Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Live-Blogging Republicans (Wed.)

This isn't even as much fun as the debates. I don't know how long I can tough it out.

I will make the commitment that in watching the Democratic Convention next week (there is no "Democrat" convention by the way), I will try really hard to call out their errors. I admit my preferences, but I will take off my blinders. And for heaven's sake, I hope they don't pound the dog on the car theme like the Republicans are pounding how they "built it." (At least the dog story is true unlike the manipulation of the President's words even if inartfully expressed.)

Well, I'd better get to blogging. John McCain is up. He just called Governor Romney his friend.

Let's see if he can keep it classy. He does want the US to lead the world, apparently militarily. And he just dissed the Russian and Chinese vetoes in the UN Security Council. No cuts to military. No retreat from Afghanistan. He thinks we should support Iranian and Syrian revolutions and apparently overthrow a bunch of other Muslim governments. He certainly scared Chris Matthews.

And CNN is on the convention now. They tend to switch more to the weather events at the mouth of the Mississippi. And now some CNN guy on the floor is asking annoying questions to Cindy McCain. She says they're good friends with the Romneys. And Candy Crowley's got McCain admitting to a passing of the baton. McCain gives a positive call-out on Mia Love. But then he does have a thing for young, attractive tea-partier women. And he's all for Netanyahu, too.

There was a feisty exchange a bit ago on MSNBC with the liberal commentators going after Steve Schmidt when he defended W. Bush on Iraq saying that the serious intelligence (spy) failures on WMD was not the same as lying about WMD. We'll try not to open those old wounds any further for the present.

I had to stop to eat. And I'm still working on my "cleaning the basement" project. I'll try not to miss Paul Ryan.

Speaking of WMDs, I guess Condoleeza Rice is up next. Sigh. I used to like her too until she worked on selling Iraq. She was academically trained as a Soviet expert after all.

But before Condoleeza, Mike Huckabee gave a rousing speech on the cultural wars. I was shampooing the carpet downstairs, but I understood enough that the President is causing the moral decline of America so we need government out of the economy and schools but enforcing the culture war conservative positions.

Now, Sec. of State Rice. Went straight to 9/11 and patriotism. I wonder if she will mention WMDs or mushroom clouds. She wants America to lead too (apparently, in an interventionist-militarily sense). China scare. Develop domestic energy (applause) - including alternate sources (no applause). When the world looks at us they see us in financial turmoil (but not as bad as Europe). [I actually think the world looks to us and thinks "What the heck is up with these Republicans? And why do they make us out to be the bad guys?"] [We also note for the record that she was President George W. Bush's principal foreign policy adviser, ignoring Cheney for a moment, but where is the former President? I think there was a video clip of him. But the Dems are even bringing out Bill for a big speech - and he's certainly had his political, and significant other, problems.] She's all for good teachers, not lax standards and false praise. And parental choice. And she just gave Republicans (former Southern Democrats) absolution for Birmingham.

Governor Martinez of New Mexico is introducing Paul Ryan. I don't know her. She came up from the tea party after I was out of NM. All projections appear to be that NM will go strong for Obama. Governor Richardson was somewhat of a disappointment. I wonder what's happening with my old 'friend' Heather Wilson for Senate. Gov. Martinez had a good line, if you like that sort of thing, about the deficit and the President, "He did build that!" And she was at least accurate that it was only the last 5 trillion, the former President did a bunch of the rest. "El sueño americano es el éxito!" Yeah, I understand.

Paul Ryan - the star power is up. It is interesting, and we'll know in a few minutes, that he may steal the thunder from Gov. Romney like Sarah did to McCain. Except did his first sentence on the convention and Vice President make grammatical sense? Well, that never stopped Sarah. He's cute like Sarah. And he does speak well and in a solid politically, persuasive way (if you like what he's selling). He's pretty good on delivery with the Prez throwing away money on attack adds. He seems much more convincing about his good family than Sarah ever did. He seems to walk the walk on family values. And now he's on to his dad (who died young) and his home town. And he seems genuinely sympathetic to the plight of those in economic distress [the problem is in the remedy.] And he hits an effective sore point, even if exaggerated, that the Prez abandoned job creation for Obamacare - and they're eatin' up the red meat. Repeal! Now, he's going on the falsehood of the Prez stealing from medicare. [But that's a big lie - besides ignoring Ryan's proposed cuts, the Obamacare cuts are not from benefits, it's from administrative costs. And it's also dishonestly failing to note how it is reforming those very abuses which Republicans are always harping on.] And they might just win this debate on the lies that people like to hear.

And now he's on a powerful theme [even if some disagree] that we are all so disappointed in the President. And he is crass enough to go on the credit rating downgrade caused by the Republican House as much, if not more, than anyone else. Ryan's effective on the Prez's claim of failure to communicate. [And I think Gov. Romney's going to have a hard time doing better tomorrow.] And on the Prez's blame of the last administration [be careful, I think he may be going Trumanesque on the House.] Claims the Prez does nothing. [Be careful, Republican House leader.] "We need to stop spending money we don't have." Good line, and I don't disagree, but there is also a little thing like revenue enhancement (yes, taxes, at least on those who can best afford it.) And Ryan wants to cut them on those who can best afford everything.

He loves his mom. I think it's because she was a small businesswoman. I think he's heading for the "they built it on their own" theme. I guess not even the Good Lord had a part.

He is very effective and much more "substantive" than the facile themes of Sarah four years ago - even if he is mostly wrong. "You have not failed, your leaders have failed you." That's a good line. But once again, I think the House is part of our failed leadership [in fact, the biggest part.] "Central planners" a sophisticated charge of communism.

He takes a dig at Romney's iPod playlist. His begins with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin [As my 15-year-old just pointed out, why would Led Zeppelin be at the end of the alphabet?]

But he moves to playing up the front of the ticket. Doing good at it too. He even does a good one on faiths coming together on the same moral creed. All made in the image of the Lord of Life [and gets in a twist for culture war with his characterization of the Good Lord]. And on to more culture wars. And call out to Vets. The right to choose our own leaders is very important [unless you don't have a photo ID.] And now he's getting a little strident. But he's sure effective with that crowd. Whew! Too much excitement for me! But I feel so much better than I did after Sarah's cattiness four years ago. [Even if he was mostly wrong.]

Best speech so far on style and power, even as Wolf Blitzer notes that the fact-checkers will be looking at this. (As if that were relevant.)

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