Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bug-Bombing the Immigration Debate

Facebook, we all know, is a blessing and a curse. I've been able to restart at least casual conversation with family and friends I haven't seen for years. Mostly, that's good. Occasionally, something pops out of the woodwork on the postings or comments that makes me scratch my head - or at least remind me to be careful about what I post. And I have slapped my own fingers to stop typing something that was too negative, or  demeaning. And there are a few, rare occasions when I have blocked or "unfriended" someone for inappropriate comments or lost connections.

Last night I was very concerned by a comment on a posting by a relative of mine. This is a fairly close biological relative, yet we haven't had a lot of contact over the years and while committed to the same religious tradition, we view life in very different ways. This has been one of those connections that has been fun to make after all the years in spite of our differences. One of those generic postings against illegal immigration appeared which I think I've even seen before and take as a matter of course. I didn't respond as I have learned that Facebook arguments are rather pointless. (And I have this forum uniquely under my control for self-expression!) But then this comment popped up:

I just found out that they have ground sensors because people dig underground tunnels to cross the border. Sheesh. It's like having an infestation. Do we need to drop "bug bombs" every 3 months to solve this problem? What else is there???
I don't know the commenter except that she is a Facebook friend of my relative. The commenter's picture was of a beautiful, little, pre-adolescent girl of indeterminate age. It made me ill.

I realized that language couldn't have come from even a precocious 10-12 year old. It must be one of those profile pictures people put up to show their cute, younger selves (guilty as charged!) And that appears to be the case. The individual hasn't kept all their FB info private, and there is just enough there to show that she is an adult of about my oldest daughter's age and has a little family appearing to be happily married and faithful in my religious tradition residing in another state (not Utah). It still bothers me.

I have made a lot of intemperate public statements in my life. The modern digital world (and maybe this blog) tend to invite that particularly with the shades of anonymity we have not having to speak our thoughts to another human face. But I certainly try not to express all my thoughts. That's an important aspect of civilized society even in cyber-world. I also take it as a personal mission to improve even my thoughts so can become a better person in charity for all.

I'm not sure what I can do about it. I don't think direct confrontation would help. I'm not sure this exposition will either. All I can hope is that I think about it in a way to improve myself and hope others might consider to do the same. It's the only hope we have.

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