Monday, September 26, 2011

Cool! I Finally Have a Blog Frenemy!

This morning, I received an e-mail from one of my regular followers notifying that it appeared someone had attempted a little cyber-bullying going through all my past postings for some time and clicking on "dislike." This was on all of them, political, religious, personal, and otherwise. I found it highly entertaining. My passion is generally so moderated I don't stir up a lot of contention. I've had a few challenging comments but not as many as some were expecting. It's hard to argue with a moderate. Most dissenters simply dismiss me as no threat without a second thought. (Hence, their eventual surprise when we meek actually do inherit the earth!)

So I did a little investigating with the limited resources of Google Blogger. I noted that I had a lot of of activity during the 7 a.m. hour this morning. Then I checked out my ClustrMaps app add-on and found these visit indicators:
Monday, September 26 @ 7:54 : Council Bluffs, Iowa, US
Monday, September 26 @ 7:17 : Plano, Texas, US
Monday, September 26 @ 7:13 : Kingston, JM
Jamaica seems unlikely for crankiness. Council Bluffs (interesting that, considering Mormon History) came in pretty late in the hour. But Plano, Texas seems about just right. In fact, I had a comment on my piece comparing Dick Cheney to a Gadianton Robber which came in at 7:28 a.m., just eleven minutes after Plano logged on and just enough time to read a couple of posts and call me to repentance. 

I even checked Google News to see if Cheney was maybe in Plano. But, no, he's actually in Vancouver, B.C. to give a speech. I'm surprised he dared to go out of the country because there are those who would like to arrest him for crimes against humanity. I suppose it might take more of a government inclined to back that up which is why he probably will stay out of Spain and maybe the UK with that whole Pinochet thing.

Anyway, I did find it a little annoying to have someone "dislike" every posting without any explanation. If "Plano" is connected to the comment on Cheney with the scriptural exhortation not to judge, I only note that I have to judge as a US Citizen with the Constitutionally protected and arguably God-given right to vote. I judge not to vote for anyone like Cheney which pretty much rules out most Republicans, including Romney based on his attempts in 2008 to out neo-con the neo-cons on torture and war. So, I will attempt to exercise righteous judgment and allow all the same privilege to vote and "worship how, where, or what they may."

Lacking expert blogging skills, I went into my format and tried to change the "dislike" button to "I'm so confused!" to kind of turn the tables on "Plano." As I did so, it apparently wiped out all the checks on "dislike" which I wasn't expecting but is just fine by me. Now I know how to deal with cowardly cyber-bullying if it happens again.

The thing is, the more hits I get even by those who "dislike" or are just "so confused," the better. Internet sites are like snowballs slowly rolling down the hill. The more hits they get, the more they grow.

Best of everything to you, "Plano." Feel free to disagree. Just let me know why.

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