Friday, April 19, 2013

Suspect #2 - Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Watertown, Mass. Residents cheering law enforcement
Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect #2 is in custody, alive, yet seriously wounded. The citizens of Watertown are rightfully applauding Law Enforcement local, state, and federal leaving the scene. While we preserve presumption of innocence, it seems like a fairly easy case to prosecute based on all the solid information we know.

Let me address unsolid information for a moment. Many are speculating on motives, international conspiracies, government conspiracies, ties to international terrorism, and all kinds of things ALL without evidence. (Glenn Beck, I'm talking to you - and many others!) Some are using this politically to denigrate religious groups and immigrants in general. That is the ugly side of America. These people are wrong and feed the sickness and evil of the world by tearing down what is best in America - Constitutional Law including freedom and justice for all. Pay attention to these negative people only to reinforce that they should not be supported or encouraged.

Let's use this as the crowds in Watertown are right now as an opportunity to celebrate our great country. Let's follow constitutional procedures and celebrate our ability to address the evils of terrorism through lawful  process without wallowing in the negativity of hateful prejudice and ignorant conspiracy theories.

I'm fine not using his name as I try to avoid the names of the Oklahoma City bomber, the Atlanta bomber, the 9/11 terrorists and others who seek to harm others for the warped and evil causes of fame, fanaticism or farce.

Our hearts go out to the many innocent victims and the families of the three dead at the Marathon and the MIT Law Enforcement Officer killed last night - a real hero. Even the families of these suspects, one dead, the other still surviving hopefully for a fair and just trial, deserve our respect without a rush to condemnation.

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