Thursday, September 20, 2012

Elmo Skywalker

State & First South, Salt Lake City, Utah
We've been a little heavy in our last few posts so we're going to have some non-partisan, moderate fun. I snapped this picture on my cell phone walking down State Street in Salt Lake City this morning - the Federal Building is behind and to the left. But can someone please explain why Luke Skywalker was pulling Elmo up the street? There are some clues in the picture.

As they were passing by, I did hear Elmo say in a squeaky voice, "Luke, Elmo NOT your father!"

(OK, that last part I just made up.)

So let's think of a contest prize. Maybe a life-time subscription to Passionate Moderate Mormon? Well, it's already for free out there for all, so I guess that doesn't really work. How 'bout honorable mention in a blog topic of your choice? (within reason and PMM's ultimate editorial approval).



  1. Not sure where that is, except guessing the federal building had something to do with the courts? Maybe a victims right rally? Do they do those in Utah?

    1. No other entries yet, Julia. So you may win by default. Nothing to do with the courts, but I already like that you connected it to a cause for the downtrodden of society. Ok, that's one more hint. There should be distinct advantage to people in Utah who were downtown on State Street Thursday or watched the "feel-good" portions of local newscasts. And final hint: what is that on the sidewalk on the far right?

    2. Well I have been home and I don't live in Utah. I am assuming that you are talking about the side of what looks like a camera. So, they were filming A victim's rights rally? (I have not googled, so I am not sure I will get much closer.)

      Here are my other possible things being filmed:

      New Episode of Sesame Street about Mormon families adopting monsters, scirnce fiction characters and children who can't be sealed to them
      (I think all of those things are imaginary, right?)

      Democratic Party Convention Dance Party Remix

      Day of prayer for all of God's Children

      That's all I've got. Sorry

  2. I would have to guess children's party. There are frames (or something flat) in the back of the wagon, probably for decoration, and I can't think of what message Luke and Elmo would want to send together. So, yeah, children's party.

  3. So, do I ever get the answer? I have been waiting very patiently. Or at least I have been waiting.

    1. Sorry, Julia. I must have been distracted by an election or something.

      The answer is that they were dressed up for a food drive in Salt Lake City. They placed a line of donated foods a mile long from the City-County Building to the State Capitol. People even would donate to add to the line. A few items appeared to have been taken probably by those who needed it so it all worked out. I placed a link above at the bottom of the story.

      As you were the closest (Daniel was way off), you may challenge me with a topic to address on the blog. Of course complete editorial discretion remains with me.


    2. I wouldn't ever want to take away your editorial discretion. ;-) I think that is what most of us come here for. So, here is my requested topic. I know you have written about Prop 8 before, but I am wondering if you would respond to my post about church policies and politics.

      Sometimes I feel pretty lucky to be insulated from Utah politics, but I am wondering how you see these policies play out in a majority Mormon state. If you have information or thoughts about how they play out in the non-US parts of the church, I would be fascinated by that too.

      If you do decide to address this, I would be happy to cross-post it on my blog, with your permission. If there is a topic you would especially like to write about that you don't think I covered right, or something you think should be part of the Mormon Moment Series, I would love any guest post you might want to write. I especially would love to have a perspective on Mormons and the law, (I know you don't do criminal law, but if you know any LDS criminal attorneys that might want to write about it, already have written about it, or might want to let me pick their brains, I am very interested) and what influence you see liberal/moderate Mormons having in areas where conservatives will control all or most of the legislative seats.

      There are tons of other things I would love to pick your brain about. If you ever have an excuse to come to Oregon, I would love to hang out. Until that maybe future date, I am glad to have your blog scroll up on my blog roll, telling me that something interesting, is ready for me to read! :-)

    3. Julia-
      I did read your recent post which is quite good even before I saw this. I will do some thinking on that and come up with something but I'm not that great of an expert on Utah politics. There is a great blog I link from a smart, moderate Utah Republican who has dealt with some of these issues at


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