Friday, September 21, 2012

At Least 12 Ounces of Accuracy

Hallelujah!! Somebody reads LDS Newsroom statements!! Credit goes to's Jonathan Martin. A North Carolina Senator gets it wrong and Politico gets it right. In discussing Governor Romney's slipping campaign, this quote:
“He’s never had a beer, he’s never had a Coca-Cola, he doesn’t look natural out there — but I really don’t think this is an election cycle [in which] voters will decide based upon whether they can invite Mitt into the living room for a beer,” said Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), an 18-year congressional veteran. “But he is somebody who you would call if you had a business that was in trouble.” (Romney, a Mormon, doesn’t drink alcohol but actually will enjoy a Diet Coke, something not barred by his church.)
The Senator gets it 2/3 right. Mitt Romney is the guy I'd call in if I had a business - or an Olympics - in trouble. And I agree, "he doesn't look natural out there." And I don't think there is anyone who can say he does, even those who blame the media for everything. It's not camera angles. 

It's a trivial point, but Politico does get the Diet Coke thing right and the Senator fails - as do so many - even some in the LDS Church. A trivial thing, perhaps, but there are deeper principles at stake here both politically and spiritually.

I have to get ready for work and can't write more on the blog until much later today (if then). But this is a very good article from Politico. And I will address some deeper issues later.

Those deeper issues might have something to do with gnats and camels.

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