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Short Bios of Those Associated with the Ellsworth Handcart Company, 1856

Ellsworth Company, 1856. Brief Bios of those in the official Company list or are mentioned in the Journals of the Company

All information is gathered from the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Database ( or unless otherwise noted.

William Knox Aitkin (1819-1864) Travelled with the McArthur Co. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, returned and died there.

David Argyle (1818-1905) born in Leicester, UK. Came with wife Rebecca Jane Finch Argyle (1824-1890), and children, Joseph Jr. (1842-1927), Benjamin James (1843-1917), Mary Ann (1847-1922), Frances (1850-1939), Alonzo Lorenzo (1853-1940), and Priscilla (1854-1932). Rebecca was pregnant during the journey and gave birth to son Hyrum born 10 November (1856-1929). The Argyle’s settled in South Davis County. David and Rebecca both died in West Bountiful.

Thomas Columbus Armstrong (1817-1900). Traveled with his mother, Eliza Salt Armstrong (1792-1860), and his son Thomas Columbus, Jr. (1843-1892). Had one of the wagons that accompanied first Ellsworth, and then McArthur, from Florence, NE to Salt Lake City. They were from Stepney, London, England. Settled in the 2nd Ward, Salt Lake City.

John Ash (1820-1915). Born in Cheshire, England. Traveled with wife, Sophia Edwards Ash (1829-1863), from Birmingham, England, and their daughter, Ellen Matilda (1854-1954). They settled in Cache Co., Utah where John took two additional wives.

Henry William Attley (1832-1911) traveled with his wife, Christina Stuart Attley (1826-1913). Henry from England and Christina from Scotland were married in St. Louis, 1856. They drove one of the wagons that accompanied the handcarts starting out with Ellsworth and ending up with the McArthur Co. Childless, they adopted a little girl and lived out their lives in Salt Lake City.

 James Bailey (1803-1871). Was from Birmingham, England and traveled with his wife Mary Ann Woodcock Bailey (1804-1886), and children Andrew John (1835-1872), Thomas (1837-1907), Alfred (1839-1908), Mary Ann (1841-1898), and Louisa (1844-1916). “Went back” must refer to going back to Ft. Bridger as they arrived in Salt Lake Valley with Co. The family settled in Ephraim, Sanpete Co., UT.

Mary Ann Symonds Baker (1811-1873), widow from Goodrich, Herefordshire, England, on the lower Wye River near the Welsh border. Travelled with her children John (1836-1896), Emma (1839-1888), George (1841-1861), Harriet (1844-1882), and Wilford (1851-1883). They settled in Pleasant Grove, Utah County.

Hannah (Annie) Matilda Baldwin (1838-1906) companion to Ann Ham. From Birmingham, England. Married James Amasa Little (1822–1908), a nephew of Brigham Young, as a plural wife. Settled in St. George, Eagle Co., NV, and Colonia Juarez where she died.

John Banks (1806-1862). First arrived in Salt Lake Valley in 1850 with John Morse Co. Returning missionary led wagon company that left Florence, NE, 9 July 1856, arriving in the Valley between 22 Sept. and 5 Oct. 1856.

Mary Ann Bates (1834-1918). Born in Upton upon Severn, Worcestershire, England. Married Edmund Ellsworth as a plural wife. Settled first in Weber Co., Utah, then, Show Low, Arizona.

Michael Beus (1811-1888). Born in Pramollo, Traveled with his wife, Marianne Combe Beus (1813-1910) born in San Germano, Torino, Italy, and their children Anne (1838-1905), James (1840-1911), Michael (1845-1879), Paul (1845-1879), Louis Phillipe (1849-1927), Mary [or Marie] (1851-1936), and Magdalena (1853-1944). The family settled in Ogden, Utah. [This compiler has an aunt by marriage who is a Beus].

William Birch (1788-1856). Laborer from England. Travelled with Wife Elizabeth Coleman Birch (1839-1918), and William’s son, James (1828-1856) and James’s family. James Birch died on the Big Sandy, 13 September 1856. William’s family settled in Sugarhouse area. William died on 29 November 1856 of weakness and illness from the trail.

Samuel Bond (1795-1856) Traveled with his wife Elizabeth [  ] Bond (1801-1876), and their sons Samuel (1831-1905), and William (1833-  ). Samuel, Sr. died on 27 September 1856 after arrival in the Valley.

Elizabeth “Betsy” Bourne (1824-1878). Born in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Travelled with father, Thomas Bradford Bourne (1796-1869), step-mother, Margaret Evans Bourne (807-1888), and half-siblings, Mary Ann (1822-1887), Margaret (1836-1904), James 1839-1893), Priscilla (1841-1923), Louisa (1843-1922), and John William (1849-1933). Elizabeth is listed in the OTD as in “unknown companies” and by this journal entry should be listed with the rest of her father’s family.

David Bowen (1837-1910). Born in Blaenavon (Blaenafon), Monmouthshire, Wales, the ironworks there are now part of a World Heritage Site on the Blorenge Mountain. He was baptized in Abersychan, near Pontypool, Wales, down the valley from Blaenavon. He came to Utah as the oldest son ahead of his family. He initially lived with the Galloways in Salt Lake City. Married Annie Shackleton in 1861. Moved to Cache Valley, Utah. Their son, Albert Bowen (1875-1953), was a Member of the Quorum of Twelve in the LDS Church. (See also Welsh Mormon History database and additional information here.) (The Bowens would have known the Vaughan Family in Wales.)

James Bowers (1811-1856). Born in Wrexham, Wales. Died at Indian Creek [probably Fourmile Creek], near Des Moines, IA. Travelled with wife, Mary Lay Bowers (1806-1889) who settled in Nephi, UT and did not remarry. Also travelled with children Abraham (1839-1911), Isaac (1841-1912), Jacob (1844-1934), Isaiah (1846-1926), and Shadrach (1849-1902).

Sarah Jane Bradley (1841-1902). Came with her mother, Ann Miller Bradley Warner and is listed as "Sarah J. Warner" on the 1856 S. Curling ship manifest and on the PEF Ledger, with her mother and James Warner. Married William Creer (1836–1900) and settled in Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah.

Charles Henry Bridges (1835-1913). From Birmingham, England. Married Frances Elizabeth Pearson (1839-1925) who went to Utah in the 8th or George Rowley Handcart Co. in 1859. Charles and Frances settled in Montpelier, Idaho.

Alice Salkeld Brough (1788-1864) from Yorkshire, England. Traveled with son William Brough (1835- ). They may have gone to live with family already settled in Lehi, Utah Co. Alice is buried in Spring City, Sanpete Co., Utah.

[  ] Brown. The Walters journal (Enroute from England...") mentions a family from Birmingham named Brown.

Thomas Bullock (1816-1885). Originally from Leek, Staffordshire, England. Served as a clerk in the Church Historian’s Office. Participated in Handcart Rescue 1856.

John Bunney (1827-1913) from Cornwall, who settled first in Bountiful, UT, then Montpelier, ID.

William Butler (1825-1905) born in Ireland. Went for Canada then to Utah and joined the LDS Church settling first in Kaysville. Mission to Ireland and Britain. Married Emma Harvey in Cradley, Herefordshire, England (8 miles from Benbow Farm), 1856. Returned in Ellsworth Handcart Co. as Captain of second hundred with wife, Emma. Married four additional wives and spent time in Utah Territorial Prison. Established home in Marriott, Weber Co. and died there.

Cyrus Williams Card (1814-1900) from Steuben Co., NY. Had one of the wagons accompanying Ellsworth. Traveled with wife, Sarah Ann Tuttle Card (1819-1894) born in Palmyra, NY, his mother, Sarah Sabin Card (1793-1864), and Cyrus and Sarah’s children, Charles Ora (1839-1906), Polly Caroline (1841-1856), Matilda Frances (1852-1875), and Sarah Angeline (1855-1871). Settled first in Farmington, UT, then Cache Valley, UT. Took a second, plural wife in 1859 and maybe a third. Died and buried in Logan, UT.

H.W. Carlisle ( -1856). FS and OTD both have this otherwise unknown person with death “crossing the plains.”

John Chapman (1798- ). From Lincolnshire, England. Left company in Iowa. In a private letter, written to his sister Hannah Raymond, he stated that he and his wife, Amelia, owned a small farm a few miles out of Council Bluffs.

Pierre (Pietro) Louis Chatelain (1824-1900) born in St. Germain (San Germano), Torino, Italy.  Traveled with wife, Madelaine Malan Chetelain (1835-1881), and his sister, Harriette Chatelain (1798-1912). They settled in Ogden, Utah. [This compiler is descended from Malans and a distant cousin of Madelaine].

Ann Chester (1836-1918) a dressmaker from Yorkshire, England. She was ill from Rocky Mountain spotted fever on the trail from Green River to the Valley and was nursed back to health. Married Benjamin Ashby (1828-1927) and settled in Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah.

George Clarke (1801-1873), farm laborer from Hartwell, Northampton, England. Traveled with wife, Mary Ann Mitchell Clarke (1803-1875), and children Charlotte 1834-1888), William Mitchell (1842-1924), and Hannah (1850-1864). They settled in Spanish Fork, Utah Co., Utah.

James Commander (1820-1902). From Hull, Yorkshire, England. Traveled with Mary Ann Brough Commander (1830-1919). Settled in Spring City, Sanpete, Utah.

Spicer Wells Crandall (1822-1879). Born in Lancaster, New York. LDS Baptism, 1837. In Nauvoo, married Sara Susannah Gill (1818-1847) who died in Nebraska. Married Irinda Spafford (1829-1850) who died in Kanesville, Iowa. Went to Utah and settled in Springville, 1850. Married Sophia Kellogg (1828-1913). Mission to Britain in 1852. Returned to Utah with McArthur Co., 1857 Married Mary Branagan (1834–1919). Called as Counselor to Bishop Aaron Johnson in 1861. Married Susannah Wimmer (1834–1918). Died in Springville. (FS). Crandall may have been the connection that took the Lewises and Elinor Vaughan to Springville.

John Deveraux (1805-1895) born in Dymock, Gloucestershire, lived in Eastnor, Herefordshire, England. Lived in Goshen, died and buried in Pleasant Grove, Utah Co., UT.

Ann Temperance George Doney (1831-1910). Travelled with John Doney (1821-1899). And the child born, Mary Jane (1856-1937). The Doneys were from Cornwall, England and settled in Cottonwood then Payson, Utah, and then Franklin, Idaho in Cache Valley in 1860. John appears to have taken two additional wives.

Thomas Eldridge (1831-1889). Traveled with his wife Charlotte Kettle Eldridge (1832-1912), and their daughter Charlotte (1854-1935). From Lincolnshire, England. They appear to have settled in Ridgway. Colorado.

Edmund Ellsworth (1819-1893) born in Paris, NY. Married Elizabeth Young (1825-1903), daughter of Brigham Young, in Nauvoo 1842. Pioneer of ’47 in first Company. Married Mary Ann Dudley (1834-1916) in Salt Lake City, 1852. Led first handcart company June-Sept. 1856. Married Mary Ann Bates and Mary Ann Jones from the handcart company, 4 October 1856. Moved to Weber Co., 1866. Moved to Show Low, Arizona, 1880. Convicted of unlawful cohabitation, spent time in Arizona Territorial prisons in Prescott, Yuma and Maricopa Counties. Released and returned to Show Low where he died.

James Ferguson (1828-1863), born in Belfast, Ireland, he was one of the returning missionaries having first arrived in Utah in 1848. After arrival in 1856 with the Grant Wagon Co., he turned around as a member of the handcart rescue. His first wife may have been Jean Robinson, also from Ireland. He married Lucy Nutting who sailed on the Brooklyn in San Francisco about 1847. The Fergusons settled in Salt Lake City. James practiced plural marriage with three additional wives. He was in the Mormon Battalion, served as Salt Lake County Sheriff and in the Territorial Legislature. His cause of death appears to have been the result of alcoholism.

Thomas Fowler (1838-1901). Fowler was from Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. He settled in Lehi, Utah, where he was Sherriff.

Joseph France (1813-1886). First arrived in Utah with family in 1849. Returning home from mission with Ellsworth, 1856. Settled in Centerville, Utah. Married three plural wives with one family settled in Morgan, Utah. Died in Centerville.

Absalom Frisby (1835-  ). Was a tinplate maker from Birmingham, England. He appears to have settled in Kansas and fought for the Union Army in the Civil War.

Edward Frost (1824-1870). From Devon, England. Captain of the Guard in Ellsworth Co. Travelled with wife, Eliza Louisa Franklin Frost (1829-1904), mother-in-law, Elizabeth Franklin (1796-1865), and children Isabella (1848-1860), and John (1851-1937). Settled in Grantsville, Utah, and died there.

Andrew Galloway (1827-1904). Born in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland. LDS Baptism 1846. Served mission on the southern Welsh border and likely knew the Vaughan Family. Was present with Edmund Ellsworth in Abersychan, Monmouthshire, when he had dream about handcarts. Official Secretary to Captain Ellsworth, he kept accurate record of the trail. Settled in Tooele, Utah, then St. Charles, Idaho, where he is buried. Married Jane Croft (1831-1901) in 1851 who traveled with him in the Ellsworth Co. along with their daughter, Anna Eliza (1852-1917). Married Jane Sinclair (1839-1905) in Salt Lake City, 1857, who came in the Young Wagon Co., 1857. Married Rachel Dorman (1848-1879) in Salt Lake City, 1870.

Maria [Marial] Goode (1831-1880). Listed as servant. Sister of Sarah Goode Marshall (below). Born in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England. Married Johnathan Pidcock Smith (1816-1890) in Fillmore, Utah on 22 October 1856. No children recorded on FamilySearch.

Hannah Chapman Goodworth (1813-1898). Widow from Yorkshire, England. Traveled with children Richard Brooks (1846-1896), Joseph (1847-1870), and Frederick (1831-1880). Hannah first remarried Adolphus Babcock (1800-1872) of Spanish Fork, Utah Co., Utah. Divorced, then  remarried Charles Jeremiah Raymond (1811-1883) and settled in Soda Springs, Idaho.

Susannah Goudin (1833-1920). Born in Prarostino, Torino, Italy. Married Paul Jean Cardon (1839-1915). Settled in Ogden, Utah. May have traveled with Catterina Goudin, an otherwise unidentified, likely relative.

Walter Granger (1821-1905). Travelled in McArthur Co. with wife, Catherine Guthrie Granger (1819-1894), and children Alexander Fullerton (1847-1938), Robert (1842-1882), Catherine (1848-1922), Walter (1851-1865), and John Walker (1852-1859). The family settled in Utah’s Dixie where Walter was a bishop. He also spent time in the territorial penitentiary for polygamy.

William Hale Green (1825-1887). Born in Wiltshire, England, a miner. Married Matilda Watkins (1841-1918) who came in the McArthur Co. in 1868. Settled in Tooele Co., Utah, where William mined and then became a bootmaker.

Jonathan Grimshaw (1818-1888). Grimshaw had worked in the Church Historian’s Office and by 1856, had become disillusioned with life in Utah and left with his family for England settling in the St. Louis, MO area. According to Historian Ardis E. Parshall, Grimshaw originally travelled with Margetts and Cowdy who went ahead in their faster-paced carriages.  (see above on day 83).  (email from AE Parshall, and )

Ann Ham (1825-1888) born Denkeswell, Devon, England. Taken in to the home of Bishop William Haney Hickenlooper (1804–1888), who was bishop of the Salt Lake City 6th Ward and whom she married as his 3rd wife on 16 November 1856. Settled in Pleasant View, North Ogden, Utah, where she died.

Frances Hiley Booth Hanson (1833-1914) born in Warkwickshire, England, travelled with husband, George Davis Hanson (1831-1905), and their daughter, Clara Jane Hanson (1855-1922). The Hansons settled in Mill Creek, Salt Lake County.

William Harmon (1804- ). Listed as a miner from Wales. No other information readily available.

William Heaton (1827-1877).  Travelled in McArthur Co. with wife, Esther Beilby Heaton (1830-1875), and sons Christopher Beilby (1852-1895), and William McDonald (1855-1856). Family settled in Payson, Utah. William went to Muddy Mission and St. Joseph, Utah Terr. Died in Orderville, Utah.

John Henwood (1837-1916). From Liskeard, Cornwall, England. Traveled with wife Elizabeth Stockdale Henwood (1813-1893) and their children Richard (1837-1916), and Elizabeth Tregenna (1840-1876). Settled in Davis Co., Utah.

Eleanor Hill (1816- ). This may be the Eleanor Hill from Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. No further information appears to be available.

Arza Erastus Hinckley (1826-1901). Brother of Grandfather of Gordon B. Hinckley. “[handcarts] met by a relief wagon train of which Arza was a part. This occurred Aug. 31st at a place known as Deer Creek. Arza’s account briefly and modestly stated, ‘I went out and met the first handcart company 400 miles and traveled in with them.’”

Abraham Hunt [or Hurst] (1825-1884). From Reed, Hertfordshire, England. Traveled with wife Elizabeth Barton Hunt (1826-1861). Stayed in Illinois/Iowa area. Died in Montezuma, Poweshiek, Iowa.

Dimick Baker Huntington (1808-1879). From Watertown, NY. In Mormon Battalion with Sick Detachment to Pueblo and Utah in 1847. Appointed Supt. of India Affairs in UT Terr. By BY in 1853. Missionary among the Indians. (FS).

Thomas Ivins (1786- ). Listed as a gardener. No further information appears on FS or OTD.

Eliza Jeffries (1835-1887). Listed as a silk weaver from Coventry, Warwickshire, England. Married Thomas Ball (1832–1912) of Providence, Cache Co, Utah. Died in Salt Lake City.

Esther Jones (1827-1905) also spelled “Hester.” Listed as servant. Married Edward Ockey (1816-1871). They settle in Nephi, Juab Co., Utah, where Esther is buried.

James Jones (1820- ). Listed as spoon/fork maker from Birmingham, England. Traveled with wife, Sabina Jones (1820- ) on the Enoch Train. No further information available on OTD or FS.

Mary Ann “Polly” Jones (1836-1925). Single woman (19) from Shropshire, England. Married Edmund Ellsworth as a plural wife, 10 November 1856 in the Endowment House. Twelve children. Died in Arizona.

William Daniel Jones (1813-1858). Travelled to America with his wife, Elizabeth Ann Williams Jones (1820-1906), and their children, Rachel (1840-1931), Anne Elizabeth (1842-1905), Daniel (1843-1916), Miriam (1848- ), and Richard J. (1852-  ) William [Dan] and Elizabeth [Ann] were married in Trevithan, Monmouthshire, near Pontypool and Abersychan. Jones was a butcher. They likely knew the Vaughans in Wales. They settled in Omaha where they lived out their lives.

John Marson Kettle (1803-1856). Born in Lincolnshire, England. Died in American Fork, UT. Travelled with children Elizabeth Kettle Rasdell (1834-1896), Mary Ann (1838-1920), Robert (1841-1928), Eliza (1843-1930), James Ward (1846-1920), Samuel (1850-1928), and Hannah (1854-1943).

Pietro Lagaird (1806-1856). Also spelled Lageard, Lazear, Lazald, Legear and La Geaird. Said to have died on the trail. Traveled with children Catterina (Catherine) (1838-1875) and Giovanni (John) (1841-1937). His family claims on FS that he was the one that died on 23 Sept 1856 in Echo Canyon. Perhaps there were two deaths in Echo Canyon.

John Henry Latey (1835-1915). Traveled with the Grant, Hodgett, and Hunt Wagon Companies, 1856. One of those assigned to stay with personal belongings of rescued emigrants at Devil’s Gate, winter of 1856-57. From Devon, England. Married one wife, Eleanor Jane Thompson (1842-1916). Settled in Salt Lake City, and Beaver, Utah.

John Lee (1822-1907). From Nottinghamshire, England. Served LDS Mission in England. Traveled on the Enoch Train. Married Sarah Roebuck (1821-1909) from Yorkshire in 1841. With Ellsworth along with Sarah and six children, William (1844-1856), Fanny (1845-1924), Elizabeth (1845-1891), Samuel (1851-1929), Chauncey Charles (1853-1941), and Sarah Ann (1855-1892). They settled in Heber City.

  William Lee (1844-1856). Born in Nottinghamshire, England. Died of consumption (a “wasting” disease, generally, pulmonary tuberculosis). (FS)

Truman Leonard (1820-1897). He travelled with wife Ortentia White Leonard (1825-1898) to Salt Lake in 1850.  Mission to Indian, 1852. Returned on the Enoch Train and travelled with McArthur Co. Married two plural wives in 1857, Mary Ann Meadows (1835-1899) and Margeret Bourne (1836-1904). Both of these women travelled with the Ellsworth Co. Settled in Farmington, Utah and died there. (OTD, FS)

John Lewis (1822-1867). Born in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Married Jane Vaughan (1827-1890) in Merthyr Tydfil, 1847. Traveled with Jane and their son, John Samuel Lewis (1848-1890+), and Jane’s mother Eleanor Jenkins Vaughan. John and Jane’s infant son, Parley Lorenzo Lewis, had died on the Samuel Curling. The Family first settled in Springville, Utah County, then by 1860, John was in the California gold fields and Jane remarried Abednego Johns [Jones] in Jacks Valley, now Nevada, whom they likely knew from the LDS Church in Wales. John served in the Union Army in California during the Civil War and died in a saloon fight. Jane died in Jacks Valley, Nevada.

George Liddiard (1821-  ). From Berkshire, England. No further information available. He appears to have been confused with George Neppress (see below) who died on 7 September 1856. Liddiard likely dropped out of the Company before departure or at Florence.

Benjamin Lloyd (1832-1856). From Carmarthen, Wales. Died in Salt Lake City on 9 December 1856.

John Lloyd (1817-1883), shoemaker from Trevithin, Monmouthshire, Wales. Possibly knew the Vaughan Family. Wife, Elizabeth Jones Lloyd (1818-1857) died in Newton, IA. Children Mary (1844-1924), John (1846-1916), William (1849-1910) Thomas (1850-1918), and Jane (1854-1875) settled in Newton, IA. Father John, and children William and Martha (1856-1934) travelled to Utah after 1870, likely on the train, and died there.

Thomas Lloyd (1830-1902). A farmer from Carmarthen, Wales. Married Cecelia Thomas of Dowlais, Wales in 1860. Settled in Spanish Fork, Utah County, Utah. They had twelve children.

Thomas Lorenzo Margetts (1819-1856). From Woodstock, Oxford, England. First emigrated in 1851 with the John Brown Co. Mission to Italy in 1853, returned to Utah in 1855 with the Moses Thurston Co. No explanation yet found as to why he was travelling east in 1856. Reported killed by Indians. (OTD, FS) Report of A Henry Bauichter to Captain James Willie and Millen Atwood on 8 September 1856 was that he was a discharged soldier of Ft. Laramie who came upon Margetts and a James Cowdy from Great Salt Lake City on their way to the States. He claimed that he had been buffalo hunting with Margetts and that on 6th September 1856, he found Margetts, Cowdy, and Cowdy’s wife dead, their wagons on fire, and Indians riding away. (Deseret News of 22 October 1856, in OTD under Bunker Co., 1856). Phillip Margetts, a brother of Thomas Margetts claimed to have heard a similar story from “a discharged soldier from Ft. Kearney travelling with [his brother’s party] to the States.” (The Mormon, 18 July 1857, in OTD under “Company Unknown, 1856.”) These sources link these killings to the death of Almon W. Babbitt, Mormon Representative to the U.S. Government, at approximately the same time period. No additional information has been found on a matching “Cowley” or “Cowdy” family in Utah before 1856.

Sarah Goode Marshall (1821-1904). Sister of Marial Goode (above) Widow from Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, England, near the borders of Herefordshire and Wales. Traveled with her children Lovinia (1844-1904), Selina (1846-1918), Tryphena (1848-1922), Dauean Louisa (1850-1926), George Thomas (1852-1931), and Sarah Ann (1854-1917). She married Joseph Chadwick in Slatersville, Weber Co., Utah, Settled in Cache Valley, Utah, then in Weston, Oneida Co., Idaho.

Mary Taylor Mayo (1791-1856). Born in Sollers Hope, Herefordshire, married William Mayo who died before 1851. Listed on the Enoch Train manifest as from Ledbury, Herefordshire. Died at South Pass, Nebraska Territory, 13 September 1856. Buried at Pacific Springs at the foot of Pacific Butte.

John Daniel Thompson McAllister (1827-1910) born in Lewes, Delaware. LDS Baptism 1844 in Philadelphia. Married Ellen Handley 1848. 1851 arrived in Salt Lake City in Cordon Co. and left for British Mission. Wrote “The Handcart Song.”  Returned to Utah in the Grant Wagon Co. Oct. 4, 1856 and left for the handcart rescue. Married seven additional wives, numerous “sealing only” wives. Mission to Eastern States and Europe 1860. Returned to Utah in the Harmon Co. 1862. President of St. George Stake and Temple 1877. President of the Manti Temple 1893. Died in St. George. (FS).

Daniel Duncan McArthur (1820-1908). Born in Holland, New York. Baptized LDS 1838 in Davies Co., MO. First came to Utah in 1848 with Brigham Young Co. Led Companies in 1856, 1863, and 1868. Served in the Endowment House 1856 with Eleanor Jenkins Vaughan received her endowment. Three plural wives. Died in St. George, 1908.

James McGaw (1824-1872). First arrived in Utah in 1852. As a returning missionary, he served as immigration officer and came with the Grant Wagon Co., 1856.

Mary Ann Meadows (1835-1899). From Strensham, Worcestershire, England. After Arrival in Salt Lake City, lived in the Brigham Young household until marriage to Truman Leonard in January 1857. Leonard also married Margaret Bourne of the Ellsworth Co. The Leonard families settled in Farmington, Davis Co., Utah.

Sarah Jane Miller (1841-1902). Appears to be an alternate name for Sarah Jane Bradley (above).

Ellen Morris (1840- ) traveling with her father, Bartholomew Morris (1814- ), and daughter Lilly (1856- ) in the McArthur Co. from England. Ellen and family may have remained in Omaha, NE. She may be the one who married a William Castleton in 1871.

Henry Moss (1837-1859l An upholsterer from England. Driver of the mule team with the Ellsworth Co. Settled in Springville, Utah and was a clerk for Bishop Aaron Johnson. (Phillips, Jonah at

Stephen Moyle (1840-1901). Traveled with father, John Rowe Moyle (1808-1889), mother, Phillipa Beer Moyle (1815-1891), sister Elizabeth (1837-18610, and brothers, Henry (1844-1925), Alfred (1846-1870), and John (1851-1934). The Moyles were from Cornwall, England. They settled in Alpine, Utah. John and Phillipa’s eldest son, James Moyle (1835-1890) had arrived in Utah in 1854. James was the grandfather of Apostle and member of First Presidency, Henry D. Moyle (1889-1963).

James Murray (1829- ). No further information found. May have dropped out of Ellsworth Co. in Iowa or Florence.

George Neppress (1833-1856). Bricklayer said to be from Cardiff, Wales. However, The Mormon Migration database has his address in Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil. If he was of a sickly nature, it was most likely from the toxic fumes of the Ivor Ironworks just up the street. Died September 7th on the approach to the Sweetwater and buried at the first campsite on the Sweetwater just before Independence Rock.

John Degroot Oakley (1819-1890). Born in Flatlands, NY. LDS Baptism 1840. Married Mary McCormal Patterson (1824–1882) in Nauvoo 1845. First arrived in Utah in the Hunter-Horne Co. of 1847. As a returning missionary, John traveled in the Ellsworth Co. 1856 and turned around as part of the Rescue Companies. He married Luisa Jones (1837–1915) in Salt Lake City in 1857, one of those he rescued who was in the Hodgetts Wagon Co. Mary divorced him in 1869. John and families lived in St. George and then he went to Snowflake, Arizona. John died in Snowflake.

Robert Parker (1820-1901) born in Lancashire, England. Died in St. George and is buried in Washington, Utah. He traveled in the McArthur Co. with wife Ann Ruth Hartley Parker (1819–1899), and their children, Maxillian (1844-1938), Martha Alice (1846–1925), Arthur Hartley (1850–1869), and Ada (1855–1930).

Thomas Passey (1837-1910). From Strensham, Worcestershire, England. Cousin to Mary Ann Bates who married Edmund Ellsworth (above). Companion of Thomas Fowler and David Bowen. Drove ox-team for Ellsworth Co. and worked for Ellsworth thereafter. Married Drusilla Theobold, 1858, in Salt Lake City. They settled in Paris, Idaho near Bear Lake and had 13 Children.

Jonah Phillips (1831-1903). From Llanboidy, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Married Ann Thomas in Springville, Utah Co., in 1860. They settled in Springville and had twelve children.

Mary Ann Powell [Sabin] (1843-1929). Born in Llanover [Llanofer], Wales, south of Llanfoist near Abergavenny, Wales. Her family also spent some time in Blaenavon, so she likely knew the Vaughan Family. (FS) Came with Ellsworth. on the Enoch Train and in his handcart co. Settled first in Salt Lake City, then Payson, then Salem, Utah, where she died. Married David Dorwart Sabin (1841-1899) in a monogamous union. Sabin was originally from Pennsylvania.

Loran Isabella Praetor (1853-1856). Born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

Richard Preator (1826-1911). Travelled with wife, Mary Ann Harper Preator (1824-1878, from Stroud, Gloucestershire). He was from Chalford, Gloucestershire, England. First settled in Springville, Utah, then Richmond, Cache Co., and Fountain Green, San Pete Co., Utah. Mission to Independence, MO., where he organized LDS Branch and died there.

Parley P. Pratt (1807-1857).  LDS Apostle, leaving for his last mission and death in Arkansas.

William Pratt (1825- ). A gun maker from England. Traveled with wife, Caroline (1825- ). Traveled with children Eleanor Saline (1844- ), George (1847- ), Orson (1853- ), Emily (1855- ). No further information appears to be available. But the child’s name “Orson” is interesting.

Ann Perkins Price (1809-1888) widow from Queen Hill, Worcestershire, England. Remarried with John Deveraux (1800-1895). Settled in Goshen, Utah Co. Traveled with her daughters, Emma Price (1836-1897). A dressmaker from Eastnor, Herefordshire, England. Married William McMillan Thompsen (1821-1896), 1857, settled in Goshen, Utah Co., and had three children. Divorced and married Richard James Burraston (1841-1926), lived in Goshen and had eight more children. Ann’s other daughter was Eliza (Elizabeth) Price (1839-1879). Married Chauncey Griswold Webb (1811-1903), settled in Salt Lake City and had nine children.

[John] Joseph Rasdell (1830-1864) Laborer. Traveled with wife, Elizabeth Kettle Rasdell (1834-1896). They left the Company in Iowa and came to Utah later. Joseph died in Utah and Elizabeth remarried Valmere Paul in American Fork, Utah Co., 1865. She died in Ouray, Colorado.

Thomas Richins (1826-1896). Laborer from Shepscombe, Gloucestershire, England. Traveled with his wife Harriet Deveraux Richins (1833-1896) and their son Albert Francis (1855-1940). They settled first in Goshen, then later in Battle Creek [Pleasant Grove], Utah Co., Utah.

Clara Alice Robinson (1855-1943). Daughter of John Robinson whom Ann Ham was assisting. Clara married Rueben Warren Allred, Jr. in Salt Lake City, 19 Dec. 1870. They settled in Spring City, Sanpete Co., Utah and had 13 children.

John Robinson, Sr. (1810-1883) from Hill Top, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England. Married Mary Wood (1809-1846). LDS Baptism 1840. They went to Nauvoo. Mary ill at expulsion from Nauvoo, 1846, and died in St. Louis. John returned to England with daughters Elizabeth (1834-1929) and Sarah (1836-1930). Married Mary Ann Sorrill (1821-1853). Married Emma Lucas (1829-1890). Went on mission in England and returned to America on the Enoch Train with wife Emma, daughters Elizabeth and Sarah by 1st wife, John Jr. (1850-1929) by 2nd wife, and Clara Alice (1855-1943) by Emma. Settled in Springville, then Manti, then Spring City, Utah, where he died.

Lewis Robinson (1816-1883) while a long-time friend of the LDS Church and the Prophet, Joseph Smith, Lewis was not baptized until 1846 in Nauvoo. He came West in 1847 In the Charles C. Rich Co. with wife, Clarissa Minerva Duzette (1822-1891), and son Solo Wells (1822-1891), He was at Ft. Bridger with his second, plural wife, Mary Jane Waite Robinson (1836-1922). Participated in the Handcart Rescue. He later lived in Battle Creek (Pleasant Grove), and the Salt Lake Valley where he died.

Jean Michel Rochon (1800-1856) from Pinasco, Torino, Italy. Traveled with wife, Suzanne Robert Rochon (1819-1899), and children Jean Pierre (1845-1898), and perhaps a daughter, Jeanne or Marguerite. Jean Michel died on 22 September 1856 in Echo Canyon, Utah Territory. Suzanne remarried Charles David Roman [this compiler’s 3rd Great Grandfather] (1818–1896) of Ogden, Utah.

Walter Sanders (1793-1 Sept. 1856). Died at Deer Creek. Traveled with Mary (1838-  ), James (1840-1918), and Thomas (1846-  ). Walter Sanders was from Birmingham, England. James settled in Salt Lake City and worked at ZCMI. This group came together on the Enoch Train from Liverpool, but the relationships among them are not clear.

Robert Sheen (1826-1894). From Berrow, Worcestershire, England. Travelled with wife, Eliza Tyler Sheen (1826-1901), father, James Sr. ( 1796-1856, died on arrival in Kaysville, UT, from exhaustion), brother, James Jr. (1830-1927), James’s wife, Mary Shields Sheen (1833-1866), Robert and James’s sisters Hannah (1833-1908) and Ellen (1837-1917), Robert and Eliza’s children, Mary “Polly,” (1848-1926), Louisa Eliza (1850-1919), Ann (1852-1906), Emma (1854-1856), and James and Mary’s child Sidney (1856-1856, who died two days earlier.)

Richard Shilton [or Shelton] (1837-1906). Blacksmith from Birmingham, England. Married Mary Ann Elliott in Salt Lake City, 1861, and Johannah Hendricksen in Logan, 1888.

Patriarch John Smith (1832-1911). Nephew to Joseph Smith, Jr.

Chester Snyder (1815-1888). Made several trips out and back assisting pioneers. Listed among the Rescue Companies of 1856.

Daniel Spencer, Jr. (1794-1868) born in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Married Sophronia Pomeroy (1805-1832) in 1823. Married Sarah Lester (1805-1845) in 1834. He was baptized LDS in 1840. After the death of Joseph Smith, he was elected mayor of Nauvoo. Married Mary Spencer (1824-1846) in Nauvoo, 1845. Married Emily Shafter Thompson (1819-1895) in Winter, Quarters, 1846. Was a bishop in Winter Quarters 1846-47. Practiced plural marriage with three additional wives. Mission to Britain 1852-56, Counselor to Pres. Franklin D. Richards. Returned to Utah in 1856 with the Grant Wagon Co. President of the Salt Lake City Stake (1849-68).

Sarah Ann Sprig (1838- ). She may have been a servant of the Frost Family above. No other information apparently available.

Jean Pierre Stale (1803-1856). Traveled with wife, Jeanne Marie Gaudin-Moise Stale (1811-1898), and children, Susette (1837-1923), Bartolomi[y] (1838-1912), Marie (1844-1929), and Marguerite or Margaret (1850-1938). The reports of tensions among the Piedmontese Saints, Captain Ellsworth, and others may be in part due to the language barrier as the Piedmontese were bilingual in French and Italian, but knew no English. This may also help explain the confusion in the records with the names. The Stalles, generally changing the spelling to “Stalley” settled in the Ogden, Utah area along with most of the Piedmontese Saints. Stale’s death has been confused with the death of Jean Rochon. The account of Stale’s widow supports that it was on the North Platte. Rochon’s was in Echo Canyon.

Isabella Stevenson (1828- ). Traveled with brother, Alexander Stevenson (1820- ), and his family, wife, Magdelene Paterson Stevenson (1821- ), and their children, John (1844-1920), Alexander (1849- ), Orson (1851- ), Joseph B. (1853- ), and Maria (1855- ). All appear to have left the company and settled in Nebraska. The “old apostate” remains unidentified.

William Stoddart (1813-1892). There were two Stoddart Families of brothers with Ellsworth. William and Margaret Maria Alpin Stoddart (1818-1882) with their children Caleb (1837-1925), Robert (1839-1893), Jane (1843-1935), Sarah (1845-1872), Hannah (1847-1919), Mary (1852-1870), and Margaret (1854-1933). Robert Stoddart (1805-1856) and Margaret Mariah McElvin Stoddart (1815-1899) traveled with their children James (1842-1917), Mary (1845-1909), and Dinah (1850-1911). Robert died later on the trail near Deer Creek, Nebraska Territory (Day 83). The surviving Stoddarts first settled in Lehi, Utah. Later, some went to Spring City, Sanpete Co., Utah.
Elizabeth Taylor (1834-1862). Listed as a servant from Carlisle, England.

This is probably Thomas Thomas (1813-) who was a Captain of Ten in the Hunt Wagon Co., 1856. He was from Cardiff and seems to disappear from the historical record after arrival in Utah, marriage to Elizabeth Phllips (1835-1921) (Bunker Handcart Co., 1856), and three children born in by 1863. Lived in Ogden, Utah.

Daniel Tyler (1816-1906), born in Sempronious, NY. Member of Zion’s Camp. Married Ruth Welton in Kirtland, OH, 1836. Member of Mormon Battalion and published history. Came to Utah in ’47 and again in ’48 with the Willard Richards Co. After mission to Britain, returned to Utah as Asst. Capt. in the Martin Handcart Co. Sent to Beaver, Utah where he died at age 89.

Eleanor Jenkins Vaughan (1789-1861). Born in Stowe, Whitney, Herefordshire, England. Married John Vaughan in Hay, Breconshire, Dec. 1810. Baptized in Llanfoist, Monmouthshire, Wales in December 1841. After arrival in Utah, she received a patriarchal blessing and endowment. She married Charles Hulet (1790-1863) of Springville, Utah Co., Utah. By 1860, she was in Jacks Valley, now Nevada, in the home of Abednego Johns [Jones] whom her daughter Jane Vaughan Lewis (see above) had married.

Henry Walker (1805-1856). From Carlisle, Cumberland, England. Traveled with his wife Isabella Dixon Walker (1994-1881) and son John (1829-1894). Isabella was born in Dumfries, Scotland. After arrival in the Valley, she lived with her son James in Sanpete County. John also settled in Sanpete, Co.

Lorin Walker (1822-1907) who helped with outfitting until 1860. He and his family settled in Farmington, Utah, then pioneered Rockland, Idaho, where he died.

William Holmes Walker (1820-1905) born in Peacham, Vermont. LDS Baptism in 1834. Was wounded at Haun’s Mill 1838. Married Olive Hovey Farr in Nauvoo, 1843. In Mormon Battalion with sick detachment to Pueblo 1846. Arrived in Salt Lake City with Daniel Spencer Co., 1847. Married 2nd wife, Mary Jane Shadden and built home in Farmington. Mission to South Africa, 1853. Placed in charge of extra baggage of handcart pioneers in 1856, his freight wagons arrived in Salt Lake City, Sept. 1857. Built homes on Big Cottonwood and in Lewisville, Idaho. Married two additional women. Died in Idaho.

Archer Walters (1809-1856). Born in Cambridge, England. Married Harriett Cross (1809-1883) born in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England. They traveled with their children, Sarah Ann (1838–1915, who married William Clayton in 1856), Henry (1840–1927), Harriet (1842–1912), Martha (1844–1908), and Lydia (1850–1900). Archer died from dysentery in Great Salt Lake City attributed to his weakened condition twenty days after arrival. Harriett died in Salt Lake City with no record of remarriage.

George Wareing [Waring] (1838-1884). From Birmingham, England. Married Mary Gibson in Salt Lake City, 1862. Settled in Salt Lake City.

James Constable Warner (1794-1863), born in Spalding, Lincolnshire, England. Traveled with wife Ann Miller Bradley Warner (1805-1865), and Sarah Jane Bradley (1841-1902), Ann’s mother by previous husband.

Henry Watts (1817-1885). Traveled with his wife, Eliza Whale Watts (1822-1863). They were from Wiltshire, England. Settled in Smithfield, Cache Co., UT, where they both lived out their lives.

Joseph Watts (1810-1899). Brother of Henry Watts, above. Married Helen Livingston in Salt Lake City, 1859. They settled in Smithfield, Cache Co., Utah.

Chauncey Griswold Webb (1812-1903). LDS baptism in 1834 the same year he married Eliza Churchill (1817-1884). He took a second wife, Elizabeth Lydia Taft (1827-1909) in Nauvoo. Captain of 50 in the Brigham Young 1848 Co. As a return missionary, he was wheelwright for the handcarts and, in the Grant Wagon Co., 1856, and a member of the handcart rescue. He married three wives from the handcart companies, and one additional wife in 1868. His and Eliza’s daughter, Ann Eliza Webb (1844-1917), was married to Brigham Young whom she divorced with much notoriety (AKA the 19th or 27th wife). Chauncey sympathized with his daughter and broke his friendship with Brigham and activity with the church in his later years.

Job Welling (1833-1886). Born in Audlem, Cheshire, England. Travelled in Ellsworth Co. with wife, Francs Elizabeth Yoeman Welling (1830-1865), Settled in Farmington, UT and had six more children. After Elizabeth died, married three plural wives and had several children by each.

Job Welling, Jr. (1855-1856). Born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Buried just east of Jacob Krumm Nature Preserve, Jasper Co., Iowa. [Public Land Survey coordinates above].

George Abraham Williams (1838- ). He may have been confused with a person by the same name who came with his family in the 1853 Henry Ettleman Company.

Samuel Amos Woolley (1825-1900), left Florence with the Merrill Wagon Co., earlier in June, 1856.

William Yeo (1838- ) from Devon, England. No other information is readily available. May have dropped out of Company in Iowa or Florence.


  1. The family of Sarah Goode Marshall is missing. Sister of Maria Goode.

  2. I'm interested to where you've gathered some of this information because you say that these are short bios of the first handcart company but then you list some of the people as being in other handcart companies and during the wrong year. Case in point, I'd be interested to know how you obtained a middle name and additional information on William Green. You say William Hale Green, but I've never seen that middle name before and can't find where that reference would come from. Second, if we are talking about the same person, the "William Green" that is listed in the First Handcart Company, wasn't listed with a middle name but they did say that he was a miner but gives no further info. You have him listed in the McArthur Handcart Company, which is the second and not the first company and you have him crossing the plains in 1868, which there were no handcart companies in 1868, when the first company came across in 1856. So help me out and let me know where you have compiled your bio from because either "your William Hale Green" is completely different from the "William Green" of 1856 or your entry is completely incorrect. The problem with the internet these days that even if information is wrong, it seems to hold a grasp as the truth just because it's in print. Lets see if we can clarify this info. Thanks.

    1. My sources, as noted at the top, are from the Overland Travel Database maintained by the LDS History Dept., unless otherwise noted. I have not checked all the original sources cited therein. My initial check shows that there was a McArthur Company of 1868, a wagon company--not handcarts. Daniel McArthur was one of those pioneers who made the journey several times. Perhaps you misread that or my wording was clumsy, but it was his future wife Matilda Watkins who came with McArthur's company of 1868.

    2. Oh, my other principal source as noted at the top of my post is

  3. Again, as an additional follow-up, you should remove all of the entries that are not on the first handcart company, because that's what you say that you are giving, bios of the first company? Just curious.

    1. As noted in my heading, "Ellsworth Company, 1856. Brief Bios of those in the official Company list or are mentioned in the Journals of the Company." So I also include those "mentioned" in the journals of the journey. I can decide how to write my own blog post. You don't have to read it.

    2. I mean, Sheesh! The title of my post is, "Short Bios of Those Associated with the Ellsworth Handcart Company, 1856."

      You can Google "associated" or look it up in a dictionary.


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