Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Prez vs. Congress

Another attempt at live-blogging. Will we see a feisty Prez or a conciliatory Prez? The Repubs have been playing this fairly well, passing on the theme the media, and even some Dems, that they have outmaneuvered him and he is weak, no leader. But isn't that how it works when you hold a majority like the Repubs do in the House? They should be able to outmaneuver. Let's see if he can challenge them for things they may actually have to accept because they are their sort of issues, or have to respond to the People, who may respond to the Prez's call for action.
The Prez appears confident. Puts politics to the side off the bat. The People are scraping by. Biden seriously attentive. Boehner trying to disconnect without being disrespectful.

The President wants the circus to stop and do something to help the economy. (But the Clowns are running the House!)

American Jobs Act - he has legislation. Proposals already familiar from both parties. Tax breaks. Payroll tax cuts in half - (even more than now?) It's a jolt. It's his only way to stimulus since the Congress won't appropriate.

Pass this bill and small businesses get tax breaks if they hire or give raises. 50 House Republicans have proposed this payroll tax cut. No reason not to pass it. Infrastructure (how paid for?)

Plays the China card. Build our infrastructure because our guys are waiting to work. (How to pay?)

Good ideas but what are the specifics? Cheap shot at "Bridge-to-nowhere-Palin."

He has Chamber of Commerce (?) and Unions on board?

"Pass this bill" There must be support for teachers and schools. Repubs are sitting down on their hands. Vets should have jobs. He got the Repubs up.

"Pass this bill" I see the mantra . . . .

Boehner is crimping his face like he's in pain or their's something else he's sitting on besides his hands. Paul Ryan is taking notes. Maybe it's his announcement to run. President takes Repubs on oaths on taxes to twist them on the middle class. Boenher smiles. (still sitting on hands).

How we pay:  Agreement in July cuts spending. Increase amount to cover this bill. He has another plan for Monday. Additional spending cuts are in medicare and medicaid and reforming tax code to make wealthy and corporations pay fair share. (So, there are enhanced revenues!)

Takes on medicare/medicaid reform against his own party. Lindsey Graham stands up and all Repubs applaud. Invokes Warren Buffet. "Fair shake and fair share" No Repub applause.

Reduce deficit, pay down debt, pay for this jobs plan all at once - but only if we come together. Repubs laugh at no class warfare because Prez wants to tax rich to pay for teachers.

Build future economy. Technology makes us world wide. Build, educate, innovate here. This task is a job for all of us.

Executive Branch - pay faster. Cutting red tape on start-ups. More refinancing mortgages. (Repubs sitting).

Complements Congress on patent reform. Prez is for "Made in America."

Recognition of other side. Cut and eliminate regs. Heavy Repub applause. Cut wasteful spending and some rules are burdensome. 500 reg reforms going now. Common sense test. Sen Mikulski not applauding. will not allow basic protections People have counted on.  Don't race to the bottom. Race to the top.

Dismantle government and write your own rules. That's not the story of America. Yes we are strong and self reliant rugged individuals. there's another thread. Some things we can only do together. (Here comes Abe Lincoln.) Republican Prez who mobilzed America, Railroads, land grants, Nat'l. Academy of Science. What would this country be like? no money on high schools, Community College, GI Bill . Some scattered Repub applause, but not much and they stop.

Social Sec and Medicare - what if we had voted that down on some rigid philosophy?

Time to meet our responsibilities to each other. Summary and review. Politics may stop it. Repubs cynically smiling (Was that? Thune? Yep)

Taking a Harry Truman tack now that People can't wait for the election. They need it now.

Prez says he's taking it on the road. Boenher badly suppresses a chuckle.

Doing nothing is not an option. Pres. Kennedy - man made problems can be solved by man

Seize the moment. Over. They stand. Boehner stands w/o applause.

He did take them on with the basic philosophical contrasts. And he says he's taking it to the People. So, we'll see if the People respond. Let's see the specifics of his Bill.

Anderson Cooper just got McCain to admit they could agree and pass the payroll tax cut.


  1. Good job - I couldn't sit through it and watch the tantrums. I'll go with the analysis...

  2. Thanks, Dave. I really appreciate that. Who'd a thunk all those years ago we would be connecting like this on a computer? (Wait. I think you were thinking things like that!)


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