Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hiraeth 2016: Dydd 24, Ogmore, Coity, Ewenny Priory

It was another Sunday, so we took off for sites in Glamorgan after church.

This is the day I knew my wife really loved me because she visited castles in the rain and was smiling!

Coity Castle in the rain.
We visited both Ogmore and Coity Castles and my pics got a bit confused with the rain and all. These castles were built at the westernmost point of Norman holding stolen from the Welsh to keep the Welsh out.

Ogmore, Glamorganshire

Ogmore was built to guard the ford to keep those wascally Welsh from rich, stolen, Norman lands in South Wales.
The ruins of Ogmore. Or Coity?
A sheltered place to shoot at the Welsh in defense of Coity Castle
There's something about fording a river with umbrellas that's just a bit odd
The river is the Ewenny. Nearby, we visited Ewenny Priory and got out of the rain.

"Parking" is obviously a stolen word from the Welsh original, "Parcio"
Might as well be Spanglish!
Light through the windows into the church at Ewenny Priory
Pretty sure that's St. Michael, the Archangel
Medieval monument from Ewenny
It appears to be a sprouting Celtic cross
Medieval tiles at Ewenny 
And we stumbled upon secret gardens.

The sign said so,

With much rain comes much beauty.

Orchids! growing along the wall at Ewenny

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