Sunday, December 24, 2017

Disney Pixar's Coco, highly recommended

Coco is the Christmas movie I would recommend. I haven't seen the new Star Wars yet, but my son-in-law has tickets for us to go the day after Christmas. I understand there are controversial surprises in The Last JediCoco surprises in its unique presentation of the Mexican traditions for Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, or the celebrations, yes, celebrations around All Saints Day.

The altar in Coco with photos of deceased family members

For a Family Historian, the movie was a blessed confirmation of the work we do. And for those who are not, it just might spur one to more action in seeking out information, stories, documentation, and photos of deceased loved ones.

Without revealing plot-lines, I will give spoilers for the the morals of the story that I heartily endorse as well:

There is a strange, spiritual or mystical union between the living and the dead as living families remember their dead. Our dead ancestors have influence in our present lives, we have influence in theirs, and there are wrongs in this life that can be corrected in the next world.

And what a world!

Coco's amazing vision of the land of the dead.

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