Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moochers vs. Producers

Governor Romney just had his "clingin' to gummint handouts" moment. Personally, I think it is worse than Senator Obama's gaffe in 2008 talking about guns and religion. I mean, I cling pretty tightly to my religion, but I don't feel that strongly about my guns. I guess that's why I thought it was OK to vote for Obama as I will likely do again. I still think we're all in this together. And divisions of people into Producers or mooochers don't help much. In fact, they're much more insulting. The "guns and religion" people can rightly take offense at an instance of arrogance from Candidate Obama. But they're still proud of their guns and religion. The 47% of We the People who are "moochers" under Romney's economic-political views don't find much to be proud of in that characterization.

We could envision an imaginary day-in-the-life of the working poor who pay no income tax because of low income, but still pay a significant amount is federal payroll taxes, along with excise taxes in fuel along with a couple of bad habits with alcohol and tobacco consumption. In fact, because the salary is so low, those taxes have a much greater impact as a share of salary. That's just too depressing. So let's imagine an average life of one of the Producers who never take advantage of the federal government except when they do. Unfortunately, even though they pay income tax, payroll taxes, etc. they are also getting the benefit of the federal taxes paid by the poor. If only government would just get off our backs, we'd be so much better off!

The Producer drives on an interstate highway and eats food and enjoys other consumer goods transported on those highways (paid in part by the taxes of the working poor who can't afford quite as much food or other goods - or cars).

The Producer occasionally flies in an airplane and is somewhat safer because of TSA or maybe the FAA regulating airspace so planes don’t hit each other. The working poor guy doesn't fly much.

The Producer and the moocher drink water that’s been tested to ensure it’s safe from harmful poisons. The Producer might drink more out of plastic bottles.

Both eat meat that has been inspected by the USDA. But the Producer guy usually eats more.

The Producer visits National Parks or Federal Public Lands. The working poor don't do much of that.

Neither Producers nor moochers have to fulfill treaty obligations with the Native American Tribes or pay the Tribes for living on what used to be their land.

The Producer and moocher take advantage of technical developments that arose out of NASA programs. But the Producer can afford a lot more electronic toys.

And, of course, the Producer's parents had enough money to grant or lend so that they never had to get a federally insured school loan or a free grant to go to college. The moocher can't even think about that.

The Producers and moochers breathe cleaner air than they would without a Clean Air Act or EPA.

Producers travel in a foreign lands more and sometimes need safety or want to come back into the United States.

Both the Producers honor and respect all our servicemen and women and all veterans – oops. Strike that. They must be moochers because they work for the federal government! Of course, more moochers are drawn into military service these days because they don't have so many economic or educational opportunities. You don't see as many Producers or their kids serving.

Producers may prefer private schools, but some have benefited from public schools that receive federal assistance.

Producers never take advantage of any government programs to support housing like VA or  FHA loans. Of course some of them produce enough they actually made money betting on the housing market collapse.

Both Producers and moochers sometimes consult weather reports, particularly when they would like to know if a hurricane or tornado is coming their way!

Producers never put money in a bank without a worry that it will still be there under FDIC guarantees. They might have to put funds in different places so they can stay under those insured limits. Moochers use banks too but they never have to worry about those limits.

Producers water their gardens and drink water that came through government built systems of canals and dams. Moochers drink water, but don't have a lot of time or land to grow gardens.

And of course, Producers more often than moochers swim in or water-ski on reservoirs behind federal dams.

Producers, of course, pay all their parents' or grandparents' medical bills so they don't have to mooch off Medicare.

Producers and moochers can both be the victim of a federal crime. The FBI comes to the assistance of both for investigation and then can turn it over to a federal prosecutor to present the case before a federal judge. Producers sue and are sued more frequently in federal courts than the moochers who find it harder to pay for attorneys and all.

Producers have more houses out in the woods (or maybe Herriman, Utah) that are protected from wildfire by federal firefighters.

Farmers are by definition producers. All the independent, backbone-of-America farmers out there, certainly haven’t taken advantage of any price supports, other farm subsidies, soil programs, or any information from the Extension Service!

Governor Romney is a Producer not a moocher. If you are like him, and have never taken advantage of any of these things stealing from the pockets of the Producers who pay all the income taxes, please vote Republican!

Bottom line, I'm trying to lighten up my severe disappointment in candidate Romney. I sincerely hope he doesn't really believe what he said when caught on tape. Hopefully, he was just playing off the Randian question posed by one of his wealthy supporters. The 47% percent generally recognize the value to society of the 53% or even the one percent at the top. It's not a happy day when a candidate for president of the United States indicates that 47% isn't worth much. We the People are in this together. All the People - the poor, the lame, the elderly, and yes, the blessed and fortunate whether by their own hard work - not significantly harder than many of the working poor - just with much better compensation, or maybe by luck, chance, the Grace of God, privileges of birth, government-provided opportunities, etc.


  1. It appears that people are both misreading what he said, and taking things out of context. He isn't talking about 47 percent of ALL AMERICANS don't pay taxes, although he does say a similar phrase at one point in the speech (a slight slip up). In full context he is saying that of those who supported Obama, 47 percent don't pay taxes and like it that way. They will never be convinced to switch to him by argument of cutting taxes. They voted for Obama because they are moochers.

    What he needs to focus on, he says, is the about 10 percent Independents who voted for Obama. They can be convinced by tax correctives and economic arguments.

    Talk about blowing things out of proportion and taking the Media's word for it. Listen for yourself. His slip up was out of context of what he was actually saying.

    1. I heard the tape myself and am capable of forming my own opinions. Your accusation gets you close to becoming spam. I agree that the statement is a little difficult to interpret and Romney himself said it was not an elegant way to say whatever he was saying. I don't really see how it leads to your interpretation that he was talking about 47% of Obama voters.


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