Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Honor Roll - Immigration

We'll try our hope again for bipartisan progress in the U.S. Senate. The "Gang of Eight" has presented its Immigration Reform compromise. My source this time is as I have given up on CNN for their very poor and irresponsible reporting on the Boston Marathon Massacre. At least they're not the unmentionable rag-piece from New York that ends in "Post."

Anyway, I have a new honor roll of potential statesman-like Senators. Interestingly, some of the same names appear on both lists. Most prominently is the repeat of failed presidential candidate, John McCain, who used to support such reasonable compromises - even on Immigration Reform - until he fell in with that bad crowd playing to the bottom of the Republican base. The same group that did in Mitt Romney.

So, here they are:
John McCain of Arizona (still mavericky after all these years)
Jeff Flake of Arizona (still a Mormon)
Lindsey Graham (McCain's southern wing-man)
Marco Rubio (tea party star and used-to-be-a-Mormon)
Chuck Schumer of New York (Dem leader)
Dick Durbin of Illinois (President's state)
Robert Menendez of New Jersey (blue state)
Michael Bennet of Colorado (new blue state)
I put them all in purple for this historic moment. I don't agree with all of these guys on all things. But we'll give them credit for this one.

We need to study the bill more and will have some time to do so. My understanding is that it does reflect many of the principles of the Utah Compact supported by the LDS Church. Hmm, Utah Compact - LDS Church - where are our Utah Senators?? (Best not to ask).

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