Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Long, Sarah!

Actually, she will be around for a while longer. And she will be getting A LOT of attention next week when Joe McGinnis's book comes out. It looks like it will be a pretty hard-hitting treatment from the author and brief next-door-neighbor of the Palin's. However annoying it may have been to have him next door, it was Sarah who insinuated that he was a sex pervert. This from the same mother grizzly who frequently hides behind her children.

And I will read the book. (It's on order from Amazon). Some of you may wonder why when I am such a moderate and fair guy and wouldn't touch Cheney's book with a ten-foot pole. Am I being fair and objective? Not really. I find Palin appalling for reasons I have set out. And thanks to McGinnis, I think there will be more to come. I want to understand better. This book will be far more controversial and interesting than Cheney's book could ever be. It will likely be a significant historic and cultural event in and of itself.

To prepare a little, I grabbed my paperback copy of McGinnis's the Selling of the President, a classic political exposé of the 1968 Nixon campaign. That book reveals the carefully orchestrated professional ad-campaign that successfully packaged and sold Nixon to a gullible public that should have known better. A lot of people had figured Nixon out by 1962 when he claimed he wouldn't be available to be kicked around after losing the California governorship to the father of the current governor. It does seem that history never goes away (duh.) because one of Nixon's handlers in 1968, and a subject of McGinnis's book concentrating on the television campaign is none other than Roger Ailes, the current head of FOX News. My, my, my!

There will be terrible accusations back and forth about McGinnis's book. From indications (check out Doonesbury this week), the book will be rather mean-spirited. It might even be meaner than the mean girl herself. The advantage McGinnis will have is that his meanness will be fact-checked and supported. It may not be 100% accurate, but it will be a lot closer than the things that pop in and out of the former governor's head

Sarah will indignantly revel in the attention. But it will not allow her to be a candidate even on the free ride as someone's VP nominee. Even Romney is not as foolish as McCain. She will soon be relegated to the lecture circuit or as a Harold Stassen-like perennial candidate flirt, maintaining her popularity among those who still believe in her like a religion - a region without any witnesses or manifestations of fact-checked truth behind it.

Changed my mind.


  1. (Anon/M)Glad to be rid of La Sarita, at least as a potential commander in chief. I expect the Repubs of the extreme right (the only ones around these days) to come up with outrageous candidates, but there should be a limit. Glad you mention the Doonesbury link. If their quotes from the Mc Ginnis's book are accurate (and there is no reason they shouldn't be), it is a real eye-opener. Interesting how far this woman has gone with brazen notions and a pushup bra.

  2. Yes, Amon/M, a woman can go far with certain qualities, but my mom and my wife told me to stay away from those ladies.

    It is getting ugly already as apparently McGinnis has all kinds of stories about drugs, sexual dalliances, etc. and his sources may be no more than rumors or hearsay. That could be troubling. But then that's what we needed to discover John Edwards's horrifying behavior. I admit my mistakes on that one. I would like to see one Palin supporter admit that she is a fraud.


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