Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hiraeth 2016: Dydd 15, St. Michael's Mount, Cotehele, Scorhill on Dartmoor

St. Michael's Mount is the little brother to Mont Saint-Michel. I mean, I'd heard of Mont Saint-Michel in France or at least off the Normandy Coast thereof. I didn't know Cornwall had a its own little one going.

St. Michael's Mount at low tide.
We arrived early enough to walk out and the tide came in so that we had to boat back to the beach near Penzance.

The Causeway we used on the way out
St. Piran's Flag flew proudly over this rock of Cornwall
The gardens on the side of the Mount were great!
We toured the castle, still used as a residence by the family. Things shut down at 5 p.m. so they can have their evenings in private which is how they arrange it to afford to stay. I was much more impressed with the exteriors as per usual.

We visited an old manor house at Cotehele preserved in 17th Century style. It had not been upgraded into much modernity.

Cotehele House, Cornwall
This is more my style - Civil War Era (English, not ours)
A bit too much drapery for my taste.
The best part of the day was across the border in Devon, County Devon in England (Americans need to learn there is no Devonshire). We went up on Dartmoor and had a bit of a hike.

A stone bridge out on the moor.
And we came to a fantastic stone circle.

The tallest stone at Scorhill Circle
Wife wife on the rocks.
I tried lying in the center of the stones to feel any earth vibes. I don't know how the neolithic ancestors worshiped!
(Neither does anybody else)
demonstrating the curve of the circle
From a bit of a distance with some of our party 
These three stones line up with the natural tor on the distant horizon.
"This means something!"
On the way back we scouted down the stream until we found the rock with the big hole.


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