Wednesday, August 1, 2012

These Aren't the Culture Wars You're Looking For

Good grief, Governor Romney! Doubling down on the superiority of certain cultures over others? Even if there is some merit to your argument, is this really the fight you want to get into? You are not exactly inspiring confidence in your diplomatic skills. It does look a little better on honesty about what you truly believe as well as consistency except you did initially try to back off your ideas about the inferiority of the Palestinian culture.

I read Governor Romney's op-ed at the National Review. I also read James Fallows and Robert Wright at The Atlantic on-line. And then there was even this from a BYU Professor cited in the D-News, of all places! You can read them and decide for yourself.

And I thought the culture wars were about gays, abortion, and birth control. Maybe Governor Romney is secretly a Jedi Master. (I have my doubts.)

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