Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hiraeth 2016: Dydd 17, Church, Beaupre, Tinkinswood, and St. Lythans

It was Sunday, so we went to LDS church services in Cardiff again. There were some missionaries leaving for home so the members stood to sing them the "farewell and come back again" song (I didn't get that quite right). And I couldn't resist snapping a phone pic in church.

"Farewell and Come Back Again"
And what do you do after church on Sunday? Why, visit ancient sites in surrounding Glamorgan, of course!

First up was Beaupre Castle.

We climbed over a sty and hiked across a field to Old Beaupre
Beaupre has a great courtyard
We visited a lot of castles on our trip (more to come!) and everyone was fascinating in its own way. There are a lot of stairs in castles so you have to be somewhat fit and healthy for exploring. Every stairway invites climbing and we have never been disappointed.

The invitation is irresistible! 
The same is true for ancient megalithic monuments. I would be happy to just die in one. Wait. I guess that's the point. They are some of the best earthly attempts at immortal remembrance; except that we've lost the names of those who were buried in these excavated chambers. Maybe I'll just keep going to church for more promising immortality. But these still haunt me.

My wife at Tinkinswood
St. Lythans Burial Chamber
St. Lythans invited the perfect setting for photographing our group.

And then these two lovely people.


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