Monday, January 14, 2013

Keepa Still Rules!

Very pleased with my guest post today on the great Mormon History Blog, Keepapitchinin!

I blogged on a mix of Mormon and family history relating to sugar beets along with some political philosophy (It has been made known to me that I was not subtle). There are a few comments that have digressed into a discussion of irrigation practices and the Moody Blues.

Besides my second guest post now published there, I read Keepa regularly and frequently comment. It really is one of the best blogs out there, IMHO.

The blogger there has become a friend and has even met Anonymous D.

Keepa appreciates our respectful input although the founder does not easily tolerate fools, abuse, or anything else that does not meet her high standards. I'm pleased to have found a home on the net among the Keepa'ninnies. Long may they write!

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