Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Days are Here Again!

Politics can be fun - 'bout time.

OK. I know I said I'd be reading in my new library, but we are heading into the Republican Convention and there was a hurricane this morning. Not the one out in the gulf - and my prayers are going for the people of the Gulf Coast. I'm talking about Chris Matthews on "Morning Joe." Oh my heck!

I love Chris Matthews. I know he can be very rude and annoying - as in this clip. And he can say some really stupid things sometimes - but not this time. He does not exactly measure up to my ideals of passionate moderation (passion, yes - moderation, fail). But he is a journalist. He holds the people in power accountable. And he does not pretend to be a dispassionate neutral.

Condemn me if you must. I can't help it. I love Chris Matthews.

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