Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liars, Dang Liars, and Sarah Palin

BOTH campaigns are lyin', lyin', lyin'. The whole country is disappointed to one degree or another with President Obama. But why should we Mormons have to be so disappointed in Mitt Romney?

I read another interesting article at The Atlantic online on the theme that people have grown tired of fact-checking journalism. People just seem to root for their side no matter how many fouls are committed by their team much like sports fans stay true to their school or their chosen professional sports teams. It seems like those choices of sports allegiance even with somewhat arbitrary origins as to where you happen to live or end up going to school are pretty ingrained into a person's being - just like political preferences.

With regard to fact-checking, I still read Snopes for general clarification on urban legends -and for political checking, I look to Politifacts. I cringe, but accept and move on when my team pulls a few lame ones. But it seems to track them from both parties along with all major issues and interests across the political spectrum. Maybe one side or another gets better treatment. But I don't know how you ever establish that objectively. It's more likely to be just one more predisposed sensitivity as to whether the refs are fair to your team. Of course they never are. Although sometimes it depends on whether you're winning or losing.

Speaking of lies, we have this priceless gem. Sarah Palin is so disappointed in Joe "can-I-call-you-Joe" Biden that she wishes the Dems would replace him with Hillary - even if that might help Obama win. She just loves Hillary so much! Liar. That one's easy.

I just wish her team would let Sarah speak at their convention. Life and the sorting of lies were so much easier back in the old days of 2008. Go, Sarah!

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