Thursday, January 10, 2013

School Teachers - Our Real American Heroes!

School shooting today in Taft, California.

As reported by CNN:
As the shooting unfolded, the teacher in the classroom evacuated his students out of a back door. Then, instead of running for his own life, he engaged the student gunman in a conversation, authorities said.
The teacher suffered a pellet wound to the head from one of the shots fired earlier, authorities said.
The conversation seemed to be a diversion to allow the remaining students to escape, the sheriff said.
The teacher was joined by the campus supervisor -- a campus monitor on the school's staff -- and both of them persuaded the student to drop the shotgun, the sheriff said.
"They stayed and probably distracted him and probably allowed students to get out of the classroom," Youngblood said.
"They engaged in a conversation that talked him into putting that shotgun down that had been discharged at least once." . . . .

It is said the pen is mightier than the sword. Maybe the modern meme is right that we don't need more teachers with guns, we need more teachers in gun stores. It's nice to hear at least once where reason and rationality and caring won over blasting away at victims and perps.

I had a daytime vision today of the old hippies protesting the Viet Nam War outside the Johnson White House. With a slight modification and a more positive spin on their chant, I could hear them say:
"Hey, Hey, NRA! How many kids have YOU saved today!"

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