to his generals (and Pakistan) It is unclear where we stand with them. We have to get the info to figure it out (or at least he does). What is it that's unclear? Cain - surge then pull back is not a good strategy - mission needs to be clear. Romney- deal with Pakistan different with other countries - close to being a failed state (dang neo-con!) work with friends into the country. At least he won't send in troops - continue drones. Understand the various power bases. Santorum - on moving nukes. Gingrich wants to repeal Church Committee reforms. Overhaul rules of engagement and intelligence.

Huntsman on Eurocrisis. But he goes back to Pakistan. Wants to send in the Seals for loose nukes. On Europe - we need the export market. If it goes down we will lose jobs. It will spread through the banking system. Banks too big to fail are a big problem. Perry says the French and Germans can take care of this. And the time is up.

So let's summarize briefly:
Romney - make no doubt about it - he is a neo-con. He has apparently sold out to the Rove/Bush/Cheney crowd to be their candidate.
Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, Romney are all for "enhanced interrogation" i.e., torture.
Huntsman, Paul are opposed to torture.
Gingrich (the newt) wants to have unfettered torture and covert actions for some sort of holy war along with the Pope (yeah. He really said that.)

Because NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

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  1. (Anon/M) I agree with you that this last debate was hilarious, in a black comedy way, and that the newt sounded eerily like Cardinal Ximenez. What is not funny is that, with a little bad luck, one of those hypocritical clowns (and I include Romney) could, in one year and with neo-cons packing both houses, have the power to bring back the draft and send your kids and my grandkids into harm's way. When I read the emails we receive from NZ from one of my grandsons, I marvel at the purity, the trust, the complete naivete in them. I wish I could vaccinate this kid with a little of my cynicism. I can't imagine his surviving in a real battlefield situation.I hope I'm wrong.


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