Friday, January 11, 2013

Violent Reality vs. Imaginary Hitler

John Stewart nails it:

Click here to watch. (I took off the annoying embedded one that goes on automatically)

This has nothing to do with the Founders or the Second Amendment. This is just another factor, and more dangerous than most, of the delusions that have gripped the extreme right-wing of our body politic. This one fomented by the greed of gun makers, sellers, and their lobbyists (i.e., the NRA).

You think I'm crazy and delusional? How 'bout that Romney landslide?


  1. "Paranoid dystopia" brilliantly describes the state of the extreme right. Stewart's amazing.

  2. All I get is "Sorry, but this video is unavailable from your location. But hey, at least you have kangaroos and boomerangs!" Oh well, I'll just have to be happy with living in a land with pretty decent gun laws instead! :)

    1. Thanks! You're a dinky-di, Aussie, mate! (I admit I had to look that up).

      Basically, what Stewart says with a little humor but more somber tone than usual is that we ought to at least try to do something about mass-murder caused by gun violence. He humorously but effectively shoots down (oh, bad choice of words) all the silly arguments of gun advocates, then goes after the crazy idea among some in the US that they think they need guns to protect themselves against some imaginary tyrannical government - creating a dystopic gun-worshiping present for fear of a dystopic future. In other words, violent reality is trumped by their fears of an imaginary Hitler. Good Job, Jon Stewart!


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