Friday, April 26, 2013

Mystery of the Creation Revealed! (after 40 years)

A-5 (the fifth of our six children whose names all begin with 'A') LA Temple
My Boy A-5 and I went to the Los Angeles Temple today to take some of our Welsh family names through for the endowment. The Temple rooms are huge! I have seen pictures of the murals in this Temple before, but no picture does it justice. I was able to solve a 40-year old mystery of the universe. I was stunned to enter the Creation Room and see the inside cover of my old Seminary Bible!

OK. It was the 70s. And I was fourteen
I thought that picture was so cool! It's still preserved without my name in the back inside cover, but this way you get provenance both for the ownership and approximately groovy dating.

And I loved Seminary. I took it seriously and memorized the Scripture Chase scriptures and read my assignments. I even Bible-bashed a little with no discernible success.

Imagine my surprise went I entered the Creation Room in the Los Angeles Temple and the huge mural nearly overcome my senses! The origin of the picture in my Bible!

It was so amazingly bright in reality! We even sat close to that fiery ball that seemed to give off heat.

I don't know exactly how the Good Lord created the Universe. I just have some pretty strong spiritual feelings that He did. The world He created for us never ceases to amaze me. Neither does the Bible - even the one I've loved since ninth grade. And the Temple gives me a firm foundation as it promises soaring heights together with my family.

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