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LDS General Conference Prep: Actually, Review from 35 Years Ago

One of my few blog followers expressed that she is looking forward to my live-blogging of LDS General Conference. I still find it surprising that those are some of my most popular posts. Looking forward to this weekend (and I do enjoy conference weekend) I remembered that I have my digital transcription of my mission journal/letters/notes including the conference I watched while in the Language Training Mission (LTM). That was in the original buildings of the current Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah, just after its dedication (9/27/1976 - also in my journal!). So, as a little conference preparation and with some interesting historical perspective, I cut and paste my notes here below.

I am most pleased that my note-taking as a 19-year-old holds up pretty well. But then, so do the messages. Asterisks were added contemporaneously to the talks or points I found especially of interest. The bold highlight on Elder Maxwell's name reflects that as well for his classic discourse.

Friday, October 1, 1976
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
1st Session, Friday Morning
Pres. Kimball
764 Stakes    25,000 Missionaries            117,000 Converts
146 Missions                4,000,000 the end of the year
Read the reversal of Gov. Bond (Gov. Boggs’ extermination order)
Clean up – plant gardens – faith of many have done it
Attack on the family – teach children to avoid – fight
Abortion 1,000,000 legal last year – one of the most grievous sins
Put on armor of righteousness against Satan
Bicentennial – increase of loyalty
Honesty and integrity are needed – Thou shalt not steal – stealing time          
Family life is important – Family Home Evening – Family most important work
Family – education – religion – financial – teaching ends when father fails – all fail
Be kind to animals
Lamanite work going forth
Vote – for those who safeguard rights of people
Idaho Flood – sympathies – grateful for church organization – other catastrophes
Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord
New members of quorum of seventy
21 assistants to 12 – to quorum of seventy – 39 1st quorum of seventy
Pres. Tanner presents sustaining
Dean L. Larson
Offered himself to the Lord
New member – Christ branch – we fruit – abide in him – bear much fruit
Council of 70
*Neal A. Maxwell
Speak not to slackers, but those diligent
Who then can be saved? – feeling of inadequacy
Immense distance to celestial life – Prophets noted weaknesses
Nephi (notwithstanding my weakness 2N 33:11), Mormon, (Moses & Jethro) (over anxiety Jac. 4:18) Pres. Kimball – fatigue, inadequacy, weary of well doing (D&C 64:33) – pace progress – run as fast as able (D&C 10:4) – don’t judge ourselves too hard – Lord loves us more than we love us – constructive critic loves what he criticizes – direction first then velocity – Jesus not fullness at first (D&C 93:12) – all conflict not catastrophe
What to do:
1.       Distinguish between divine inadequacy and satan’s discouragement.
2.       Consider how far already come (“process of time” Moses 7:21 – Jesus – grace for grace D&C 12 – increased wisdom and stature Luke 2:32 – We are unprofitable but obedience brings blessings.)
3.       Accepting help as well as giving.
4.       *Allow for agency of others.
5.       *Write down and act upon more goals, etc.
6.       If die, people would miss us.
7.       Put hand to plow, looking neither back or to the side.  At least one gift and invitation to seek others.
8.       Self contempt is of satan.
9.       Giving commendation – all need even the great.
10.    *All crosses easy to bear when we keep moving.
11.    When truly given of what we have – full tithe.
12.    *God more concerned with growth than geography.
13.    *Freedom to form healthy attitude. - *Service - *Spirit can drive body farther than thought.
14.    *Our Lord can succor us – discouragement – false sense of courage – no instant Christians but constant Christians.
Franklin D. Richards
Purpose of Restoration of Gospel
1.       Proclaim the truth of man’s salvation
2.       Perfect those who accept the church
Keep people faithful – reinstate inactives, prospective Elders to perfect the Saints
Why inactive?              Do not understand Gospel
                                        Do not understand (appreciate) blessings of activity
(Aaronic Priesthood) need more than church programs – need examples
Older children need to set example
Prospective Elders “those wonderful men” – programs, helps, callings
Perfect our lives in example of Savior’s and help each other to do so
Howard W. Hunter
Temptations of Christ
1.       Appeal to appetites – dangerous – not live by appetite but by spirit
2.       Egotistical – sign of power – glory – don’t tempt God
3.       All power, glory, riches, worship satan – Worship Lord and him only
Everyone has a price
Material is most important ---Both falsehoods of satan
Relief comes after the trial of faith – rewards
Satan used “if” – satan lost Jesus, but believes not lost us yet
Christ refused not as a God, but as a man
Suffered temptations, but gave no heed to them

Friday Afternoon Session
(Relief Society Chorus “We Are In a Safe Place” feelings of mother with her children in the home.  I bet my mother is crying)
David B. Haight
“It will be successful” – spreading of the gospel
Declare glad tidings (meaning us) repentance, baptism (the gate)
Families are forever
Missionary success could be multiplied if members would help
Every man who has been warned to warn his neighbor
First step to eternal family is baptism
Family fellowshipping
A. Theodore Tuttle
Great sacrifice of the missionaries of South American lands
General missionary fund important – help send the work
Time is of the essence – the world must hear the gospel
Robert D. Hales
Repentance – time to prove commitments to repentance
Steps of repentance – forgiveness of ourselves
Story of girl who committed sin on the way back
Joseph B. Wirthlin
American respect to individual spirit, etc.
No dikes strong enough to protect the soul
Mortal life is fragile and uncertain – disasters
Life was made for struggle 2 N Chap. 2
Who drinketh of water of Christ shall never thirst
William H. Bennett – Quorum 70
Sermon on the Mount “Be ye therefore perfect”
Strive for excellence, do our part, obey the commandments
Can reach perfection in many aspects
If we don’t do all we can here – we won’t have the chance to finish in the next world
Attitude, knowledge & skill – athletic achievements
Desire and faith
Marshall all the resources – in the church – perfection for all
Marion D. Hanks  council 70
70’s special witness
Confirm your love – Lord expects humility, love, sacrifice, etc.
Good Samaritan – All the children of goodwill be given an enlargement
Manifest discipleship in love, forgiveness, compassion
Kindly affectioned one to another
Love thy neighbor as thyself
Find time to express our tears
Warmth of his loving heart
Tears of rejoicing – if in all the running, etc. “What do ye more than others?”
Pres. Ezra Taft Benson
Bicentennial – tribute to the forebearers – founders and pioneers (Mormon)
Righteousness brings for the blessings of God
Declaration of Independence – The source of man’s rights is God
Delivered by power of God (Nephi)
Apostle Wilford Woodruff at St. George Temple – founders in Temple said they were prepared by God – faithful in God
Latter-day martyrs gave all for the Gospel
Covenants to God – conviction of the truth – faith, suffering
Strengthen homes and family ties – as Pioneers – do more than simple family home evening
Thomas Jefferson – wise and frugal government
Founders of nation would be going along with the prophets today
Righteousness – brings liberty (Keep commandments)
“We need fear nothing or no one but God”
Left us a great heritage – are we willing to do the same for our descendants 

Today was a good day.  I finally got some things straightened out, thanks to a talk by Neal A. Maxwell in conference.  He spoke of feelings of inadequacy in reaching celestial goals and all those along the way.  Oh how I joyed to hear the words!  I have prayed for heavenly peace, for although I have worked hard doing the right things, I haven’t felt it lately.  Pres. White told us in a devotional of the faith and obedience of Nephi and Lehi of sacrifice, obedience and faith.  That helped me a lot.  And then Elder Maxwell telling us about frustrations on the way to eternal life.  I am going to apply these things the best way I understand.  The Lord is so great!  I must keep my goals high and work hard, but if I fail I must not punish myself, simply repent, stand up and keep moving.  I am altering my goals slightly to get the same results but leaving room for creativity and fun in progressing.  I must allow for free agency of others and myself.  I can’t be perfect today or tomorrow or in this life, but by going the right way I’ll make it some day in eternity.  God is so merciful he does love me more than I love myself.  He forgives my stupid weaknesses.  I can continue, I can envelop myself in his love and slowly walk uphill, but keep on going!  And when I trip – it’s simply stand up again and I’ll make it!  I trust in my God!  I’ll be happy!  Man fell, but that was to make way for joy.  And I do have joy in my life.  I just need to remember it and unbury from the sludge of self-pity, contempt and misunderstanding I have placed on myself.  I am a Son of God.  And although I don’t understand, he loves me and I am progressing and I will keep going.

Saturday, October 2, 1976
General Conference - Saturday Morning Session
Pres. Marion G. Romney    Honesty
Articles of Faith 13 – “Honest” true, chaste, virtuous and in doing good to all men
Honesty implies freedom from lying, stealing, cheating, and bearing false witness
Sin has many tools but a lie is the handle that fits them all (Oliver Wendell Holmes)
Satan initiated lying in the Garden “Father of Lies”  God does not lie – hates lying
Ananias and Sephriah – punishment for lying can come immediately
Rev. 21 liars, etc. no part of New Jerusalem
1.       Satan father of lies
2.       God cannot lie
3.       God hates lying
4.       Liars are classified with whore mongers and others worse
5.       Languish in this world
6.       liars® receive second death
Pres. Clark – “No other armor so strong as truth”
Cheating and stealing – unrepentant thief is to be excommunicated
Shoplifting, billion dollar year – 7% of company losses are due to employee theft
L. Tom Perry        Bicentennial
Reviews accomplishments of Church in this past year
For success in next 100 years
1.       Faith in God
2.       Courage to uphold righteousness
3.       Industrious
4.       Sacrifice willingly
Mormons really snuck into the national celebration!!
Ether – decree of God – promised land
Carlos E. Asay  1st Quorum of 70
As missionary felt spirit of calling – work could grow so much
Motivation by special missionary spirit
Lehi’s dream – fruit + desired for his family to partake also (Missionary Spirit!)
Live outside ourselves  with concern for others
Testimony + Faith  Alma 32  way to judge  Moroni 7:16
Lifting” spirit in missionary work  Alma 29:1
John Groeberg  1st Quorum of 70  Hawaii, etc.
“Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief”
Tempest was raging – follow the leaders!  The captain (experience)
Could see the light – the rest could not – the rest were ready to give up – but the captain said he could see the light and after he directed them through into the harbor, the rest could see it right where the captain said it was
Follow the prophet – voice of experience that sees 
Sterling W. Sill
Birth and Death – wellborn great blessing – important to die well
Death – to die is to begin to live – we live to die and then entrance to eternal life
Die to live – Faust and his last hour (go to hell version)
Read the last chapter of a novel to know where you are going before you get there Do it to life!
What would it be like to be dressed in an expensive body? - Spiritual beauty changes the body to be more beautiful
Mark E. Peterson  12
Abraham Lincoln man of God – believed in Bible
Divinely guided – faith, prayer, deep humility – he testified of divine guidance
Only those nations are blessed whose God is the Lord
Deut. 28:1-2  Lord blesses the obedient and faithful nations
Eter 2:9
Only those nations are blessed whose God is the Lord also same applies to individual persons
Confess, sorrow, seek forgiveness – A. Lincoln
“We have forgotten God”  Lincoln
Not to humble before the offended power
Disobedience to any commandment brings a stench to God
We are architects of our lives
Saturday Afternoon Session
Thomas S. Monson
The road to anywhere is the road to nowhere – life misused
Paul to Corinthians – All run the race – one prize – seek to win
Ecclesiastes – prize goes to he who endures
Toy boats no keel, no rudder, no source of power – only downstream
Our journey®given by God – communication – prayer, scriptures, still small voice
1.       Develop capacity to envision objective
2.       Make continuous progress and effort
3.       Must not detour from our appointed pathway
4.       Must be willing to pay the price to obtain the prize
Before Easter there had to be a cross – example of Christ
Paul H. Dunn
A good name is better than a girdle of gold
Need examples of Dad, Bishop, teachers – prophet for those who don’t
Baseball story!!
Principles are more important than games
D&C 43 meet together and edify that ye may know how to act
People want what we have if we have the courage to give it
Jacob DeJager
Conferences important – thanks for blessing received in his service
Called to bring together the elect – the elect hear my voice D&C 29:7
Rescue team of missionary workers
Hans – Dutch, saved his long lost brother at sea
Your sons on rescue missions
We need courage to go on the rescue mission
James E. Faust  Quorum of 70, S. America East
Spiritual revolution in South America due to Temple
Relationship with the Savior
To be with him – he is close – he is real – how can we receive?
1.       Daily communion involving prayer
2.       Daily unselfish service to each other
3.       Daily striving for increased obedience in life
4.       Daily acknowledgement of his divinity
5.       Daily study of the scriptures
Can be told in our minds and in our hearts what the Holy Spirit wants us to do
Full of light (body)
We need to be special witnesses
O. Leslie Stone  Quorum of 70
Responsibilities of parents
Can not be left to any other but parents – solemn obligation to teach gospel
D&C 14:7
Henry D. Taylor
Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life
Testify of Christ
Pres. Kimball – Let’s do it
Pres. Lee – Testimonies need to be fed by daily scripture study
Joseph Smith asked his question as a result of scripture study
Standard works – including official statements made by leaders
LeGrande Richards
All heart and soul knows this is the Lord’s work
Rereads his blessings etc.
Power of the spirit
Corrupted minds destroy the simple truth
Nicene Council 4 weeks of debate to decide
Don’t need debate because of simple modern revelation
A real God – Easter – resurrection – physical
Moses knew about this type of apostasy – “unreal God”
And said that in last days if they did search they would find the real God
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (real)
Revelations of Joseph Smith unsurpassed
Priesthood Session
John H. Vandenberg 1st Quorum of Seventy prayer
Featherstone, Larson, Dernick, Fields – new 70’s
J. Richard Clark 2nd Counselor Bishopric
Boyd K. Packer
Body instrument of mind and spirit
Don’t let the physical part take charge – the mind has control over entire body if we allow it
Other energies – physical etc. hymns, fasting and prayer
“signal of worthy manhood is self-control”
No one is mismatched bodily – homosexuality is not a natural thing, it is a sin – no one is destined
“Be ye clean who bear the vessels of the Lord”
Rex D. Pinegar
Testimony of President Kimball
Makes time for people
Edifies and inspires others
Serving a mission is like tithing – not compelled
“Didn’t the Lord give your voice so you could preach the gospel?” Pres. Kimball – conference in Argentina
“Give full energy and thought to the work”
Story of  the “Christus” we must become living marble – example of Christ – witness of the apostles – “These men do hold the keys”
Pres. Marion G. Romney
If you really believed it (1st discussion) you would be out there preaching in the storm
How much of a storm does it take to drive me in?
Need to stir up the gift of God given by laying on of hands
Paul to Timothy – “Putting on of hands” other instructions
        Holy Priesthood – Royal Generation
God called us to glory because of our virtue II Timothy 1:6
Add to faith – make calling and elections made sure II Peter 1, John 14
Pres. N. Eldon Tanner
Great Blessings and  Privileges of  Priesthood
Tired of hearing the evils of the world
Confronted by wilderness, subtle, sneaky, deceitful – wilderness of civilization – moral
BYU in strong position in relation to evil world
1.       Established under Priesthood of God and continues
2.       Most students are testimony oriented
3.       Youth receive great opportunities in service in church, etc. on campus
4.       Strength of return missionaries
Evil is entering the church
Worth of souls is great – need to guide all members 
How can we best guard ourselves against evils of world?
Battery corrupted itself by fuming and foaming – destroying the group – cleaned battery – watched and it was good again
Parable of the batteries
Greater temporal blessings of members today – which causes much apostasy “All is well in Zion
1.  Failure to keep Sabbath
            2.  Word of Wisdom                    Problems today
            3.  Unchastity         
Worldly pleasures – Television damaging as alcohol, sex – sex perverts because of what’s been fed into the mind
Family Home Evening combats evil
God expects everyone to live an example (So as to please the Lord)
Pres. Spencer W. Kimball
“Penny by the inch” replaces penny parade
Charity, service – Relief Society Monument – endorsements to this contribution
Teach the orthodox truth – not supposed things
“Adam God” theory is false!
To young men – thought of being JS or Nephi, etc.
Great glories of righteousness
Liahona guided by – worked according to faith
Nephi’s broken bow – faithfulness
Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of ball?
That we all have – Lord gave to every person conscience
May the Lord bless us that we will ponder these messages and place them in our souls

I’m simply thrilled tonight!  So much!  Conference is the main thing.  There is so much to apply, I almost covet that time in front of the TV.  I have my notes as messy as this journal, but so beautiful to me.  It comforts me to know, as Mother said in the last letter, that she is watching at the same time.  It thrills me to think of her hearing the same things.  Excitement at the words about missionaries.  I know she rejoiced in Elder Maxwell’s talk also.  Today, Paul H. Dunn spoke and Rex Pinegar.  They gave the same stories they told us here a month and a half ago.  (See Aug. 15.)  I knew my mother would thrill as she heard Paul H. Dunn and my father and brother as they heard Elder Pinegar in the priesthood session.
I was excited today also to talk about conference while running with Elder R___.  So exciting!  The 70’s!  Elder Maxwell’s talk!  Elder LeGrande Richards and the Protestants!  I also talked with my good friend Elder G______.
I feel so great towards my companions and district!  We practiced singing tonight.  I sang tenor.  1st time in my life – good too!  But we all felt a unity in the music that has been lacking at other times.  It’s great!  Elder Maxwell’s talk is really the greatest thing.

Sunday, October 3, 1976
General Conference – Sunday Morning Session
“God of Our Fathers” written in 1876 for Centennial
Pres. N. Eldon Tanner
Area conferences – taking the conferences to the people – not have chance otherwise to meet the leaders face to face – increase faith – exhortations – cultural meetings – sisters meeting (importance in the Church) – priesthood meeting – general sessions – many make sacrifices to attend
Need to understand apostasy and restoration to understand word of wisdom, other commandments, chastity
1.       Listen to the Lord – Prophets – Still small voice – not lilting voice of pied piper of sin
2.       Be ye doers of the word not hearers only
3.       Should labor 1 N 3:7 – serve others
4.       Love – love God – Love thy neighbor as thy self
Voice of warning by the mouth’s of his disciples D&C 1:4, 5
Pay attention to warnings – Idaho flood warnings – restless anxious feeling preparing to hear the warning
The main purpose of conference is:
*Sound the voice of warning*
Marvin J. Ashton
Personal pride and a good self-image
Proper self-management
Created in God’s image “No ye not that ye are the Temple of God?” – why run the risk of looking like something you are not? – Can I be proud of my appearance?
Learning to know oneself
Many gifts and to every man is given some gift
Avoid self pity, judgment, and indulgence
Courtesy and self respect in dealing with others
Self discipline – integrity within
Person walks uprightly only when moving in right direction
Self respect and esteem (for tools) not tears – self destruction
Friendly persuasion more effective than caustic slurs  (not revenge or spite)
Courtesy at it’s best – when least obvious
Punctually courteous to others – be on time
Patience with dealings – listens to conversations
Say what needs to be said but not all that could be said
M. Russell Ballard, Jr. 70 mission pres. Canada Toronto
Preparation for Missionaries
War for souls intense
Army of the devil – printed audio and visual
Spirit of apathy most deadly – dull feelings
Mormon – good comes from God – evil from Satan
Must strive to become better believers of the gospel
Better training and preparation
Questions asked to his missionaries:
        -What could you have done to better prepare?
Read + studied – church classes – learn to pray – start testimony much earlier
View of self worth for missionaries
Roots of testimony down deep to weather the storm
        -What could father have done?
Taught about priesthood – father’s blessing – money, budget – set goals – prayed with me and shared testimony
First line priesthood leader – Fathers
        -What could mother have done?
Insisted that pay more attention – housekeeping, cooking, etc (temporal is important)
Teach them these skills
Leaders could have prepared better – interviews better – early commitments – taught importance of scriptures – enthusiastic attitude – responsibilities of missionaries
Our great potential is to prepare the world for eternal life
Strive harder to be better prepared
Joseph Anderson 70
Israel - covenant making people
D&C 1:22, 45:9  Everlasting covenant
Baptism a part – immersion – laying on of hands for the Holy Ghost
Sacrament renews these covenants
Paying of tithing is a part  D&C 64:23
59:9, 13  Sabbath day
Sec. 84:33-40 – Priesthood
Sec. 88  Covenant of Marriage entered and sealed by Holy Spirit of Promise
Sec. 130:20, 21  Law based on blessings received
2 N. 2:25  Adam fell that man might be, might have joy
Delbert L. Stapley
Apostle Paul
Romans 1:16  not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ – to Timothy – do not be ashamed of testimony
And how shall they preach except they be sent? – proper authority
Unity of Faith – Faith hoped for not seen – Fight the good fight of faith – From a child known the scriptures, use them 2 Tim. 3:15 – Family instruction, love – Prove all things, hold fast to good – Remember the poor – Love of money root of evil – Came into life with nothing, leave with nothing – Be not deceived – God is not mocked – Whole armor of  God

Sunday Afternoon
Gordon B. Hinckley
To inactives – same questions as non-member – Why am I here?  Why am I lost?
Prodigal Son
Put the past behind you – come now, let us reason together
Process of change – Isaiah 1:18
Elisha and Naaman – II Kings 5 – Do not let pride stand in the way
Home teachers to help
Hartman Rector, Jr.
Soul that is honest in heart – must search
Lutheran minister story
Robert L. Simpson
Lord depends on 10’s of thousands in his support system
All the jobs of the Church – Greeters and ushers need to be assigned
Church of involvement
Neither seek position nor should we refuse position
Qualify to be “invited by the Lord”
Doesn’t matter where we serve but how we serve
God’s ways are not man’s ways
Last shall be first and first shall be last
God is not respecter of persons
Thank you to all the spear carriers (school play)
S. Dilworth Young  Quorum of 70
How can you bear what you have lost?  I have gained!!
Gained the opportunity to serve rather than direct
Strength of body, facility of mind, spirit, heart
The time has come – Quorum of 70
Testimony of Quorum
Vaughn J. Featherstone  Texas San Antonio, Quorum of 70
 To all who teach – impact of teacher
Training of human soul – greatest responsibility
Desire to be important
Give honest appreciation, sense of self worth
The greatest teaching we will ever do is in the halls of our own home
“What I hope you will teach my grandchildren”
        Pres. Kimball to Sem. and Institute teachers
Teach them faith in God + Christ – deep spiritual – teach righteousness – if lost, seek them – teacher, needs to be pure
Bruce R. McConkie
Death – mortal death
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of the Lord’s saints
The sting of death is sin
Eternal life – the kind of life Christ lived
Plan of salvation provided for the fall of man
Life not made to be easy, probationary state
I will prove you in all things – if ye will not abide in my covenant ye are not worthy of me
Death passed to fulfill the plan of the Savior – we shouted for joy at this opportunity
Press forward with steadfastness in Christ – endure to the end – have eternal life
Don’t have to be perfect when we go into next life
Relative degrees of perfection – full assurance of eventual eternal life
Much must be done in spiritual world to finish our perfection
Properly charted life in this life, we will gain eternal life
* Eventually shall be perfect!!!  
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints - Those that die in me shall not taste of pain
In the resurrection some are called to become Gods
Mortality small moment – all losses and sufferings will be made up to us in Resurrection – God will wipe away all tears
Robert E. Wells  New Quorum of Seventy
“John my beloved has chosen the better thing”
to stay on earth to bring souls to God
Bishop J. Richard Clarke  2nd Counselor Presiding Bishopric     
Family – calling
Pres. Spencer W. Kimball
Marvelous conference
Made some changes – hope all approve in our hearts
Talks rich and full of meat
Tanner, conferences – Romney, honesty – Sermons of Paul – Temptations of Jesus – Eternal families – Bicentennial – Experiences from live conversions – parable, etc. – Standards of Church, God’s commandments – How to prepare missionaries
“He marked the path and led the way”
Flickering candle concern – eternal light at hand
Thou canst not oh powerless man – have faith in God he can!
He that doeth the will of the Father
Why call me Lord, Lord and do not the things that I say
Positive assurance and testimony – do not question the Lord
Know this is true and bear witness
Conference is over.  The choir sang “Love at Home” the time went too late for a closing prayer and we just sat there.  I had hung on every word, didn’t sleep through anything!  The counsel was so wonderful and so pertinent, but now we have to go out into the world and live it.  And really out into the World!!  And what a special experience to hear a conference in entirety as a full-time missionary with that special accompanying spirit.  And soon I will go into the world to bear witness to those wonderful things that were borne to me by those men of God.  It is exciting.
And this conference has affected me more than any other.  I made resolves, and am using them, and I will keep that spirit.  We had a companion inventory today that was probably better than any other and best of all a home evening without hardly any fights at all!!  I’ve settled down because of Elder Maxwell’s talk and am even accomplishing more and certainly feeling good about it.  A few quotes from his talk, “allow for the agency of others” “God cares more with growth than geography” “discouragement is absence of courage” “no instant Christians, but constant Christians.”  I was the one that suggested we dress up for home evening instead of levis and P-day clothes as usual.  I remember my dad and the scripture chase team.  What good examples I have learned from!
Elder M. Russell Ballard gave a talk on missionary preparation.  Oh! What a good job my parents did.  How I love them!  How I should have listened more.
I’m so dumb, but at least like myself.  And these elders in my district are so special.  I feel that burning love again.  I am so thankful to God, I have found him again and better than before.  And I’m going to do better.

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  1. "unbury from the sludge of self-pity, contempt and misunderstanding I have placed on myself"

    You have to admit that's a pretty good interpretation by a 19-year-old of Elder Maxwell's talk. If only I had remembered that at all times these past 35 years.


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