Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday

You would think you could buy a new door knob and replace it in the same hole as the old one. But, noooooo! Door knobs are not fungible. And on the metal door leading to the garage, I had to file away at the hole finally getting the new door knob to fit. Now, no one can sneak in and kill us when we leave the garage door open. So far it's just been the Centerville police leaving friendly little notes reminding us that we should close the garage door at night.

Recovering from my ill mood with home repairs (apologies to my family), I share with you the photo I snapped of the rather whimsical character I saw downtown today as the bus stopped in front of the old Social Hall.

This is not the same guy who waits for a bus down the next block and dresses like Dumbledore trying to look like a Muggle. I'm not sure what this guy looks like. When we drove up, he was tooting on two brass horns at once and played a few blasts at the bus driver's request. They seemed to be acquaintances. It is nice to see a little diversity of the eccentric sort in Salt Lake City.

And on another totally unrelated note - except for the whimsy. Anonymous/D shared with me a hilarious news article. It maybe borders on sacrilege and we shouldn't make fun of well intentioned - if artistically impaired - little old ladies, but I about busted a gut laughing. Check it out at this link.

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