Friday, November 18, 2011

Mike Lee Learns He Doesn't Rule the Senate

Yes, our Junior Senator (that's not supposed to be a pejorative, but . . . ), Mayor of the Munchkin City (OK, I'll admit that one), had to learn the hard way that one U.S. Senator just can't make up his own rules and run Senate Office Buildings. This week, he had what he called a "hearing" in the Capitol to have a tea party group announce how they would solve all our economic woes (I think it had something to do with dismantling the government of, by and for the people - especially all the parts that actually help people - except the corporate ones, of course).

Mike Lee is a U.S. Senator from the State of Utah. Apparently, he didn't learn from his Utah experience that you always have to call the building scheduler to reserve the cultural hall before you plan to have a wedding reception or something. That's always the best way to go unless you're trying to schedule Pack Meeting and the Stake is planning on basketball.

That angry tea party lady had her voice heard. And I don't have to like it. This isn't a First Amendment lesson. It's simple common sense and courtesy in a Constitutional Union that follows a system of process for all to participate. Yeah, our processes do need a little work, especially when Senators don't help promote the rules but start making stuff up on their own with a bunch of other angry, loud, and rude people. The tea party had their "hearing" elsewhere and nobody was arrested - well, except for some of the the occupy movement who had taken to the streets and bridges that day.

The Senate staffers responsible for scheduling actual business of the Senate seemed very polite by comparison. Makes me proud to be a fellow civil servant even if in the executive rather than the legislative branch.

There's enough of a circus atmosphere already in actual Congressional hearings where I'm sure Senator Lee will one day shine. Annoying and as difficult as it may be, it's always better to work within the system. That requires less grand-standing and more hard work to find common ground.

Please grow up a little Mr. Junior Senator. It's embarrassing.

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  1. I can't believe how he used the scheduling problem to pump up the crowd to greater anger at "the system," of which, he, of course, is not a part. I think he showed his true colors in that little clip.


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